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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 29th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Samar Rescues Jaya

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 29th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

After dance competition, Rama invites Satya’s family to participate in Abhushan brand jewelry fashion show. Satya says it is their family show, how can she participate. Rama, Sarika, and Jaya insist. Satya agrees saying she cannot deny Jaya’s request. Goons’ boss plan to kidnap Satya after switching off light for a few moments, boss orders to kidnap one standing on right side. Jaya replaces Satya’s place. Manoj kidnaps her mistaking as Jaya. They laugh on Jaya thinking as Satya. Once lights are on, Boss asks who is she. Manoj says she is Jaya’s daughter. Boss orders to tie her to chandelier to frighten Satya. Rama, Satya, Chachi, and other family ladies walk on ramp wearing jewelry. Everyone clap for them. Dadaji takes stage thanking guests for coming and says their new jewelry collection will be in showroom from tomorrow.

Satya searches Jaya not finding her. Samar asks reason. She informs him that Jaya is missing and reminds the recent incidents she described. They search Jaya. Surana family dances on stage together. Goons tie Jaya in chandelier, lighting candle under rope. Jaya calls Samar for help. Satya searches Jaya on stage while Samar searches all around. Jaya’s bracelet falls on him. He reminisces gifting Jaya, looks up and is shocked to see Jaya tied in chandelier. He runs up calling her. Satya follows him. Candle burns chandelier rope and it breaks. Samar runs behind it, catches it, slides down and ties it to a pillar, but again slips and slides through.

Family sees chandelier slipping down and Jaya tied in it. They shout someone save Jaya Samar ties rope with great difficulty, frees Jaya and runs to her. Family surrounds Jaya concerned. Samar reaches Jaya and consoles her. Dadai shouts who did it. Police enters with goons saying they did it, their boss escaped but will be caught soon. Dadaji asks why did they do this. Inspector says they told to take revenge from Satya. Satya walks to goon and slaps him saying she cannot punish him by law, but can as mother. Jaya calls her. She hugs and consoles Jaya.

Precap: Surana family performs havan. Goon throws hypnotizing smoke and locks door from outside.

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