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Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartikeya meets mayur raj.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kartikeya killing the mountain demon. Kartikeya then sees mayur raj and a hen. Parvati smiles and says now kartikeya has to know his animal vehicle. Kartikeya looks at the 2 animals and he closes his eyes, kartikeya’s body glows and then mayur raj and the hen say prabhu, you have freed us from our curse, we were demons before but sine you killed dashratha! We are free, the hen says but please take us under you so that we serve you. Kartikeya smiles and says okay, then mayur ji from today you will be my animal vehicle! Mayura raj dances as peacock and says thank you prabhu. Lord Vishnu and everyone smile.
The hen, Murg says, prabhu I understand I don’t look as beautiful as mayur ji but bless me as well, I want to serve for you. Kartikeya says okay then, from

today your shadow shall stay with me and you shall be bonded with me forever. Kartikeya says don’t you look happy? Murg says it is not that prabhu, only my shadow shall be with you and not me? kartikeya says okay murg ji, from today you shall be bonded with me and you shall wake up this world before sunrise from your voice, which will help the people do all work on time everyday. Murg says thank you prabhu. Kartikeya sits on mayur and flies and says I want to meet father and mother and take their blessings.
Lord Vishnu says devraj, now you are convinced of kumar’s capability right? Indra dev says narayana, I was convinced when I saw him the first time, I knew he can kill tarkasura. Lord Vishnu smiles. Indra dev says I think we should all go to kailash to welcome kumar kartikeya. All gods go.
Kartikeya reaches kailash with mayura and says mother! Everyone is in kailash to welcome kartikeya, all the million gods, rishi’s, gandharva, gan, tridev and tridevi. Kartikeya comes and parvati and mahadev smile. Devi laxmi blows the shell as kartikeya is welcomed. Kartikeya comes and takes mahadev’s blessings and everyone shower flowers, kartikeya then takes parvati’s blessings, she does kartikeya’s pooja and then hugs him and says my son. kartikeya says mother! Parvati says I was so eager to meet you my son, you have finally come. Everyone say kumar karyikeya ki jai! All people say kumar kartikeya ki jai. Parvatia dn kartikeya are happy.
Ganesh says this way, jagat janni mata parvati became the mother of a son as kumar kartikeya would also be known as skand and thus mata’s this form was known as skand mata! Everyone pray. Ganesh says the gods were very impressed by kumar kartikeya and they wanted to put kartikeya on the position of Commander of the gods so that he would go and kill tarkasura. Sarla says so soon? Mata may have been angry and sad about this. Kartikeya says yes she was, but for another reason.
Indra dev there says kumar kartikeya, we have been waiting for your birth for many years, the position of commander of gods army is waiting for you, mahadev we want to make kumar the commander today itself. Mahadev smiles.
Parvati comes and says no! I wont allow that. indra dev thinks now mata wont allow kartikeya so soon, which means tarkasura wont die soon. Mahadev says parvati what are you saying? This is kartikeya’s destiny, why are you bringing an obstacle in between? Parvati says you all just want the death of tarkasura, no one is seeing that my son is not completely ready. Indra dev, after training and learning everything in combat, then my son shall become a great warrior otherwise he will not fight such a cruel demon like tarkasura. Indra dev says mata, we have seen kumar’s capability, he has fought and killed panchasura! I think he is ready to kill tarkasura. Parvati says indra dev is kumar kartikeya your son? indra dev says no mata. Parvati says he is my son and I will decide if he is ready or not, my son is not ready to fight tarkasura, he does not even have a weapon and to take the seat of commander of the god army, he will be trained. Suryadev says but mata who will be the guru of kumar? Parvati says I am kartikeya’s mother, I will be his mother. Everyone smile.
This way, parvati trains kartikeya and kartikeya does harsh meditation and trains.

Precap: the gods fly on their chariots thinking about kartikeya’s capability as they get jealous. Tarkasura says the gods are trapped in my maya jaal, they are now in shauryapur.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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