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Nimki Mukhiya 29th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki gives tender to Tune

Nimki Mukhiya 29th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tettar says bring my gun. Ritu says stop.. You need the tender. We can’t mess with Nimki right. She is keeping an eye on us. Annaro says send her divorce notice at least. Sweeeti says yes they should know we have nothing to do with her. Ritu says people are all around her. She has power. Ritu says we have to get the contract.

Nimki is in her office. She says tender is over. I know who to give the contract too. Nehar says I will make such an amazing road.. He says I mean pipeline. Nimki says Tune won the tender. He says mine was lowest. Nimki says his was one rupee lower. Nehar says he has no experience. Nimki says you should do big things. Like big contracts. Like highways. Nehar says where will you get the highway made? Nimki says breaking that haveli. Nehar says what..

Tune says Nimki how will I do all this. Nimki says you have to do it. You have to earn for my Mauha too. Everything will stay in our control.

Sweeti says to Babu I know you are so angry. You had to learn a poem, life for life. You hated learning it. He says master said we can’t take one life for another. Sweeti says what do you think? I did right by coming here back? He says yes. She says you married for dad’s power too. Did you get the happiness? I did all this for myself. I knew I wont be happy if I marry abhi so I came back. But I forgave Ritu too. That anger would only damage myself. You should also kick Nimki out of your life and let your anger go. You don’t have to own her at least. You have to leave her.

Scene 2
Ismail shows the video of cars to everyone. Everyone cheers for Nimki. Ramla says he is very dangerous. She shouldn’t mess with him. Mauha says she does what is right. All people are happy. Ramla says babbu is dangerous.
Annaro tells Tettar Nimki was explaining Babbu. SHe is on our side. tettar says I will talk to Babbu too. Diamond says he isn’t home. Nehar calls Tettar. He says did you get the contract? Nehar says I do it everytime. Nehar says the contract is already awarded in the panchayat. You didn’t get it. Tettar is dazed. Nehar says Tune got the tender. Nimki decided. Tettar is angry. He tells Ritu. Annaro says ow dare she. Tettar says I will kill her.

Nimki says to chacha go sit on your chair and do you work. You don’t have to stand all day.
Nehar tells Tune where to start from. He says teaching him how to do business. Nimki says teach him not to be like you. Tettar comes and says eeeyy Nimki. She says how dare you talk to me like this.
Precap-Ram says to Abhi who will marry Nimki now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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