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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 29th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Archie sights Lali again

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 29th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Rajguru and villagers asking Maharani to get Veer in front of them. Rajguru tells about Kaal Bhairav’s warning. Akshay asks Kashinath to call Veer. Kashinath checks the CCTV footage and sees Veer leaving from the palace. He says what did Veer do. He asks the men to find Veer. He goes to Maharani and apologizes. He says Veer has taken guard’s disguise and left. She asks him is this his security, go and get Veer. The villagers say Veer has really left the village, we should also run away to save ourselves. Archie looks on and thinks Veer was right, he has gone, I should leave too. Maharani asks Kedar to catch Archie, till she is here, Veer will surely come here. Akshay and Kedar go to Archie. She rushes to hide. She sees some curtain and covers herself. She leaves

from the window. The people pack bags and start leaving the village. The man says Raja did injustice with Lalo and Praja is bearing the punishment.

The villagers leave in car and other vehicles. They get running out of the village. Archie hides and runs to stop some car. She asks the man to drop her to highway. The man asks her to sit. They leave. The man says this madam is a nice lady, she has taken Sukhiya to hospital. Gauri sees the people leaving. She says they are silly, changing place won’t change the fate, they can’t get saved from Kaal Bhairav’s curse. Archie gets shocked seeing Lali’s spirits and the dogs. Everyone gets shocked seeing this. The people get scared. Smoke appears. Archie faints. She wakes up and sees everyone fallen unconscious. The people also wake up one by one.

They look around. Archie says we went outside the village, how did we come back in the village, Lali and that dog.. The man says that’s Shuvaan of Kaal Bhairav. They get panicking seeing diya in place of some people. Archie gets shocked. Gauri comes and says we have heard of Kaal Bhairav’s curse years ago, people have turned into diya, Dadi told me that we have to save the diya in order to save their lives, we have to apologize to Kaal Bhairav. She asks them to come to temple and pray. Archie looks on. She says I won’t come to the temple, I don’t belong to this village. The man says Kaal Bhairav will show you the way.

Kashinath says Veer would have gone away from this palace, this is his phone. Maharani tells them that Veer has put the province in danger, destruction will happen, even Archie has run away, if she was here, Veer would have come back, go and find her. Rajmata looks on. Archie goes with the villagers. They see Kaal bhairav’s warning written on the ground. Rajguru arrives there and sees the warning. Archie hides from them. Rajguru says Kaal Bhairav has warned us, and we couldn’t save Veer, if he doesn’t come back, we can’t save this village. The lady asks why are we becoming diyas, why aren’t you getting Veer back.

Rajguru says villagers are responsible to stop Veer, we have to see if the royal family is following the rules of curse, Lali wasn’t an ordinary girl, she was called Kaal Bhairav’s daughter, we all are cursed. The man asks how will we find Veer and get him back, even his family doesn’t know this. Rajguru says I have heard that Archie is with you here in this village, Maharani is sure that we can get Veer back by using her. The man says that madam is here. Archie runs away. The villagers look for her everywhere. Archie gets caught. The men ask her to come along. She sees some diyas instead those men. She thinks where did they disappear suddenly, did they become diya.

Pandit asks the man to kill Archie, maybe she doesn’t know about Veer, he will come back if she dies, this time Veer shouldn’t go away from us.

Update Credit to: Amena

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