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Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartikeya kills panchasura.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with kartikeya in the cave. Kartikeya says I think you are only 4 demons and not 5. The demons say no, he is fooling us we are five demons. Kartikeya says check for yourself, the demons see each other and count and say yes we are 4 demons, where is our 5th demon brother? Kartikeya says there is someone else in this cave as well, kartikeya kills the 5th demon and says he is gone now, there was no one! There are only 4 demons, I have wasted enough of my time here, I shall go now and find my own way to kailash.
Kartikeya comes out and he heads towards kailash. The 4 demons follow him and say stop there, you are our food, you cannot fool the panchasura! We will eat you.
Lord Vishnu says indra dev, I know you doubt the capability of kumar kartikeya, he is mahadev’s

son and he is strong and intelligent, you will see indra dev. Indra dev says no narayana, it is not that.
Kartikeya says you demons shall be killed now. The demons say attack and the 4 demons attack kartikeya. Kartikeya fights the demons and punches and kicks him, then he kicks all demons and cuts one in half, then kartikeya cuts all demons from their body parts. The demons fall down.
Parvati says I am worried for my son, he has just taken birth and these panchasura have attacked him. mahadev says uma, don’t be worried.
Kartikeya is about to go when the demons come back alive and say kartikeya, it is not so easy t kill us, we wont die. Kartikeya is confused and thinks I have a better idea to kill them. Kartikeya says okay, I tried once but now I tell you, if you want to kill me and eat me, first decide who is the leader of your group, then the leader will get more share than others. The demons say leader? One demons says you are fooling us, don’t waste our time. Kartikeya says I am not fooling you, because unless you have a leader there will be fights in you as to who will eat more, then rather I say a leader shall be there and he will get more than others. One demon says don’t waste our time, it is no doubt I am the leader of this group because I am stronger than others. The other demons say you are not our leader, one demon says I am more intelligent than you so I am the leader, one demon says no I am the leader, I have more powers. The 4th demon says I am stronger and smarter than all of you, you will see my powers, the demon removes the heart out of one demon killing him, the other comes to fight him but the demon removes his heart as well. The last demon tries to run but the demon kills the last demon as well. Kartikeya smiles. The demon says I know you wanted us to do this and kill ourselves right? But I am still alive and I will kill you. The demon transforms into a huge rock mountain and says I will stamp you and kill you. Kartikeya sees angrily and then he jumps and punches the demon, kartikeya jumps on the demon’s head and punches with his strength and the rock mountain bursts into different rocks, the demon dies. Kartikeya lands down.
All gods are impressed. Parvati says where is my son? I want to meet him soon.

Precap: Kartikeya meets his vehicle animal, Mayur raj. Kartikeya reaches kailash as he is welcomed by everyone.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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