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Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki Season 1 Part 5

It is the day of the marriage. Rohit and Pallavi’s marriage. Everyone is getting ready. Yamini is angry that nobody is ready.

“ Vidya! Priya! Everyone! We need to go. The bride’s family will be waiting for us.” Yamini yells. Vidya comes.
“ Yes?” Vidya asks.
“ Why are you staring at my face? Go and fetch Rohit!” Yamini shouts. Vidya gets irked and goes upstairs. Everyone else comes down. Vidya searches Rohit’s room and cant find him.
“ Where has he gone?” Vidya says to herself. Meera enters the room.
“ What happened Vidya?” Meera asks.
“ Rohit isnt here. Where could he have gone?” Meera says. They both get worried. Yamini comes.
“ What happened? Why are you both so tensed? Where is Rohit?” Yamini demands.
“ He is not here.” Vidya says.
“ What do you mean he is not here? Find him!” Vidya and Meera search the whole house and finally come downstairs to tell everyone.
“ I knew this would happen.” Prena cries. Krishna calms her down.
“ Stop crying! Ram, Sasha and Krishna, I want you all to search the temples, railway stations and airport. And even the bus stop. He must have ran away with that Avantika.” Yamini says. The three sons go.
“ Shall I go with them?” Vishnath says.
“ No! We will all go to Pallavi’s house. However, we have no groom.” Yamini says.
“ I think it is a bad idea. We need to cancel the wedding.” Priya says.
“ No. Our reputation is at stake. I wont let that boy bring our family down.” Yamini says.
“ I told you before, this is forced marriage.” Prena says.
“ You will do what I say. He is my grandson and I will do what is best for him. Every decision I make, it is for the happiness of this family. Do you understand?” The bahus go quiet. Yamini thinks. She looks at Laksh. She has an idea.
“ Why don’t we disguise Laksh as the groom until we find Rohit?” Yamini says. Priya gets angry.
“ You want to use my son for your own disgusting plan?” Priya shouts.“ Your son is useless anyway. Besides, at least Pallavi will get married into this family. That’s all that matters.” Yamini says.
“ Ill do it Dadi.” Laksh says. Priya is shocked.
“ Laksh, don’t listen to her.” Priya pleads.

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“ No Maa, Dadi needs our help so I should help her.” Laksh says. Yamini smirks evilly.

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“ Well then. Vidya, go and help Laksh get ready as groom.” Yamini says. Vamp tune plays.
“ You will regret this. I am very sure.” Priya says. After half an hour, Laksh comes down as groom. They all leave.
At the Rangewal House, Pallavi is with her friends. “ Wow, Pallavi, finally you will become the rich Suviyanshi bahu today. Are you excited?”
“ Of course I am. Rohit seems very handsome and the family seems really nice.” Pallavi says and she smiles.
“ You are blushing.” Her friends laugh.
“ You all know that I have been lonely my whole life. Nobody has ever loved me. My parents are always busy. Every man has broken my heart. Today, I finally feel loved.” Pallavi cries. Her friends comfort her.
“ Don’t worry. Your bad days are finally over.” Her friend says. Pallavi is still worried. She feels as if something bad is going to happen.
The bharat arrives. The Suviyanshis arrive along with the fake groom. Laksh sits at the mandap. Pallavi’s friends bring Pallavi down. Priya and Prerna get worried.
“ Priya, something bad is going to happen. They haven’t found Rohit yet and they have started the saath pheras.” Prerna says. Gopi and Jaggi arrive. Vidya and Meera see them and get happy. They hug them and touch their feet.

