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Zaroori Tha |I’ll snatch you from sky too|shot 19

Anika gets shocked hearing Aarohi voice. She gaze up and gulps seeing Devi ji and Aarohi standing

She quickly hop down from Chanda’s back and looks here and there, trying to avoid eye contact with Aarohi

Chanda runs to Aarohi and dramatically cries while hugging them ” Aunty ji save me from this kumbkaran”

Chanda cries and complaint about Anika.

Dadi ji mein kuch nahe kiya. Yeh jhoot bol rahe hai ” Anika innocently replies”

Anika hurriedly ran out without replying chanda.

Trio gazes eachother and chuckles loudly.

Chanda nods and passes out.

Devi ji and Aarohi gazes eachother and smiles.

Maa ji !! ” Aarohi said shockingly and grasped  Devi ji hands.

Don’t stop me today Princess Aarohi. Let me confess. The day Anika again left us alone, somewhere i was annoyed with you. I under my breath was blaming you for Anika loss, I was blaming you that just because you the noor of Rajput mansion just blew off.

But I was wrong, Sevasti Devi Singh Rajput was wrong. I’ve forgotten that without whom i’m getting annoyed.

If Anika is Rajput’s Diya ( lit) than Princess of Jhodpur is Temple.

And without both RM looks incomplete. But today you, once again turned this house to home.

Thank you Aarohi for coming in our lifes. And thank you making my noor glow.

You don’t did to thanks me. It’s my responsibility ” Aarohi spoke taking  Devi ji in warm hug”

Couple of people entered the mansion dressed up traditionally. They all smiled widely gazing the RM.

Who are these?” Rudra questioned Shivaay

Idk!! ” He shrugs”

Do you know them?” Shivaay asked Gayu

Today is Diwali na. So  I think they came for donation ” Shivaay guess”

Logic!! Rudra said doing his logic sign

All stood up and bow down infront figure approaching down

OMM!! They are bowing me. Rudra image himself Prince.

Song plays 

azeem o shaan shahenshah

They are not bowing you.Come out from your gala land and see they are bowing Princess of Jhodpur ” Om said samshing his head”

Aarohi approaches them with Devi ji and Dev

All stepped forward and touches Aarohi feet.

gods of poor is back. Praise the Princess ” All happily cried and wishes her Diwali

Please get up. “Aarohi bends and request them all to stand and wishes them back”

After ages we saw you. We all got heaven

” one lady spoke”

All nods positively

This is all your goodness. And i’m not any god, i’m human just like you all” Aarohi spoke “

And i’m so happy to see my people came here to meet ” She futher added”

Please don’t call me Princess i don……word dies in her mouth and she gave a quick glance to Dev. His words rang in her ears…. when a common men will call you Aarohi but the Ansh of Aarohi her Anu will call her Princess……

“Dev understood her unspoken pain but he sign her to relax”

Aarohi lower her gaze and wipe down her tears that were about to wet her cheeks and get noticed by other. She got deaf ears and only Anika was echoing in her ears calling her Princess.

Please spread your shwal ” Few ladies request Aarohi”

“Devi ji cup her shoulder and brought her out of thoughts”

Aarohi suspiciously gazes them.

Aarohi ji may be  you have forgotten but we  have not forgotten ” An olddy spoke”

On every diwali we use to fill your lap with these cereals. For us and for our ancestors you are their god. What you did for us and for our coming generations we can never forget.

And in your absences we use to place this first harvested crops infront of your picture. But today we’ll place them   in your lap. Only you have first right on them. Please spread your shawl.

Aarohi spreads her shwal and women happily pour crops in Aarohi shwal.

Shivomru and Gayu got more shocked

Anika who was hidding behind pillar her eyes got popped. She cries with smile on her lips and hides letter behind her back.

After few hours 


@Shivika room 


Billu ji ” Anika teases him pulling his cheeks”

Stop call be billu ji ” Shivaay commands throw her hands away “

Aww!!! What’s this? From whatever name i’m calling you, you shouts ” don’t call me this don’t call me that” then what should i call you? ” Anika demands name from him”

You are nothing for me and i’m nothing for you. And when nothing, there’s no need to name me. Understood ” He said clutching her” 

“Anika sadly nods”

Better for you !! ” He glare her”

What butter for me? She teases him more”

No, no never no butter . If i’ll eat butter than i’ll get fat. I’ve no problem with that if i get fat, then you Chuimuhi won’t be able to pick me in your arms.

You!!! He shouts

“Jaanuuu!!! ” She shouts

I will……..Rudra cuts him

Shivaay bhaiya and Anika bhabhi you are here come all are calling you down. Come we are playing ” Rudra said with excitement “

Come Rudy, i just came to get fresh but… he stares Anika and marches out with Rudra.

If you are Tadibaaz bagad billa then i’m also Khirkitod Anika. Aisa naam rakhu gayi is baar ke ap ki tadi ki tai tai pish ho jaye ge woh bhi sab ke samney. ” Anika  runs behind them.”

@ poolside

This is best Diwali we celebrated ” Dadi ji expressed cupping Devi ji hand”

Absolutely right!! My lovely preeto ” Devi ji said hugging Dadi ji”

And it’s all credit goes to Princess Aarohi ” Jhanvi spoke “

Bhabhi ji !! It’s enough now. Please now you all are embracing me” Aarohi said gazing Dev”

Lol!!! Pharjai ji ap ko sharma rahe hai. Jab samney beithy Dev bhai shahab ko ap ke sath ishqbaaz karte sharm nahe aa rahe to ap kyun ” Pinky pulls Dev leg”

Aarohi shies and hides behind Jhanvi.

