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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 29th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop surprises Ishika, Ranvir threatens Purvi

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 29th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ranvir coming to the hotel room. Purvi says she is going home. Ranvir says you are not going anywhere. Purvi asks him to beat her. Ranvir gets angry and harms her holding her hairs. He warns her and tells that he will break her legs. Purvi asks him to leave her and says I will tell my Papa. Ranvir laughs and asks her to tell. He says your father will ask you to go to me. He says your father has done your business and you are just waste like this magazine, and asks her to stay with him, atleast she is getting respect. He turns to her and sees her gone. Roop talks to someone and thinks Ranvir can’t be here. Kanchan comes to the kitchen and smells if gas is leaking. She thinks she can’t stay being scared. She is calling Ishika and Roop, but Rupesh takes mobile

from her hand. Haren Patel and his family hear them.

Jeetu brings Palak to Shamsher’s house and asks her to come. Palak tells that she don’t want to marry. Jeetu says what is wrong, you have to marry one day. Palak says how to explain to you. Jeetu says I know your feelings for Roop. Palak is shocked and asks did Maa tell you. Jeetu says yes and tells that she is happy for you. He tells that he is proud of her as she did a big sacrifice. He tells that the guy is good and is MBA. Palak asks him to understand. Jeetu asks him to meet the guy once and refuse if she don’t like. Palak agrees. Purvi is leaving. Hotel staff member comes to Roop and says Mrs. Wagela called taxi. Roop thinks why did Ishika call taxi.

Bua asks Shamsher why did call the people here? Shamsher says Palak is like our daughter and it is good if the alliance is fixed. Jeetu and Palak come there. Kamla says she will get her ready and asks Jigna and Kinjal to get her ready. Jeetu thanks Shamsher. Shamsher says you are a family. Kamla asks Jeetu to make arrangements for marriage and tells that guy is very good. Door bell rings.

Purvi is walking towards the resort exit door. Roop is coming from the other side, but he doesn’t see her as he is on call. Geet comes and asks Roop if he is ready for site seeing. Ranvir comes and pulls Purvi to side. Roop thinks if Ishika called cab for this. Haren Patel signs Pramila. Dhawal says they will not go easily. Pramila makes the scorpion go in Kanchan and Rupesh’s room. Kanchan tells that they will take their life. Rupesh drops peas on floor mistakenly. Kanchan bends down to pick it. She sees scorpion about to bite Rupesh and pushes it with her hand. Scorpion bites Kanchan and she faints. Rupesh calls Haren and his wife, but nobody comes there.

Ranvir scolds Purvi badly and asks if she is mad. Purvi says you can’t keep me forcibly. Ranvir breaks the glass and injures her hand badly. Purvi shouts in pain and looks at her hand. Ranvir asks if she understand what he can do and says bad thing will happen with you if you go against me. Purvi cries badly. Ranvir locks her and goes out.

Jigna and Kinjal help her get ready. Kamla asks why she is not happy and says your smile will woo the guy. She asks kinjal to take her pic and send to Mamta. She says don’t worry, and asks her to wear jhumkas. Palak smiles.

Roop tells Geet that Ishika is very upset since night, and tells her that she can’t come with them for picnic, and promises to click some pics. Geet says ok. Doctor asks Roop to make her feel special and give her flowers. Roop thinks I saw such a talkative doctor for the first time.

The guy Kalpesh comes to see Palak with his parents. Kamla praises her. Kalpesh likes her. Kamla says she is grown up along with my son Roop. Palak is about to drop tray. Kamlesh asks her to be careful. Bua asks her to keep the tray down. Jeetu senses Palak’s displeasure.

Haren patel tells that it was good that they were at home and called the man who took out the venom. Kaki says we are taking care of them and they are doubting on us. Kanchan gains conscious. Haren takes his family with him. Rupesh looks at Kanchan.

Roop asks ishika if she remembers about the picnic and booked a cab. Ishika says she didn’t book any cab. Roop says ok and tells that he asked Geet not to disturb them all day. Ishika says it is good. Roop thinks if Ishika didn’t book that cab then who booked it. Kalpesh’s mum asks Shamsher and Jeetu to let guy and the girl talk. Shamsher gets angry, but says yes. Kamla asks Kalpesh and Palak to go to room.

Rupesh tells Kanchan that they need Himani’s help and calls her, but she is busy in training. Kanchan says we can’t wait till evening and asks him to give medicine. Roop gives roses to resort staff and asks them to give to the most beautiful girl. Doctor smiles and goes. Ranvir is among the resort staff as he is wearing their clothes.

Kalpesh tells Palak that he is doing MBA and says he has no problem with her studies. He asks what she likes? Palak says whatever Roop cooks. He asks who is Roop? Palak says Roop is the one whom I like the most and says there is nobody like him. Kalpesh is sorry. Palak says I don’t want to marry you and says sorry. Kalpesh goes out angrily and asks his parents to come. Everyone gets tensed. Kalpesh asks Shamsher why did you call us? Shamsher asks him to tell what happened? Kalpesh says why did you call us when Palak is not interested to marry. Jeetu tries to stop them. Bua scolds Shamsher and telling that the one is punished who tries to do other betterment. Palak comes out. Bua asks him to ask Palak what she told to Kalpesh. Shamsher asks what did you tell him? Palak is about to say, but Jeetu nods her no. Shamsher says Roop and Palak are both shameless and same like each other. They never respected their fathers. Palak goes out. Jeetu apologizes to Shamsher and says I will talk to her when she is ready for marriage. Ishika comes out of her room. The resort staff gives her flowers saying the compliments told by Roop. Ranvir is standing there and says no, never. Ishika gets happy and smiles.

Roop tells Ishika that Ranvir is in the resort following them and tells that he made a plan to trap him. Kanchan and Rupesh come to Shamsher’s house. Bua tells them that Shamsher kicked Roop out. Shamsher asks them not to have any hope of relation between them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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