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Siddhi Vinayak 29th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi makes a re-entry in Kundra Mansion

Siddhi Vinayak 29th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhi stands sadly outside the door. Memories of her wedding with Vin and her grahpravesh flash before her eyes. She picks her suitcase and starts walking. I lost everything today! I love my love, my husband, my family and everyone! I am leaving this house too now.

Manjari picks the kalash and turns. Siddhi looks away. Manjari remarks that her vow is fulfilled today. Your game is up and you got thrown out of Kundra Mansion! Rudra’s soul will be at peace. You have 0 value in Rudra’s life now! Once Urvashi makes Vin fall for her then he will forget your name too! Vinayak and Siddhi’s name will not be taken together after today. Shankar comes there. Manjari tells him that she should bid adieu to Rudra now. My vow is complete and Rudra’s soul will be also at peace now. Shankar takes

the kalash from her and goes. Manjari wipes her fake tears and goes inside.

Siddhi breaks down. I lost everything today Bappa. I lost my childhood dream and love. I have no will left to fight. Where are you Baba? I am missing you a lot today. Prachi pats at her shoulder with concern. What will you do now Tai? There is nothing left in this house for you. Everything is over. Siddhi cries that now she will have to leave. I have no other option. I am feeling bad that I have to leave my Vinu, my family to that Urvashi. She will ruin everything! She will destroy him and the relations. Prachi says I understand what you are going through. I am with you. She holds Siddhi as she cries.

Urvashi jumps with joy. It is decorated so grandly for me! I have seen all this only in movies. She caresses the bed. It is so soft. I will sleep on this bed with my hero tonight. This is what I had been waiting for since so long! I knew I will marry a prince one day. She looks at herself in the mirror. How are you Urvashi Vin Kundra? There is a knock on the door. She sits on the bed like all other brides. Vin enters.

Siddhi looks at Vin’s room. Their childhood memories flash in her mind. I am such an unlucky wife. My husband is spending the night with some other woman and I cannot do anything but look on helplessly. He broke our relation today by marrying Urvashi!

Urvashi looks at Vin. Step inside, remove my veil once. I will take care of the rest. Vin closes the door from inside and coughs a little. I told you I will fulfil every duty as a husband but we cannot sleep on the same bed. I cannot give you this right ever! I am sorry for that. She looks upset. I understand it. I also cannot get over Rudra. I think we should take our time. He picks a pillow and sits on the sofa. He closes the lights.

Siddhi stands up startled to see it. It is enough! I wont stop Vin now. I have nothing left to lose now. I accept my defeat today. I promise you that a day will come when you will realise your mistakes and come to me to apologize but I wont give you anything that day! You lost your Siddhi for forever. Manjari Ma was right. Siddhi and Vinayak’s name wont be taken together after today!

Next morning, there is a puja in Kundra Mansion. Vin and Urvashi come downstairs. Urvashi thinks the house looks so nice without Siddhi. Now I will stay here peacefully with my 3k crores.

Siddhi comes to Kundra Mansion. She pushes Urvashi aside. Everyone is taken aback to see her. She calls Urvashi Choti. Move a bit. Siddhi sits between Urvashi and Vin. Urvashi stands up but Siddhi holds her hand. Why did you get up Choti? How will the puja happen without you? Vin stands up as well. I am not joking. It is inauspicious to stand in the puja, husband. Sit down. He refuses to do any puja with her. Stop acting. Siddhi says I am not doing any drama. She is a drama queen. You have two wives now. This puja has been kept so you and Choti have a happy married life. How can Badi not be a part of it? Prachi smiles while Rajvir is puzzled. Pundit ji asks what’s happening. Siddhi introduces herself and Vin’s Biwi No. 1 and Urvashi and Biwi No. 2. She asks Urvashi to sit but she does not. She asks pundit ji to start the puja. He asks her how it will happen. Siddhi reasons that Kings also had more than one wife. They also used to do puja. Manjari tries to get up too but Shankar stops her. He asks Vin and Urvashi to sit down as well. Urvashi sits down angrily. This girl is after my life! Manjari too wonders why she isn’t leaving the house. Don’t know what she is up to now! Prachi and Rajvir are clueless as to what’s happening. Siddhi apologizes to God for interrupting the puja. I don’t have any intention to disrespect anyone. I have to show Urvashi her place. She lied to Vinu to marry him. I wont let her be a part of this puja at all. All 3 of them offer Aahuti in the yagya. Wife and husband are asked to extend their hands. Siddhi keeps her hand between Vin and Urvashi.

Precap: Urvashi tells Vin that she is Biwi No. 1. He wonders why Siddhi is doing this. I haven’t seen her do this. Siddhi enters and asks servant to keep her suitcase in the room. Urvashi refuses to share the room but Siddhi reminds her she is Choti. I can share my husband with you but you cannot even share your room with me? She takes out Urvashi’s stuff from the cupboard. I am Biwi No. 1 so I have the first right over this room!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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