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“ Look at you both! Its been 10 years. I missed you both so much.” Gopi says.
“ How are you Jaggi uncle?” Meera asks Jaggi.
“ I am fine. But you two seem tensed.” Jaggi says. Vidya tells them everything.
“ This is too bad. Where is your saas?” Gopi asks. Vidya points at Yamini. Gopi approaches Yamini, Priya and Prerna.
“ Jaisekrishna. I am Vidya and Meera’s mother.” Gopi says. Priya and Prerna greet Gopi. Yamini doesn’t move.
“ So you are their mother? A gawar I heard. No wonder your daughters know nothing. Like mother, like daughters. Your daughters have gone on you.” Yamini laughs. Kokila tune plays. Gopi thinks that Yamini is exactly Kokila was at the starting.

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“ I have taught my daughters all the sanskaar they needed. I am proud of my daughters and I don’t need any outsider to make fun of how I have brought up my daughters.” Gopi says.
“ I am their saas. Their other saas is in jail right now. Now I am here and they will do what I want. Besides, what sanskaar did you teach them? I heard you killed your own sister. And your own bahu killed her own stepmother. So don’t tell me what to do.”
“ Yes, I didn’t kill my own sister. I slayed her. Because she was evil and she had to be destroyed. There was no other way. I will go to any extent to protect my family. So I am warning you. If you harm my daughters, I wont spare you.” Gopi warns Yamini. Yamini gets annoyed and goes. Priya and Prerna laughs.
“ You are exactly like Vidya described you. You are special Gopi.” Priya says.
“ Please look after my daughters for me.” Gopi begs.
“ Don’t Gopi. Vidya and Meera are like our daughters. Please don’t ask us again like that. Today, we have formed a relation with you.” Prerna says. They all laugh.
Laksh and Pallavi are doing saath pheras. Rohit has still not been found. The ceremony is complete. Laksh and Pallavi were finally a couple. Yamini is happy that Pallavi was her bahu.
“ Laksh beta, remove your hat.” Yamini says. Laksh takes it off. Everyone is shocked. Pallavi looks at Laksh.
“ Laksh? Where is Rohit?” Pallavi cries.
“ Rohit ran away so Laksh took his place.” Yamini says. The Rangewals get angry.
“ Vishnath! What is this?” Mr Rangewal asks. The guests start whispering. The Rangewals get embarrassed. Vishnath begs.
“ I am sorry but my grandson ran away and Yamini insisted to bring Laskh along with us. I am sorry.” Vishnath cries.
“ Papa, do something! I am married to this low-life duffer!” Pallavi cries. Her mother comforts her.
“ Please, at least your daughter wasn’t left alone on the mandap.” Yamini says.
“ Our only daughter and such a big betrayal!” Mrs Rangewal shouts. The guests start leaving.
“ Calm down. I think Yamini is right. They saved our daughter’s honour.” Mr Rangewal says.
“ But Papa?” Pallavi says.
“ You should go with them. You are their bahu now.” Her father insisted. Pallavi agrees. Pallavi says goodbye to her parents and leaves with her in laws.
Pallavi arrives at Suviyanshi Mansion. Priya arrives with a bowl of rice and plate for her bahu.
“ I am sorry for what happened Pallavi.” Priya says.
“ It is ok. I understand what happened.” Pallavi says. Pallavi kicks the bowl of rice. A storm occurs. The family portrait falls and glass breaks. Pallavi smirks evilly. Avantika Naagin tune plays. Vidya feels like something bad is about to happen. Pallavi puts her feet into the plate and then walks. Pallavi thinks that she will destroy this family for ruining her life.
Pallavi is sat in her room. Laksh enters the room and sits besides her.
“ Stay away from me. Do you understand? You lowlife duffer.” Pallavi says. She goes to the bathroom. Laksh gets sad and leaves the room. Pallavi comes out of the bathroom.
“ I wont spare this family. All my life I have been betrayed but no more. Even my own parents did not save me. I wont spare anyone. I will create a Mahabharat in this house and when I am finished, the Suviyanshis will be gone forever.” Pallavi laughs evilly. Vamp tune plays.

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Precap- Pallavi comes downstairs and sees Yamini being strict with her bahus. Pallavi decides to brainwash Yamini and keep her under her control.

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