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Ladies Special 29th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Bindu and Prarthana Meet Again At Police Station

Ladies Special 29th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meghna gets a call from her neighbor Jyoti that police came to her house. She rushes towards home via local train. Prarthana also gets call from Rachna that police arrested Punith. She also rushes towards home via local train thinking if Punith stolel something on his boss Naidu’s order. Meghna reaches her apartment building. Jyoti says police have come to search her house. Police brings Mandar and says Mandar’ boss has complained that he stole 3 lakhs, so they want to search house. Meghna stops saying it is question of their dignity. Mandar says let them search house, they will not find anything. Jyoti tells inspector Mandar is very loyal, he cannot steal anything, she can become evidence in court. Constable tells inspector that they should call owner.

Prarthana reaches

home and calls Punith, but his phone is not reachable. Rachna says police took him to police stationn. Prarthana calls her father to accompany her, but he is sound asleep after getting inebriated. Rachna takes father’s side, but Prarthana says he is sleeping since 20 years and never followed his duties. She then reaches police station and asks inspector where is her brother Punith. Inspector asks what is his crime. Prarthana says her brother is innocent. Constable says car stealing case. On the other side, Bindu travels back in local train with her usual commentary befriending passengers. Amar calls her and asks her that police found their stolen car, he is busy, so if she can to go to police station and bring car, she has to go a bit far though. She says she can travel any distance for friendship. He feels guilty and disconnects call saying he is not getting signal. Bindu thinks signal is fine.

Meghna continues panicking how can Mandar’s boss allege him. Mandar says he really did not steal money. Meghna says she trusts him more than herself, he is so innocent without any bad habit, so she married him. Jyoti returns and asks Meghna if she does not watch crime patrol and suggests that police cannot search house without warrant. Meghna excitedly walks to police and warns to show warrant before searching house, else she will record video and upload it in social media. Boss reaches there and tries to use his power, but in vain.

Prarthana meets Punith and asks why did he steal car. He takes her promise and says he did not steal, Naidu gave him car in exchange of his balance money. Bindu reaches as car owner and seeing Prarthana asks if she came to complain for spreading mehandi on her sari, she will wash her sari if she wants. Inspector says Prarthana’s brother stole car. Prarthana says brother is innocent, he took her promise. Bindu says she knows brother and sister’s bond, she will speak to her husband to take back case. She calls her husband and says no brother takes his sister’s false oath, he did not steal car, if he can take back case. Ashok says he cannot understand what she is telling. She describes whole train and wedding story. Bindu finally requests to take back case as her friend’s brother is innocent and did not steal car. Prarthana asks what did her husband say. Bindu stands silently.

Inspector tells Mandar’s boss that Meghna looks very clever, she will not let them search house without warrant. Boss gets clerk’s call that money is found. Prarthana’s brother asks why did not she wake her up. Prarthana says he was inebriated. Bindu prays god that Ashok’s girlfriend Nainas divorce should happen soon, so that Ashok can marry Naina.

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