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Shakti 29th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman comes up with an unique idea to reach Soumya

Shakti 29th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Harman and Preeto coming to Dr. Kaushal’s house. His wife apologizes to Harman for Lavneet’s doings. Harman tells her that he got his memory back and says Khushi is his Gulabo. He says Sameer took her with him and tells that Sameer’s mum is Soumya’s enemy, and if Lavneet asks where are they, then she will tell her. Mrs. Kaushal tells that Lavneet came home and went to room angrily. Harman asks her to let him talk to her once. Harak Singh asks Veeran to give the papers. Veeran says I know you will not agree and I think I have to push you out. Harak Singh says I will kill you today. Varun takes and snatches gun from his hand. He taunts him calling him poor. Raavi comes and asks what happened? Balwinder comes and holds Raavi’s hand. Raavi is about to slap him, but Shanno

comes and holds her hand. She asks her to pack her bags and leave from the house. Harak Singh says nobody can kick me from my house. Veeran says we will kick you out from this house, and says we are new owner of the house legally. Shanno asks Raavi to give all jewellery to her. Raavi gives her jewellery. Shanno taunts her. They all go inside the house. Raavi hugs Harak Singh and says where we will go? Harak Singh says villagers and Panchayat will help and goes.

Sameer comes home. Soumya asks him to have food. Sameer gets happy. He looks at her and thinks she didn’t wear mangalsutra, and thinks to wait. He eats the food and tells that he got a job and will get the salary. Soumya tells that even she wants to do the work and went to market to buy things. She tells that she saw a restaurant and talked to Manager. He tells that she got the job. She says she thought to do the job so that they meet financial expenses together. Sameer asks her to work and have food. Soumya eats food. Sameer’s mum looks at them from far and thinks she will kill kinnar. Harman comes to Lavneet’s room. Lavneet sees him and says I know you will come, and asks him to take her with him. She says I love you. Harman says I love just my Gulabo and says I am just hers and she is just mine. Lavneet gets angry and says I will kill that kinnar. Harman says you can’t touch my Gulabo and asks where did Sameer take Soumya? Lavneet says I didn’t know, I will not tell you even if I had known. Harman asks her to call Sameer’s mum and ask her. Lavneet refuses.

Harman goes to kitchen and brings knife. He keeps on her neck. Lavneet refuses. Harman calls Sameer’s mum from Lavneet’s phone and says you have to ask her else…Sameer’s mum picks the call. Lavneet says she is on call. Sameer’s mum asks her to come to Pathan court and says they can kill Soumya together. Lavneet asks Harman what is the difference between kinnar and me. Harman says there is a small difference and says you kept me captive and I escaped, and she escaped and I am searching her madly. In the night, Raavi knocks on the door asking them to open the door. Harman comes to Mrs. Kaushal and thanks for her help. Lavneet asks her mum to free her hands and says she wants to go to Harman. Harak Singh comes there. He knocks on the door and asks Veeran to record this day and asks him to start counting backward numbers.

Harak Singh and Preeto come to Pathan Court. Sameer’s mum sees them and thinks they must have asked Lavneet to call me. He says there is nobody here. Preeto says where we will search her. Harman says when we had separated in Mumbai, she came on TV. He says I have an idea. Soumya comes to restaurant. Lady employee gives her uniform to wear. Soumya wears the uniform. Manager says I will show you coffee machine.

Harman stands on the terrace of a building and tells that he will not come down until his mum’s bahu comes there and asks him to come down. People gather there. Preeto asks people to see what his son is doing and asks them to stop him. Harman asks her to go and call his bahu, says I will burn myself.

Harman tells that he will burn himself. Reporters come there. Harman asks Soumya calling her Gulabo, Khushi asking her to come to him. Soumya sees his confession in restaurant TV.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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