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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Rohan and Karan in trouble

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi asking Karan and Rohan not to spoil the sofa. Simmi says I have locked the food in the fridge. Ishita says send them some rotis as we used to make for dumbbell, sleep well, good night. They go. Rohan says I have to talk to mom right now. Karan says how, phone is off. Karan checks landline and says there is no dial tone. Rohan checks that too. Ishita says you won’t get anything in this house, I will teach you a lesson.

Rohan says we will clean the utensils, its smelling bad, its matter of one night, mom will take us home tomorrow. They go and clean the utensils. Karan says I m feeling hungry, I won’t get sleep. Rohan says lets sleep, please, try. They sleep on the floor and feel cold. Raman asks did they sleep in kitchen. Ishita says yes, they washed

the utensils, how are these people, they think they will misbehave with girls and girls won’t say anything, our daughters are educated and smart, more responsible, I will be strict to these guys. He says do what you want, I m with you. She says Sudha will do something again. He says don’t worry about her, I will manage.

Kaushalya comes to Sudha and gives medicines. Sudha says I have to get my sons back, lawyers have no solution, I will go to Bhallas to meet Rohan and Karan, I will talk sugary and they will think I changed my heart, Bhallas are emotional and stupid, they will come in my words and send my sons. Kaushalya asks how can you think this, you think they will trust you. Sudha says I want my boys back home, tell me if you have any plan. Kaushalya says fine, I m with you.

Sudha says I will be able to see them today. Simmi wakes up Rohan and Karan. She asks them to make tea for her. They refuse. She says you have to make breakfast and tea if you have to stay here. Aaliya and Ruhi keep their demands. Simmi asks Rohan to get ginger tea for elders. Ruhi says get coffee for me. Karan says you think we will do this. They say of course. Rohan says you are keeping many demands, we won’t do this. Ishita comes and asks what’s all this, why are you making noise. Rohan says we can’t do this work. Mihika asks what’s wrong, don’t shout, Adi will get up. Rohan says you can’t make us work, what will you do. Aaliya says let me show what we can do. She slaps herself. They get shocked. Aaliya says Amma, see how hard he has hit me. Simmi says your cheek turned red. Rohan says you are lying. Aaliya says call police station, tell them that Rohan has beaten me. Rohan says its a trap, I don’t believe this.

Ishita says Rohan will get jailed. Rohan gets shocked. They all scold Rohan. Rohan says you are trapping us, don’t do this. Simmi gives phone to Ruhi. Ruhi cries and calls inspector. Rohan and Karan shout. Sudha says I don’t know if Ishita is giving food to my sons, I m so tensed, I can’t control myself, I can’t eat food. Kaushalya says we will look mad if we take tiffins. Sudha says no, I want to take food for my sons.

Ishita says thank God you have come inspector, these guys raised hand on Aaliya. Rohan says they are framing me. Aaliya says its paining a lot. She shows the mark on her face. Ishita says they are really bad people. Raman says I wish to slap them. Ishita asks the punishment for domestic violence. Raman says I feel they should get hanged. Inspector says you torture women, I hate it. He raises hand. Karan says Rohan is innocent, Aaliya has planned this, she slapped herself in front of Ishita. Raman says he is calling his Saas by name, what can you expect this from him. Mr. Bhalla calls them foolish and idiot. Raman asks her not to do overacting. Aaliya asks how much will you lie, you mean Ishita is lying, don’t blame them. Inspector asks Rohan to shut up.

Inspector says constable, take them. Rohan says no, listen. Aaliya says don’t take them, Rohan please say you won’t slap me again. Rohan asks when did I slap, fine I won’t. Ruhi scares them. Rohan and Karan say we promise, we won’t do this again. Raman says better get a slap from Aaliya. Aaliya goes to slap. Karan holds her hand. Inspector says get away Karan. Aaliya says sorry and slaps Rohan. Everyone smiles.

Sudha and Ishita argue about their children. Sudha says if you trouble my sons more, I won’t leave you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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