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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 29th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer turns bitter over the hug

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 29th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

At Sameer’s house, everyone is happily discussing the name for the baby. Devang gets uncomfortable hearing Akshay but suggests Ajay. Pundit and Munna are surprised to see Sameer acting normally with his family.

(Voiceover – Sameer):
Mama ji was right. Fashion always returns. Ranveer and Ranbir sounded old those days but no one knew that these names will be on everyone’s lips one day!

Munna and Pundit take Sameer to a corner. They tell him that the result is due in 3 days. Sameer is excited as the play was a hit. Naina did so well in the play. Other results will be good too. They ask him if he is fine. Kartik hugged Naina in front of everyone. Aren’t you upset? Sameer says it was as per the script. He cracks a joke to show them he is fine. Munna asks him

to call Naina once. She was worried. He sends them to bring a movie. They ask him to get some food in the meantime. Sameer nods. Munna and Pundit leave.

Naina opens the tap and sits down sadly. Tai ji is sitting in her room only. She decides to check the room / cupboard to look for some love letter.

Naina recalls how Sameer left angrily from the college today.

Tai ji is scanning everything in the room. She opens the cupboard stealthily but Naina switches off the tap just then. Tai ji rushes out of the room hurriedly.

Naina is in the kitchen. Tai ji keeps instructing her on every little thing. Bela tells her to take a break but Tai ji does not relent. Bela speaks angrily under her breath. Tai ji bites on her tongue just then. Who cursed me!

(Voiceover – Naina):
I could only think of one song that day – Qaid me hai bulbul. I was cleaning the already clean house but my eyes were pinned on the cordless phone. I just wanted to call Sameer the moment Tai ji gets occupied for a while.

Tai ji asks Naina to dry clothes in the balcony as she gets up to bring Pralay’s books. Naina gets lost. Tai ji reminds her to do as told and leaves. Naina calls Sameer. He holds himself back from picking the phone. He cannot stop thinking about the play. He starts listening to walkman and puts his headset on. Naina mentally coaxes him to pick the call. She calls him again. This time Mami ji picks it. Naina disconnects the phone hearing her voice. She asks Sameer to come quickly for lunch. Sameer puts his walkman and headset away and goes outside.

Naina tries Sameer’s number again. Tai ji peeks at her from the kitchen. It must be that motorbike guy! I will find out everything after calling on this number once she goes. Her game will be up then! Naina keeps the phone back sadly and goes outside.

(Voiceover – Naina):
Call it intuition or Tai ji’s fear but I dialled random numbers after disconnecting the call. Tai ji made me do a lot many things. I was looking forward to the coming Monday as Sameer and I used to meet in the temple every Monday. It was going to be a very important day for me. I had won the drama competition. Now I had to win Sameer’s love again. I was only worried if Sameer will come or not.

Tai ji redials the number as soon as Naina goes. She deleted that number from redial? I will change my name if I don’t find out about it! I will expose her!

(Voiceover – Sameer):
Sameer looks at the article about VJN’s drama competition in the newspaper. There is a photo of Naina, Kartik as the winners. That day, I felt as if I was holding burning coal and not paper. I was angry and sad at the same time. I felt as if our love was losing its warmth. It was also cold at that time so I couldn’t decide why I was feeling that. I dint know if it was because of the weather or the hug that Kartik gave to Naina. I just couldn’t understand!

Mama ji asks Sameer to have breakfast. Sameer is lost. Mama ji asks him what he is reading. Poonam gives him milk. Sameer throws the paper angrily. Mami ji remarks that papers only bring bad news every day. There is no good news. Mama ji jokes that Poonam will give the good news to them soon. We will become grandparents. Sameer apologizes to her. Paper fell out of my hands. Mami ji looks at the same article and photo. I think she looks familiar. Poonam recognizes her to be the mehendi girl. Mama ji also looks at it. He reads the news for them. Mami asks Sameer if she studies in his college. Sameer acts innocent. I don’t know her. Thousands of kids study in my college. I don’t know everyone. Mama ji seconds him. What will he have to do with girls who look ordinary? Sameer takes the paper and goes inside. Mama ji and Mami ji still discuss the news. Sameer stops in his tracks recalling that scene and his mother’s words. He drops the glass. Mami ji looks on curiously but he walks away. Mama ji remarks that it would have happened by mistake.

Mami ji and Naina come to temple.

(Voiceover – Naina):
There were no buy one get one free schemes those days but I got Tai ji in the scheme. She was a worry but that day we were thinking on the same lines. We both wanted to see Sameer that day. I was in a fix. I wanted to meet Sameer but I was also worried that Tai ji might see him!

Tai ji asks Naina who she is looking for. Naina denies. Tai ji still taunts her for coming here every Monday. You might have met some guy. Did you find someone? Naina looks at her in surprise. Tai ji asks her if she likes someone. You might have met someone after Sharad. Who is it? Naina shakes her head. She excuses herself to bring puja thaal. Tai ji shouts after her intentionally that she is sitting here only.

Tai ji keeps her eyes fixed on Naina. Naina notices someone reading the newspaper article and thinks him to Sameer. He is acting to be upset but he is still looking at my photo! Tai ji inches closer. Naina starts walking towards the guy. Tai ji vows to find out her truth today.

Precap: Naina tries talking to Sameer but he keeps walking away. She blocks his way again. He tells her she is irritating him. She does not give up. I am as stubborn as you. You know it well. Talk to me now.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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