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Vikram Betaal 29th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Shani Dev accepts Surya Dev’s superiority and announces Vikram’s Satyanistha

Vikram Betaal 29th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surya Dev absorbing the light from the earth. All the nature settles down as if it is night. Vikram asks Shani Dev to make the flowers blossom and the nature get back to normal. Shani Dev tries, but fails. Betaal thinks Vikram is wise and stick to the truth. Shani Dev accepts his mistake and tells Vikram that he was egoistic to think himself superior. He says Surya Dev is superior of all Navgraha and not me. Surya Dev gives life to people and nature. Shani Dev says you are great and announces that nobody will be Satyanist than him in this world and will never be. Vikram gets his ornaments back on his body. He folds his hand and thanks Shani Dev and Surya Dev. Betaal thinks your Satyanishtha is proved and this will be the one which can defeat Bhadrakaal. He thinks your other

qualities will come out soon. He says I am happy.

Padmini is praying to God and doing aarti. Vikram comes to her and holds the aarti. Padmini is happy to see him. Vikram does aarti with her. She asks are you fine? And tells that she was very worried for him. Vikram says I am fine. Padmini tells that Acharya ji told that Shani Dev’s reflection is on you. Vikram says the one who have a wife like you and God’s blessings, Shani Dev can’t harm me. Padmini says you share your love with me, but not problems. She asks him to tell what is the matter? Vikram asks her to think that he paid a price for his words and returned. He hugs her. Bhadrakaal comes there and says Vikram said right. He says some people takes time to fulfill their promise. He says you didn’t go to take Betaal since many days. Vikram says it is good for you to do puja rather than doubting me. Padmini asks Bhadrakaal to show some other way to get Betaal. Bhadrakaal says this is destiny and it will not change until Maharaj brings betaal to me, and says there is a way, and says if Maharaj back off or breaks the promise then the problems in his life will end and my hopes will end too. Vikram asks Padmini to come and says I have to go to Pret ghaati to take Betaal. He comes to the crematorium ground and sees the burning fire. The fire takes him to Pret ghaati.

Vikram asks where are you Betaal? Betaal asks if he came to go alone. Vikram asks him to come down and climbs the tree. Betaal comes down and asks him to come down. Vikram jumps on ground. Betaal goes up. Vikram climbs again. He jumps on Betaal. Betaal lies on his back and says you are sure of your promises. He says I laughed at my destiny thinking I am on your back and cried feeling sympathy for your destiny as you are helpless to come here. He tells her that if he recites 7 satis story then every trouble will go. He says today he will tell him about why Sati Draupadi married 5 men, and says I know you can’t answer my question, why she got 5 husbands. He says I will tell you story first, and if you don’t reply to me then I will kill you. He asks him to hear Draupadi’s story and says nobody would have understood it until now. He says she is devi Sachi, who is known as Indrayani as dev inder’s wife. He tells that Devi Sachi used to be drown in her husband Dev inder’s love.

Devi Sachi is shown to be painting Inder dev in different avatars. Sevika asks why she wants to see his different avatars. Sachi says she sees many qualities of her husband. Sevika says there is no Sati like you. Betaal says Dev raj Inder was lucky to get wife like her, and says Sachi was sacred, but Dev Inder was characterless and have his eye on Rishi Gautam’s wife Ahilya.

He says one day, Dev Inder takes Rishi Gautam’s avatar and went to Devi Ahilya and got romantic. Devi Ahilya tells that they are sanyasi and shall not be romantic. Dev inder in avatar of Rishi Gautam tells that he just wants her love. She hugs him. Real Rishi Gautam comes there and asks the imposter how dare he? He asks who are you? Dev Inder comes in his avatar. Devi Ahilya is shocked.

Betaal says the one who insults woman will meet his end. Inder insults Devi Sachi and pulls her saree. Devi Sachi is shocked. Vishwu scolds Inder. Inder kills him. Vishwu’s father comes and asks Varita sur to kill him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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