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Kundali Bhagya 29th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Prithvi plans to kill Janki

Kundali Bhagya 29th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prithvi is roaming the mall with Janki, he is wondering how he got stuck with her because he only wanted to spend some time with Preeta but got stuck with her because of Shrishti, he gets a call from Sherlin who asks him where he is, when she comes and tells him that Shrishti was saying that she will not let Sherlin and Manisha marry Karan and Rishab and also that she will not let her marry Prithvi. He gets shocked and says that now she will first marry Rishab then he will think that when to marry Preeta because now he has got his mind clear and will clear everyone who is against him from this path.
He says that he will firs kill his enemy who is Janki, she ask him how he is going to do it, he say that he will kill her in the mall at the very same moment.
Preeta and Shrishti are looking

at the Mangle Suture, Karan and Rishab are also asking, Karan say that he does not like what Preeta is buying, Rishab says that he should not worry. Karan says that he does not feel right.
Shrishti also says to Preeta to not marry Prithvi, Preeta says that they will marry and she only wants her to marry Karan because she is the fan of him, Preeta say that she must learn to call, Prithvi her Jijo, she say that she will not call him and besides Sammy also not likes him. Preeta asks her who she was talking of and when she understands who she meant, she starts to beat Shrishti.
Sameer comes and says that he went to the wrong shop, both Rishab and Karan are not convinced and says that he was looking at girls, they start to make fun of him, Rishab calls Shrishti and when she comes he asks that Sameer was looking at girls and also her then started to deny it, she gets angry hearing this..
Prithvi asks Shrishti to go away because he will kill Janki, she says that he must throw her from a corner as there are a lot of people and also cameras, he agrees and takes her to a corner, he says at he will kill her now and feels like that he is the one who controls her because he made her paralyzed and now will kill her. She gave him a lot of tension because he was always thinking of what will happen if she gets up and then will destroy him, he says that he will not let her destroy his life with Preeta.
Karan asks Preeta what she was thinking of, she is confused and does not answer, Sarla comes and asks Preeta to look at a sample and if she likes it the n they will buy it, Rakhi asks him to let her try it first, Rakhi compliments his choice and so he decides that he will look at their other samples and decide what is best for her friends, she gets uncomfortable and leaves.
Rishab asks Shrishti to also look at some designs and buy something for herself, she at first denies and then when he forces her, she decides to buy a ring for herself. Sameer asks if she likes them, she replies that they are not jewelry but fashion and she is in love with them.
Samer asks Rishab how he knew that she liked Rings, he says that he thought of it in his heart and said it and if she did was into them then would have denied it but she likes them and agreed, he thinks that he wanted to say it to Preeta but was never able to do it.
Shrishti is looking at rings but gets confused and ask both Samer and Rishab to come and help her, Rakhi is laughing, Sarla asks her what the matter is, she says that when she got married Mahesh would take her out all day from shopping but never liked anything and they would return empty handed, his mother would get really angry , so would scold him and when she would ask the reason that he did not let Rakhi buy anything, he would say that there was nothing to match her beauty, she explains that Karan is doing the same for Preeta and if she was not already engaged then Rakhi would ask Sarla for her hand.
The waiter comes and says that he bought the stock from the showroom, he points towards Preeta saying that is she her daughter in law but Rakhi says that she had wished Preeta to be her daughter in law however Sherlin is still to come.
Rishab meets with the shop owner who gives instructions to the workers to take extra care of them.
There is someone who is planning to rob everything from the store. Sarla says to Rakhi that if she had asked her for Preeta hand then she would have surely given her to them.

Precap: Karan tries to make Preeta wear a Mangal Suture but she denies, he is however adamant to make her wear it from his hands.

Update Credit to: Sona

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