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Mere Sai 29th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai’s Gyaan For Wealthy Man

Mere Sai 29th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Madhav reminisces Kulkarni’s warning to pay 1000 rs in 3 days, else he will get him arrested. He accepts loan from wealthy man agreeing to execute his given task. At Dwarkamayi, people wait for Sai. Jhipri asks them to wait in que. Tatya informs that Sai has returned to Shirdi. Madhav comes with Sahdev and wealthy man. Wealthy man asks Madhav to get medicine from Sai for his son first. Madhav tries to speak to Sai. Sai asks him to wait and walks in asking people to come one by one. Man angrily asks Madhav to return his money if he cannot help him. Madhav asks to wait and walks to Sai. Sai says have patience Shyama/Madhav. Madhav walks back. Sai continues calling each disciple and solves their problems. Wealthy man angrily asks Madhav to speak to Sai.

Madhav walks to Sai again, Sai says have patience. Madhav returns thinking Sai never ignored him like this before, something is wrong. All patients walk away. Wealty man angrily asks Madhav that he told Sai treats him like a friend, then what happened now, his time is money and he lost a lot of money today. Madhav walks to Sai again and says this man’s son is ill and needs 3 days’ treatment. Sai asks to wait and walks away holding his bag.

Wealthy man yells at Madhav and once Sai returns, he starts shouting at Sai why he is ill-treating him;when he repeatedly told to treat his son, he asked to come for 3 days and stay in Shirdi, today he totally ignored him, is it right? Sai says his son has asthma signs, and he needed time to confirm diagnosis, so he asked wealthy man to stay in Shirdi for 3 days, but for him, only money matters. Wealthy man continues shouting at Sai. Man’s wife enters with son and says Sai came to their house once he came to Shirdi and treated their son, son is cured now. Man asks Sai then why did not he inform him beforehand and made him wait. Sai says for him, only money matters and not family, bringing up child is not only mother’s responsibility, both parents should contribute. Man apologizes Sai for his mistake.

Precap: Sahdev with Madhav takes Sai to lake and says kids dropped currency boats in this lake and they drowned, it is difficult to money back. Sai with is magic parts water away.

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