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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 29th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Ira learns the truth

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 29th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandu stopping Akhilesh. He asks Akhilesh to find the vibhuti before meeting baba. Chandu goes to find the box. He sees baba and stops. Baba asks him to help. Chandu hands over wrong things. He gets caught and beaten up. Akhilesh comes and beats goons to save Chandu. Baba says Akhilesh.. .. Akhilesh fights with them. He gets caught too. Baba burns Akhilesh’s sample.

Pushpa takes care of Bhoomi. She goes. Bhavik asks Bhoomi why is she worried. She says I don’t know how you will react, I don’t want us to become parents before Akhilesh and Ira, Devina will make Pushpa out if this happens. He smiles and says I told you, I will support your every decision, so done. She hugs him and says you are praying for Akhilesh and Ira’s child. Devina comes there and

scolds Bhoomi. Bhavik stops Devina.

He defends Bhoomi. He says we won’t have a child till Akhilesh becomes a father, please come, let Bhoomi rest, sorry. He makes Devina out. Devina shouts how dare you…. Ira prays that she succeeds to give happiness to Akhilesh. She hears a boy screaming and goes to attend. She sees the boy injured. She asks nurse why didn’t any doctor attending him. Nurse says we are waiting for police. Ira gives her gold bangle and says keep it as deposit, I will take responsibility of this child. Doctor says but OT is ready for you. Ira says no, I have to save this boy first. Baba says Akhilesh’s family ended now. Chandu says maybe that’s the vibhuti box. Akhilesh beats goons. He runs and saves the box. Akhilesh says we got Vibhuti, now nothing can happen to us. He beats baba and runs away.

The senior doctor stops Ira. Ira says law isn’t imp than this boy’s life. He asks him to guarantee the boy’s safety. She agrees. Birju smiles seeing Devina worried. She tells him about Bhoomi’s decisions. She says Bhoomi wants Pushpa to get this property. He says she is smart, being my daughter. She says stop smiling, this is happening because of you. She hurts him. Laundry man comes. Devina asks how do you think I m Mata ji. He gives the note he found with Ira’s clothes. She gets shocked seeing the boarding pass. She says I will make Ira helpless so that she tells the truth. She goes. Birju prays for Ira. Ira treats the boy.

Mishra comes to meet his son and worries. He learns about Ira saving his son’s life. He feels guilty. The doctor says Ira didn’t care for her career to save your son. Mishra thanks Ira. She says you did a big favor on me and Akhilesh, I shall leave for insemination procedure, take care. Mishra stops her and apologizes for giving her the wrong sample. He admits his mistake done on Baba’s saying. She gets shocked. He says baba wants to destroy the sample, he is afraid to lose Akhilesh, very sorry. She says no, I can’t let him do this, that sample is last hope for us, tell me about ashram. He agrees to tell it.

Devina exposes Ira’s lie. She says Ira went to Banaras to sell the ancestral house. Pushpa questions Ira.

Update Credit to: Amena

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