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Abhigya – Obsessive Love Episode 32-35

Hi guys . Thank you so much for your likes and comments in the previous episode . Very happy that you are liking the story . So let’s quickly jump onto the next episode 😊😊

In Mauritius
Abhigya and all the other jodis were cutely chatting and talking with each other . Ranvir can’t bear to see Abhigya together . While they all were walking a big vehicle was coming at a higher speed and was coming to hit at Abhi .
Pragya – Abhishek !!!


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All gets shocked ..
Abhi is stunned . The truck was about to hit Abhi .Pragya comes to save him but Ranvir doesn’t let that happen..He comes in between and pushes Abhi and saves him .
Ranvir – Abhi are you fine ?
Abhi – Ya i am ok !

Pragya comes from there and cries – Abhishek you are fine na ?
Abhi – I am fine Pragya ,please don’t cry .
Pragya hugs Abhi. Ranvir can’t see them together . He falsely makes his hand bleed and shouts as it is paining .
Ranvir – Aaahh..
Pragya goes to Ranvir – Ji you are fine na ?
Ranvir – Yes..yes i am fine .

Pragya – Oh no it is bleeding ..Maya bring the first aid box..
Maya – Ya ok !
Maya brings the first aid box and Pragya starts to apply oinment on his hand . Abhi is little unhappy with this .

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Ranvir gets happy when Pragya touches his hand but doesn’t show it out .

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Pragya – Now you will feel better .
Ranvir – Thank you .

Abhi comes to Pragya ..
Pragya – Thank you so much for saving my husband’s life .
Ranvir – It’s ok .

Aditya – Guys it is getting late , let’s move .
Abhi – Ya come let’s move..

They all reached the hotel room .
Abhi reminisces Pragya first aiding Ranvir’s hands and little uncomfortable .
Pragya – Hey what’s up you are sitting like a statue ?
Abhi – Nothing..just..
Pragya – you didn’t get ready for the meeting ?
Abhi – No mood !..
He stands up and pulls Pragya towards him .
Pragya – Hey i said you to get ready for your meeting not to romance ?!
Abhi – Let me na ?
Pragya – No !

Abhi – Hey Pragya tell me one thing !..
Pragya – Hmm..Ask ?
Abhi – Will you ever leave me and go ?
Pragya closes his mouth with her hand and nods No..
They both share an eyelock . Mein phir bhi tumko chaahunga plays …

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Pragya – How can you ever think like that ? I am very angry with you .

Abhi – Ok i am sorry na ?
Pragya turns back .
Abhi holds his ears – Okeey .. I am sorry !!
Pragya tightly hugs him . Abhi too hugs..Saiyaara plays ..

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Pragya – Ok go now get ready ..
Abhi – Ok madam !..
They both smiles ..

Abhi gets ready – Pragya how much time you will take ?

Related image

Pragya – You go first i will come behind you ..
Abhi – Pakka ?
Pragya – Haan haan ..pakka..
Abhi leaves..

(Note – Meeting is held on party hall of the hotel )

At the meeting
Ishveer ,

Related image

Rabul ,

Related image



Related image


and Adiya

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are waiting for Abhigya
Ranvir – Hey guys where is Pragya ….And Abhi ?
Ishani is little suspicious of him.
Ranveer – Don’t know why still they both are not here ?

Abhi comes ..
Naina – Bhai where is Pragya ?
Abhi – Pragya said she will come and join us later let’s begin
Raghav – Ok let’s all move..

Mr.Gupta – Ok gentlemen . Now let’s begin with the presentation .
Ranvir presents his presentation . All claps for him ..
Soon Raghav , Aditya , Ranveer and Purab complete their presentation …
Now a break has been taken by the investors ..Naina , Maya , Ishani and Bulbul hugs their couple and congratulates each other .

Abhi thinks – Why Pragya has not yet come ?
Ranvir thinks to spoil his presentation..As everybody were busy with their break . He went to Abhi’s table and pour ink on his presentation and stood between them as though he doesn’t know anything ..

So the break gets over ..
Mr.Gupta – Ok Now Mr.Abhishek Mehra will present his presentation ..
Abhi – Yes ..

He goes to his table and sees his presentation spoiled by Ink ..He gets shocked ..
Ranvir – What is this ? These ink ?..How these came on the presentation ?

Mr.Gupta – What is this Mr.Abhi ?..Can’t you even submit your presentation ?
Abhi is standing shocked..

“Excuse me Mr.Gupta !!” a voice came from behind .. All turns and sees it is Pragya ..Ranvir is hell shocked..

Image result for sriti jha


Pragya to Abhi – Here is your spare presentation..See i told to have it na ..

Abhi remembers (A fb shown)
Abhi is about to move out
Pragya – Hey wait ! wait !! one min ..
Abhi – Now what ?
Pragya – Take your spare presentation copy it is in the luggage bag !!
Abhi – There will be no use for it .. Already it is getting late .. You come fast .. I am going bye ..
Pragya was about to stop him ..Abhi leaves..

Fb ends..

Pragya – Suniye !..
Abhi comes to his senses..
Pragya – Where have you been lost ?..Ok..Now take this presentation and submit it ..Go !!
Abhi smiles ..and gives his presentation ..All gives great applause for him .

Mr.Gupta – I am sorry Mr.Mehra . I shouldn’t have spoke like that ..
Abhi – It’s ok Mr.Gupta ..
Mr.Gupta – Now only i remember onething ..If you want to find the person who spoiled this presentation . You can by CCTV camera ..
Ranvir gets nervous – Oh shit !

Abhi was about to say yes . But Pragya stops
Pragya – No Mr.Gupta ..It’s ok ..Now presentation is also over so we don’t need to expand this problem..
Ranvir – Ya i think she is right ..
Mr.Gupta – Fine ..The Mehras , Oberois , Khannas , Mehtas and Raichands have given a fabulous presentation . So this deal is completely finalished .
All claps hands and celebrate …

The Meeting gets over ..
Ranvir goes to his room and breaks all the things and goes to a place filled full of Pragya’s photos ..

He shouts – Why Pragya ??..Why ??.. I loved you so much but why you are giving your love to that Abhi ???

Ranvir- If i put him in tough situation ..Why you are coming between and standing with him .. Why you are saving him from all the difficulties ?

Ranvir – No Pragya .. You can’t be his wife..You are only mine Pragya ..Only mine ..First you was my love but now you are My goal , My junoon (obsession) , my life and my everything . You are mine and i will make you mine ..

A voice came from behind ” It will never happen Ranvir Raichand !! ” .. Ranvir turns and he gets shocked . It is none other than Pragya !!..

Precap : Ranvir says Pragya i loved you so much ..why can’t you understand ? Pragya says I am married and i love only him .. And i will be only his wife..Ranvir says Oh so to make you mine i should kill me right ?..I will kill him Pragya . Pragya gets shocked..

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