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U R My MLA (My lucky Angel) – 7 Ragsan by suma

“Shankar !!!! Where i can meet my angel?? Tell me one good place”

” ummm sir Hotel Paradise is best sir. Mam will enjoy food there”

“Now i understand why you always arrange my meetings there”


“Hmm,Anyway its been 2days i have met my angel,because of these rituals and all”

“Yeah sir”

While he was going out he saw one photo with Ramu Kaka

“Ramu Kaka” he shouted at top of his voice

Ramu Kaka was startled and dropped the photo frame which he holded and it got broken into pieces

Ramu Kaka was looking at sanskar with utmost fear in his face and badly sweating

Sanskar came to Ramu Kaka
“How dare you to do this?”

“Beta, Mera baath suno” he tried to explain

” Shankar, ask him to leave before I do anything”
He shouted

” Sir, please try to listen to him”

” Get him out from here, Right now!”

Shankar…slowly moved to Ramu Kaka and holded his shoulder and took him out

Here sanskar threw all the vases in his house and breaking all the glasses

Here outside

“Kaka, aap aise kyu Kiya…aap ko pata hai na, sir uska papa ko kitne hate karte…phir bhi aap uska photo bhi kal rakha tha?”

” I know his father did wrong with him and with his mother…but his father died…he has to do all the rituals for his father also like for his mother”

” Pls kaka, You know him from long, don’t do this with him ….if he get hurt …he will do anything..which hurt others and regret later”

“kab tak beta….kab tak wo iss tarah rahega…he has to overcome from this and live life  happy”

“Sanskar sir ko kya  hua kaka…whole story batao na”

“When I asked him he said,Ram sir ditched sujatha mam after sanskar born and married someone and later his mother addicted to drugs and died due to overdosage of drugs and he came on roads like orphan”

” Kaka…sanskar sir is going somewhere” Shankar saw sanskar going somewhere in car and he rushed
To follow him

“Bhagawan! Help sanksar out from this state…he tolerated everything from childhood”

Here sanskar was going fast in car and stopped near one Bar

“Send everyone out” he threw money to bar owner and ordered

As the owner knew sanskar before and about his nature…so he sent everyone out telling its closing time”

He ordered alcohol to drink but soon his phone began to ring
“Shankar is calling”
He disconnected the call

Some flashes are coming
Mumma, please don’t leave me….mumma please” sanskar crying holding his mumma deadbody

Sanskar beta, she left us, don’t cry beta …I’m here na”

” You killed my mom…you are cheater… because of you mom died” saying this sanskar ran from there

Sanskar closed his eyes and shouted loud at top of his voice
Just then again his mobile started to ring
He was about to threw the mobile but he stopped looking at the caller ID
” Angel is calling”

Seeing this he kept the mobile a side and started drinking



At Maheshwari Mansion

“Ramu Kaka” he shouted loud

Ramu kaka came to sanskar and stood Infront of him

” Did she ate anything??”

” Nai beta, she isn’t coming out from the room”

” I will take care of her, arrange food in her room Kaka “

” Please, beta uss ladki ko chodo na” Ramu Kaka said in fear expecting a shout from him but it went wrong

” Kaka, you ever wanted is my happiness right! Then it’s with me now….and you asking me to let go” he said in calm voice

He saw a different sanskar today
He smiled … genuine one but it costs one girl life ??
Is it correct ??

He entered into Ragini room

” Morning Angel 😍”

” Please , sir mere papa ko chodo…usse Kuch math Karna” she started crying

” Shhhhhhhhhh, stop crying. ….I never do anything which hurt you…I just said that to you bcz I want you to be with me and I was drunk last night”

She gave a disgusting look

” I know you hate me…but it’s okay I don’t want you to love me either”

His phone rang

“Hello sir, Ragini mam?”

” She is fine…Shankar and you called me to check on her?😤😤😤

“Umm..No sir….to tell you Ragini mam family is fine”

He turned the speaker phone on

” Shankar repeat it”

He signed Ragini to listen

” Which one sir?”

” Idiot you said na…last one repeat it”

” Oh , About Ragini mam family sir??”

Her face turned into fear and sanskar noticed that

” I will kill you Shankar !!! Damn it tell me that one thing”

“Oh….you turned the speaker on , chalo Ragini mam ..your family is fine “

She grabbed the phone from sanskar
” Really…. please usse Kuch math Karna”

” Mam…what will I do to them… don’t worry they are fine and sir will take care of them”

Sanskar grabbed the phone from her and disconnected

” Done Angel! Are you happy now?? Breakfast karogi??

” I want to go home, I want to be with my family”

” Today Ramu Kaka done something special for you in breakfast  come let’s have it”

” I want to go home”

” I’m not deaf angel ….u don’t need to say second time…if I ignored means it’s not gonna happen, so forget about that and be with me”

” I don’t wanted to eat anything” she left to room

” Ok! You will miss tasty food”

He smirked and left



Ragini is feeling damn hungry and slowly she peeped into kitchen but nothing is there to eat

” Searching for food?”
She heard sanskar voice and slapped herself and turned to him and saw him holding plate of food.

” I made it for you ” he smiled and forwarded
And she nodded as No

” Don’t show angry on food Angel, you are angry on me …right punish me if u want but have food then only you will get some energy”

She huffed and went near sanskar and took the plate

And said ” I hate you”
He smiled and sat beside her and admiring her while eating.

Shankar came home to say schedule to sanskar
But ramukaka stopped him in middle and asked

” How sanskar get her here?? What happend last night?”

” Hmmmm Big story Kaka”

” Tell it shortly …otherwise he will come “


Done with this part

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Suma ♥️

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