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Taken For Granted (Rumya FF) – Part 17

Gauri’s POV

As Priyanka is about to leave a voice stops her.

Voice (screaming) – Don’t forget about your boyfriend


Priyanka immediately turns around to see Sahil running towards her.

Priyanka (hugging Sahil) – Never my cutie Sahil

Sahil (crying) – Priyanka di, please don’t leave me… stay here… I will miss you… Ranveer bhaiya (turning to Ranveer) Please stay…

Priyanka (crying and wiping Sahil’s tears) – You know na, Sahil that I can’t stay…I am only half an hour away… you can meet me anytime and since it’s your holidays… we can keep meeting

Ranveer (smiling) – Ye Sahil, your Priyanka di is right… you can come anytime

Sahil (upset) – But, I want you guys to stay…

Anika di (smiling) – Sahil, you can’t force them to stay… now as a good boy… say bye to your Priyanka bhai and Ranveer bhai.

Sahil puts on a fake smile and sadly waves goodbye to Priyanka and Ranveer but as soon as they leave the house, he has a breakdown.

Sahil (crying) – I will miss Priyanka di….

Me (crying) – Me too… this one year, made me feel so close to Priyanka. She is like a younger sister to me… she is the best… it’s hard for me to express it…

Anika di (sad) – You are right Chutki… she has become so close to me as well and she has been my support in OM besides Saumya and…

Saumya (upset) – I am going upstairs

Saumya immediately runs upstairs to hide her tears, this isn’t the first time it is happening. Every time we talk about OM she leaves the place and I can understand why.

Bhai (concerned) – I will check Saumya, here is Ansh

Anika di carefully takes Ansh from bhai who is silently listening to our conversation.

Bhabhi (smiling) – Everything will be fine… you guys should take some rest and we will also stay tonight.

I help bhabhi to her room while Sahil goes with Anika di in her room. After making sure bhabhi is comfortable, I silently leave the room.

Author’s POV

Omkara finally gains consciousness making Shivay feel more at ease, but as soon as Omkara wakes up he screams for Gauri, while Shivay says some swear words indicating to Gauri.

Shivay (angry and worried) – How are you feeling?

Omkara (still a little unsure of his environment) – Umm…I…I am fine

Shivay (concerned) – We are going to Mumbai

Omkara (shocked) – What? I am not going anywhere, my Gauri’s memories are here and I will only stay here…

Even though, Shivaay was constantly getting irritated due to Omkara mentioning Gauri because he thinks that Gauri left him when Omkara needed her to support the most and Gauri also keeps reminding of Anika. Somehow, Shivay stops himself from getting angry.

Shivay (trying to convince Omkara) – Stop being childish…

Omkara (angry) – I am not being childish… I love Gauri and I want to stay in this room where everything reminds me of her…

Shivay (angry) – Gauri left you…

Omkara (angry) – She didn’t leave me… I left her… I misunderstood her being a s*** and I kicked her out… but later I found out the truth and I have been regretting since then. I am not like you, Shivay that doesn’t even try to find out the truth. I tried to find out if Gauri was telling the truth to me or not by asking detectives to find information about her, unlike you who just kicked his wife out and even to this day… you hate her…. Do you even realise that you could be wrong? The video could be fake… this is the 21st century and that’s possible. You know what, I am proud of Rudra… He was the most childish and immature of all of us but… he trusted his wife despite all proofs and evidence against her…

Shivay (angry) – We are leaving tomorrow!

Shivay starts to feel a little guilty because he knows that Omkara is right but his ego is stopping him. He immediately leaves the room and then calls up someone to check if the video that he got was either fake or not?

Precap – Same as before (SORRY!)

Thank you guys for the votes and comments that you guys gave in the last chapter. They mean a lot to me. Please continue to vote and comment. The story will now be on hold for 2 weeks.

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