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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Naira wishes to have a baby

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira reading about her pregnancy safety and chances on the web. She smiles seeing Kartik. He comes to Naira and takes some file. He goes. She recalls Shankari Tai’s words and smiles. Dadi, Badi Nani and more women sit to massage hair. Rama sends Gayu to Naira. She says I will apply hair oil to you. Dadi asks what did you think of Gayu’s marriage. Rama says we leave few things on destiny. Dadi says if she doesn’t care, what shall I do.

Kartik asks where did everyone go. Naira says they went to have betel. Kartik switches off the lights. They get romantic. She asks him to just do his work. He says I wanted to hear these three magical words. She says I… He stops her. They get under the quilt and get close. Yeh rishta….plays… She says

I have to tell you something. He says not now, you can say it when everyone comes. Everyone comes home talking and laughing. Manish says I have to do some work, excuse me. Dadi says I have to do Sandhya puja. Akhilesh says we won’t get such chance again. Manish says fine, you can help me in morning. Vishwamber and Omi share some horror experience. Everyone laughs.

Its morning, Lav and Kush say everyone is still sleeping. They try to wake up everyone. They shout, the house caught fire. Everyone wakes up and look at them. Kartik says happy morning. Kartik, Naira and Gayu leave for the hospital. Naira says we have to do many arrangements. Kartik says your check up is more imp. They argue. Gayu asks them to stop it. Naira thinks to talk about baby later, Gayu is here and it can get odd. The clothes get delivered. Jasmeet says its not fit to use. Naksh asks how can this happen. Mansi says I will call Naira. Suwarna says no, she would get upset. Lav asks will party not happen. Badi Nani says don’t worry, we will not let anyone get upset. Vishwamber says where there are women, there aren’t any problems, you will understand this. The men assist the women and bring sewing machines and material. The women stitch and alter the clothes. Yeh rishta….plays…

Gayu says I m glad seeing you two, lucky people get love. Kartik says I know what you are saying. She says I m so happy for you and Naira. He thanks her. She asks him not to worry, Naira is fine. He says yes, but I m scared for her. She says she will be alright, don’t worry. Naira hears a baby’s sound and goes to see. Nurse asks her to see the baby until she comes. She goes. Naira takes baby in arms and calms him. She puts baby to sleep. She happily cries and goes to talk to Kartik. She thinks I can talk in front of Gayu too. Doctor says reports are good, lets meet after one month, I have made some changes in medicines. Kartik thanks him. Sharma asks Kartik for lift. Kartik agrees. Naira sees a couple with baby. She smiles.

Kartik and Naira come home with Gayu. Dadi looks on. Suwarna asks for reports. Kartik says everything is fine. Naira asks about the clothes. They say its all good, go and get ready. Naira gets ready and comes. She says Kartik didn’t come, we understand each other well, this won’t take much time. Kartik comes and sees her. He falls down. She asks why are you staring like this. He says its not for the first time, you want to hear the praise, you look so good. He compliments her looks. She compliments him too. He says you are insecure because of nurse Pinky. She says thats because of my love. They hug. She says I need to talk to you, I went to a different section in hospital, Kartik….

Naira dances with Kartik and everyone. Koi yahan nache nache….plays…. Naira asks don’t you wish that we have a cute little baby. He says no.

Update Credit to: Amena

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