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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 29th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Ronita’s shocking behavior

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 29th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ronita saying I don’t know him, I can’t ruin someone’s life. Anurag asks what are you saying. She says this is the truth. Ronita thinks how did I win so soon. Ronita says Anurag didn’t do anything, he believed what I told him, that you are Pradeep, you are a bad person. Anurag says this is the truth. Mohini asks who told you. Ronita says sorry, I have done this on Sid’s brother Rahul’s saying, Rahul wanted to take old revenge from Navin, he wanted Navin’s marriage to break, he is jealous that Navin is marrying Prerna. Anurag says you are lying. She says Rahul wanted to create misunderstanding, forgive me Anurag. He asks why are you lying, I m with you, Prerna’s life is getting ruined. She cries and says please, I made a mistake.

Anurag says

I have seen Navin’s shoes in my room. Navin says shoes can be anywhere. Anurag says he has two passports, one on Navin’s name and other on Pradeep’s name. Navin says so what, Rahul hates me, he is a lawyer, he has made my fake passport, its good Ronita’s heart melted. Anurag holds his collar in anger. Mohini slaps him. Moloy shouts Mohini….. Everyone looks on.

Anurag leaves. Mohini cries seeing her hand. He goes to his room and cries. Aisa hua na kabhi….plays…. He thinks of Prerna. He thinks why did Ronita lie, what happened. Moloy asks Sid to please leave. Sid goes. Mohini says how can I do this, this has happened because of Prerna. She blames Prerna and says I can’t forgive you. She scolds Ronita. Navin says let it be, forgive her. Prerna thinks strange, Ronita is feeling guilty seeing me. Mohini throws Ronita out of the house and leaves her with a warning. Ronita goes. Prerna thinks does she want to say something to me. Ronita leaves. Anurag stops her and asks why did you do this. She says let me go. He says Prerna’s life will be ruined because of you, you didn’t think for others. She apologizes. He asks was it true what you told about Navin and Pradeep.

She nods. He asks how can you let this happen with Prrna. She says I had no other way. She sees Madhuri and gets shocked. He turns to see. Madhuri hides. Ronita leaves. Navin comes to his room and gets happy. He calls Madhuri. She says you are safe now. He says credit goes to you. Anurag looks around. Navin says I knew you went to save my life. She says you are my life, I m your wife. He asks how did you get this. She says I will tell you, Anurag is here. He says be alert, please tell me. She says I had a doubt on Sid and Anurag’s talk, Anurag looked confident. He says Ronita has seen me, but she didn’t take my name. He says when Anurag left from party, I followed him.

FB shows Madhuri meets Ronita. She shows the video. Ronita finds her mum kidnapped. Madhuri blackmails her. She asks her to change the plan she made with Anurag. She says you will go against Anurag, you have to lie, you can beg me and apologize. She makes Ronita beg. Madhuri says I m not bad-hearted, think of your mum before doing anything. Ronita agrees. FB ends. Navin says you have done this, this problem won’t come back again. He says I love you Jaan, you are simply great. She says you want me and I want you, don’t fall in problem, I m leaving. She collides with flower pot. Anurag runs to see. She leaves. Navin says I told you. Challenge accepted. Anurag thinks what was Madhuri doing here. Ronita comes home and finds her mum safe. Anurag comes to room. Navin says its good you have come, I want to see your face, don’t think I will go to anyone’s room, I m a tiger who attacks from front. Anurag asks him to see the mirror once, I couldn’t imagine you would be so cheap.

Navin jokes on Anurag and shouts on him. Anurag gets bored. Navin says you have to cry a lot. Prerna apologizes to Anurag.

Update Credit to: Amena

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