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Patiala Babes 29th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Ashok’s Affair With Meeta

Patiala Babes 29th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lovely grabs Ashok’s brought all gifts. Biji asks what she left for Babita. Ashok says he did not bring gifts specifically for anyone, they can pick whatever they like. Lovely keeps dull lipstick for Babita. Mini silently stands nearby and watches. Biji asks Ashok what did he get for Mini. Mini says she will get gift brought for her, she does not grab someone else’s gifts, taunting Lovely. Ashok gives her doll saying when he saw her last time, she was playing with dolls. She takes doll and angrily walks to Babita. Babita asks what happened to her. Mini says bua grabbed all gifts and did not leave anything for Babita and her. Babita says it is okay and asks if she spoke to her papaji. Mini says no. Babita says even she used to feel shy from nanaji, but then felt easy, even she

will feel easy with her papaji. Mini thinks Babes is so innocent. She waits for Ashok in Babita’s room and messages Lovely’s husband Sukhi to send papaji in as she needs to talk something important. Sukhi replies difficult to get Ashok out of Lovely’s grip, but he will try. He asks Lovely to go and rest now, else she will get dark circles. Lovely leaves. Sukhi asks Ashok to go and rest as he must be tired now.

Babita switches on cooler and it burns with short circuit. Dada, Dadi and Lovely walk in. Lovely starts her drama blaming Babita. Power returns. Lovely says how will Ashok bhai saheb sleep without cooler. Ashok says he iwll sleep in drawing room on sofa. Lovely says he can sleep in mummy papa’s room if Babita does not mind. Ashok agrees and walks on terrace. He calls his girlfriend who asks him to go and sleep with his wife. He says she knows he finds different reasons to avoid sleeping in Babita’s room, luckily this time cooler broke down. She asks to inform family about her first. He asks her to wait.

Mini fumes on Lovely. Babita sadly sleeps in her room. Lovely enters asking pillow and says tomorrow she will get cooler ready, then Babita can enjoy her honeymoon with Ashok. She returns to her room and asks Sukhi to increase AC. Sukhi says he is feeling guilty that Babita and Ashok are sleeping separately, what if they offer our room to them. Lovely yells she gets headache without AC. He says he will massage her head. She gets adamant and blames on Babita for not getting AC repaired properly. Sukhi says Ashok sent money to fix AC in Babita’s room, but she fixed it in mummy papa and our room, she is very kind hearted. Lovely yells on him for taking Babita’s side and gets adamant. Sukhi gives up.

Ashok is busy chatting with Meeta on terrace. She insists him to inform about them to Babita, she must be knowing by now. Ashok says Babita does not know anything. Babita walks in and asks what she does not know. Meeta misunderstands that Ashok is sleeping in Babita’s room and yells. Ashok disconnect call saying he will call her in a minute and tells Babita that he wants to tell her something. Meeta repeatedly calls him. Babita asks who is it. Ashok lies his business partner. She asks to pick call if it is important, she will go and serve food to Mini. Ashok says he will speak to her tomorrow morning.

Precap: Lovely insists Babita and Ashok to go for a movie. Babita agrees.
Ashok goes alone. Mini fumes how can papaji go alone for movie. Babita scolds her.

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