All chuckles loudly

So if your Ishqbaazi is over can we play ” Devi ji taunts him”

Where’s Anika?” Pinky asked”

Mummy ji i’m here” Anika replies marching for behind”

She glances Shivaay and winks him

Shivaay ignores her and put himself  in talk with omru.

Come Anika we all were waiting for you ” Gayu said in union”

Anika smiles to them and compose herself next to Chanda.

So now what we gonna play? ” Chanda asked”

Lets play  Anthyakshari ” Gauri suggest”

“Wow!! What a great idea Princess Antakshari. Like this after ages Aarohi sweet voice like nightingale will be hummed in these breeze ” Dev spoke romantically all lost in his dream world.

Ahemm!! ” Om coughs”

Dev comes out from his dream land and smiles

No!! I can’t someone else begin ” Aarohi denies”

All requests Aarohi except Anika but she denies. Finally Shivaay spoke murdering Anika with his gaze.

Maa for you Anu sing. ” Shivaay requests Aarohi”

Now, Anu’s maa can’t deny it ” All teases Aarohi”

Aarohi with love gazes Anika and begins singing

Aap Ke Aane Se Ghar Mein Kitni Ronak Hai

Anika gazes Aarohi and fakely smiles.

Aarohi approaches Anika and compose herself next to her and took Anika in warm hug.

Aap Ko Dekhen Kabhi Apne Ghar Ko Dekhen Hum
Aap Ke Aane Se Ghar Mein Kitni Ronak Hai
Aap Ko Dekhen Kabhi Apne Ghar Ko Dekhen Hum

All joins Aarohi and sings in union 

Hum Khush Huve Hum Kush Huve Hum Kush Huve
Hum Khush Huve Hum Kush Huve Hum Kush Huve

Boys “E” Bhavya shouts”

All boys where hitting their head and girls were doing countdown

Tej passes red rose towards Jhanvi and sings

Enna Sona Kyun Rabb Ne Banaya

Jhanvi blushes and thanks Tej.

All boys sings in union gazing their partners.

Aavan Javan Te Main Yaara Nu Manavan Aavan Javan Te Main Yaara Nu …..


One of each ” Chanda announce”

Now girls have to sing with “U” and they without any beating their head. Bhavya begin singing and dancing with Gauri on song

“Ude Dil Befikre Ude ”

All were enjoying Gayu performance when Anika slowly kept cushion inbetween her and Aarohi. She thought that no-one is eyeing her but her every single thought and move all getting noticed by Shivaay. He fist his palm in anger.

After few minutes

Game continued and  girls were giving other tough competition to boys

Rudra make sure next song should end  on A ” Anika text Rudra and smirks gazing Shivaay”

Rudra read the message and nods positively.

Boys wait there’s twist in the game know.

 ” Rudra stopped them from singing”

What twist huh? All rules were decided before and now you boys are losing and what to end twist ” Bhavya spoke”

Oh!! Hello bandriyaa don’t climb high ok. And don’t forget i’m the one who planned is all. With that i can decide at any point. ” Rudra spoke”

Don’t call me bandriyaa ” bhavya hits him with pillow”

Both fell in quarrel when Rikara stopped them.

Doll!! Let Rudy bhaiya do what he wants dear. We are already win so chill ” Gauri spoke calming Bhavya”

Bhavya glare Rudra and nods positively.

Open you mouth..what twist you want to added ” Pinky said”

So  this time someone else will sing from your team. Right boys ” Rudra said”

Yes!!! This is also cheating. Now the one who didn’t sang yet she will sing ” Om winks Anika”

But we all have sang. No one is left ” Aarohi spoke”

Anika bhabhi is left ” Rudra shouts”

And if she didn’t sang then we won ” Boys screamed”

Boys happily rejoice and sings. Soon song ends on A.

All girls gazes Anika with pleading eyes.

Ok!! Fine I’ll sing but if Billu ji will say. ” Anika spoke gazing Shivaay with love”

Don’t call me Billu ” Shivaay warns her”

Then what should I call you ?” She asked”

I’m going i’ve to make an important call ” Shivaay excuses himself and was about to leave when Anika voice shocked him”

Aye jee o jee lo jee suno jee yeh hai chuimuhi ji

All cupped their mouth hearing Chuimuhi. Shivaay give deadly glare to Anika and about to walk away when Anika came in his way and sings

Kehta hoon main jo woh tum bhi karo jee

You !! He warns her pointing his index finger.

Anika locks her finger with him and sings

One two ka four, four two ka one, his name is….

Billa ” Rudra screams”


Stone Singh Oberoi ” Chanda shouts”


Tadibaaz bagad billa ” Om shouts”

It’s old ” Anika said “

All were hooting different names. Anika kept on denying and all this irritates Shivaay more and rest were enjoying.

No something new ” Anika said blocking Shivaay”

Then what?” All screamed”

His name is…………..




Fine if you want this.I’m ready to do and will do whatever you say me but i’ve a condition

What condition? 


You have to give posion to Gauri and Bhavya.





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