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Yeh teri chahat (ShaMita) #FS #Shot 5 by Anee





Shot 5:

Ridoy: dadaa dadaa.. She is not wrong………. And do not blame her of my condition… even she’s really cares for me…. But… he quite…

Shan: But what ridoy…

Ridoy: but dada her elder sister she don’t likes us…

I confused… what?? Don’t like us means… I emphasized the word “US”.

Ridoy: Dada her elder sister Asmita doesn’t like our family….

I asked why she doesn’t like us… as I didn’t knew who Asmita was…

Ridoy: dada…

He interrupted by me… wait what the name of the girl whom you loves??

Ridoy: dada Jiya…

Shan: Jiya… okay

Ridoy: dada do you know her??

Shan: How will I know her ridoy??

Ridoy: yeah I know… so dada I love her so much… I want her in my life… and I want your help to do it so…

Shan: how I can help you ridoy??

Ridoy: dada I know you can do anything… I want that you go her home to convince them about our relation… Please dada please..

Shan: listen ridoy….. Is Mumaa knows about all this??

Ridoy: dada don’t take mumma’s tension I’ll handle everything.. I know she will very happy after getting to know all of this…. Bas ap maan jaayie dada.

Shan: okay you talk with mumaa I’ll manage…but first tell me what was happened that day??

Ridoy so listen dada… that day… (Same happened like in the serial but Asmita replaced by jiya… she didn’t witnessed his accident so she was unaware about that because she got her auto before Ridoy’s accident).

Shan: ridoy I won’t bear your careless nature again.. Okay now be careful.

Ridoy: okay dada….he gets happy and he hugs me… thank you dada thank you I knew that you will understand me.. And will help me… you are my best dada….

I smiled back…. Okay now I’m going to tell everything to Mumma… you will be ready okay… he thumb up to me.. I smiled.

I thought…. Ridoy I stay here just because of you…  I want to meet that girl… I want to know how’s that girl even she is able for you or not?? Just because of that I’m staying here…. Once I confirm she is perfect for you then I’ll go far from everyone.

Next morning:

I came to hall where everyone were ready to go their house… as usual sir was not happy because his wish was first my marriage then ridoy.. But ridoy was also his grandson so that’s why he gave importance to his happiness also…

Mom seemed very happy…. She forgot that she threatened me to go back.. Definitely for her Ridoy’s happiness were priority. She ordered to servants to take all stuff in the cars.. I was shocked… I asked

Mumma Sir what’s happening here??

Mom: shan ap nahii jante aj hum ridoy ka shagun lekar ja rahen hain jiya ke ghar??…

Shan: I know Mumma I can see but…

Mom: but what shaan??

Shan: Mumma Ridoy said her elder sister hates our family… so first we need to know why she hates our family?? And maybe her family also doesn’t like us.. So First we need to know what they actually want… their daughter is in love with our Ridoy and her family hates our family.. Isn’t sound something fishy??

Mom: shaan…

Sir: (Mom interrupted by him)… I think shan is right… we are doing so hurry… this is matter of our children’s life… this is matter of marriage… and marriage is really big decision… we can’t take it so easily… first we should have to know her family and we will have to know how are that people’s?? … then we will take any decision on it.

Nevi mom gets furious over me… she expected same thing from Ridoy against me… but things goes opposite to her thinking… Ridoy comes near to me and hugs me…

Ridoy: dada I believe on this your confident….. I know you cannot let happen bad of me.. …

Nevi mom gets shocked over it.

Shan: I smiled yeah my brother… your dada is always with you..

Mr. Mazumdaar smiled… Nevi feels jealous…

Sir went for some urgent work… Mom also leaves us alone…

I and Ridoy went to garden… where we seated on chairs…

I said him to call Jiya and her sister to coffee shop…. First we will meet them then we will discuss about the situation… and decide something about it..

Ridoy did as I said to him….

He called to jiya….

Phone was ringing…. A girl was lying on sofa in launch area.. She was upset…. She was weeping silently… just then another girl came towards her… she was looking her by crossing arms…. Jiya looked at her… she wiped her tears immediately…

Jiya: Asmita dii you??

Asmita: why?? Were you expecting someone else??

Jiya: what Dii.… she nodded in negative.

Asmita: Jiyu look at me…. she sat beside her….

Jiya looks in her eyes…

Asmita tries to understand her that she want it isn’t possible…

Jiya looked at phone which was consistently ringing….

Asmita also looked towards phone…

Jiya: Dii please try an understand he is very nice guy…. Once meet him you will also like him…

Asmita: jiyu baat us ladke kii nahii hai it is matter about his family…. His family is very dangerous…

Jiya: What do you mean by dangerous Dii?? Do you know his family??

Asmita remains quite… but jiya again asked the same question but she didn’t replied her… Asmita lost somewhere… jiya waved hand in front of her… she came out from his thoughts…

She shocked… haan!!

Jiya: Dii I was asking do you know his family??

Phone was still ringing.

Asmita: Jiya take the phone.. it seemed she wanted to divert her mind from this topic.

Jiya: Are you sure Dii?? This is saying you??

Asmita: Don’t waste time jiya… just take the phone and say him clearly that you don’t want to keep any relationship with him.

Jiya: No dii I won’t do this….

Asmita: jiya you have to do this dear… it is better for you… forget him dear… he’s is not for you…

Phone stopped ringing..

Both sisters looks at phone.

Ridoy was worried

Ridoy: dada she is not taking my phone.

Shan: Dial her number again…

Ridoy: yes dada I do..

Ridoy dialed her number this time it was switched off.

Asmita: Jiya what you did… I said you to take his call and said him clearly that you don’t want to keep any connection with him and you switched off your number..

Jiya: Sorry to say Ms. Asmita kumari but I won’t do as you saying to me.. got it…. And yeah rishte main toh ap meri badii behn hain but it not seems.. She was going but stopped in mid… and yeah you doesn’t believe in love na that’s why you don’t know the power of love. And you are doing this… You don’t know how to feel when you are in love… I wish once you fall in love then I’ll ask you about your feelings now you are making hurdles in our way when you will fall in love then you will understand my condition from which I’m suffering now…

She leaved..

Asmita shuttered at her words… tears makes their way from her eyes through cheeks.

Someone taped on her shoulder… she shocked and moved to see….

Asmita: baba… she burst into tears… Baba… she hugs her Baba.. Baba you heard what she said?? Baba why she don’t understand that those peoples are not good… that family is not good for her.. Why she not understand?? Why??

Ridoy: Dada her phone is coming switched off.

Shan: what?? It shocked me.

Ridoy: yes dada.. I hope she will be fine.

Shan: keep patience ridoy we will think something else.

I pacified him… he nodded yes.

Baba: Asmita Beta… bharosa rakho Devi Maa pe she will do everything fine…

She broke hug from him.. She wiped tears.. Yeah baba you are right.


To be continued………….

Hii guys… SURPRISED???

as i said this will be gonna last shot….

but guys actually currently i’m also enjoying this FS so i decided to extend it for few shots until my MBA classes not get start….. once by classed gets start then i won’t have time to write… so to see your response guys.. i decided to extend it.

now tell me who’s happy with my decision??

and yead dear Ruby and Aashna i wil sure mention your fav suggested scenes in upcoming shots… thanks for express your feelings…

thank you guys for your love and response to this FS… actually before starting i wasn’t thought that i will get you guys as y reader. thank you once again…

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