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I love you but I hate you more – 2 by suma

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second part

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This feeling I hold in my heart for him.
It is a feeling so strong that it makes my heart want to break out of my chest.
I don’t want to feel this way because every time I do, i get hurt.
My heart still belongs to him although he is gone away from me.
People are always telling me that its okay and that I need to move on.
But whenever I feel like everything will be okay.
Thoughts of him come to my head and all I can do is cry.
I hide my feelings from the world but sometimes its just too hard.
I loved him with all my heart and he left me forever 

Why lucky??? Why???

Hearing her continuous sob ayaan came to her.

” Mumma ” Ayaan wiped her tears with his little hand.
” ayaan you still didnt sleep” she asked
” you are making sound by crying ….how can I sleep mumma??”
She wiped her tears and hugged him
“Sorry ayaan” she made him sleep in her lap
And slowly she too dozed off.



” Ayaan…breakfast ready, come beta have it “

” Oh! God…mumma aaj bhi poha Kiya Hoga 😵😵😵”
He came to dining table and closed his eyes and prayed god that, it should not to be poha

” Such a good boy …praying to God, before eating food” she kissed his hair

” No…mumma iam praying God!! Hoping today it shouldn’t be poha in breakfast”

Ragini opened mouth in O

Ayaan saw the breakfast and it’s not poha

” Wow, mumma you made something other than poha…” He said in excitement but his excitement couldn’t last long as Ragini brought a bowl of poha

” Mumma kyu daily breakfast yehi hota humare Ghar mei 😤😤😤”

” I’m learning beta …it turnout something and again I have to do this poha 🙃 next time pakka Kuch alag …Kuch Naya dish banadeti ho”

” It’s your daily dialogue mumma😌😌😌ok I will eat it today but not tomorrow you have to do something new “

” Yes! Boss , okay it’s getting late for my office and its first day …I have to go , come I will drop you at school”

Both came out and saw laksh already waiting for them in car

” Hey! Ragini & Ayaan …good mrg! “

” Hey buddy Good morning” ayaan said

” Hey lucky…you didn’t go office till now? Come have breakfast ?”

” Buddy!!! Noo “

” Today also I guess you did poha!!”

She glared at both of them and sat in car

After dropping ayaan to school , both left to office.


“Ragini ..Today evening my brother engagement, so he will not come today…You finish your work…we will both go to my home”

” Lucky, you said he is coming from abroad today and today is his engagement?”

” Ha, Ragini…Mom arranged and Bhai agreed ” 🤞🤞

” Hmm… Evening I have to pick ayaan and I will come directly “

” Ok then , carryon with your work and go to cabin there someone will help you about work”

” Thanks lucky”
He glared, she smiled


“Ayaan, get ready we have to go to engagement party”

” Oho, mumma…I don’t need to get ready, because iam already looking handsome”

” My chotu ayaan is handsome like his…” She stopped in middle remembering something

” Mumma…I know I’m handsome like my papa 😎😎and more than papa, Haina??”

“Ha 😘😘 ok drink this milk …we will go “

” Mumma…you know I hate milk ,yuckk “

” But will you stay hungry till we have dinner?”

” No, mumma you have to buy me ice-cream and pizza outside ” He smiled with all the teeth showing

” No junk food” saying this she tried to make him wear tie but he clearly denied

” Mom, Tie only looks cool when I wear tux , Now it’s not necessary “

” Kitna bolti ho ayaan”

” Mumma late horahai , aap ki wajah ” he said making faces

She came out wearing beautiful pink saree
” Mumma… looking beautiful ”
She smiled and holded his hand and left to party


Here the engagement party is started

A room is shown where a handsome guy is getting ready
” Sanskar , are you ready ?” Sujatha came from behind

” Ha mom…bas, 2min “

Laksh entered room
” Waaah Bhai….someone is looking dashing!!!”

” Stop it, laksh you know iam not interested in this marraige but only because of mom I’m doing this “

” I know Bhai…but now you have no other choice also”

” Hmm…chale”

Both sanlak came outside to the party

” Hey buddy ” little ayaan came

Ayaan looks at sanskar titlting his head left and right he is just staring at sanskar

” Hey champ! Why are you looking at me ?”

Ayaan ran and hugged him tightly
Sanskar felt some connection and reciprocated to his hug and lifted him in his arms

” Hey! Champ what happened?”

“Sorry! I don’t know why, I felt to hug you…mei aisa Kabhi nai karunga” he bend his head down

” Sorry! Kyu champ…whenever you feel you can hug me, by the way what’s your name?”

” Ayaan “

” Ayaan…bahot pyaara naam”

” Aur mein?”

” Aur tum 🤔🤔🤔” sanskar acts like thinking

” Ohhhh 😌😌I know I’m handsome more than you “

” Ha, bahot bahot pyaara handsome boy♥️♥️”

” Haina…mumma always mujhe cute bulathi hai aur buddy bhi”

” Hooo…aap Ka mummy kidar hai ” sanskar asked him

” I will show you, leave me down”
Sanskar left him ayaan started running

” Champ! Careful “

Ayaan stopped in middle
” What should I call you ?”

” What will you call ?” Sanky asked him

” Buddy “

” Par mein kaun??” Laksh asked

” 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Buddy “

” Chalo both are buddy’s ! Okay?”

Ayaan nodded and ran from there

” He is so cute, who is he?”

” Your PA/ my friend’s son ” laksh said
He smiled looking at disappearing figure of ayaan

” Okay Bhai, come all must be waiting” laksh said and moved
Sanskar moved to another side where the place is so dark
He started looking at moon
” Don’t know why , some pleasure and kind of happiness I felt today I ever experienced in these 3years “

He started to move but he stopped walking,for a moment and turned back ,only he can see a woman is walking towards him…his heart beat started increasing💓💓…in that darkness he can’t able to see her,either she can’t see him in the darkness.
While she passing beside him her saree got stuck to his blazer button at hand.

At the moment her heart beat also started raising💓💓..he tried to remove the saree from his button.
He saw the beautiful face of the girl in crackers light and the girl is none other than Ragini.

She was shocked to see sanskar.

After seeing him without any late she hugged him and started crying.😭😭😭😭😭😭

Don’t know why Sanskar can’t able to see her crying..He hugged her back without his knowledge.
Both remains like that for some time then Ragini broke the hug and kissed his face all over and locked his lips.

Sanskar was shocked and he was remembering something but he wasn’t able to realise what it is,
He broke the kiss and looked at her.

” Lucky….where were you, you know I thought you died …how you left me alone these years?You know I cried every night that I lost you forever,why didn’t you came to me??? Where were you all these years?”she started to hit him on chest and crying

He has no idea what she was talking about but he can’t see her crying
” Please don’t cry , and iam not Lucky…I’m sanskar…sanskar Maheshwari “

” Don’t joke lucky…are you angry on me?? On your Ragini??, If I did any mistake please punish me but not going away from me…you know I can’t bear that”
Saying this she hugged him again.

This time he didn’t hugged her

” Sanskar , come everyone are waiting there ” Kavitha came there and noticed their position
” And who is she ?? Why is she hugging you?”

Ragini broke the hug and asked
” Lucky , who is she?”

” Kavitha, my fiancee” sanskar said
Ragini stood broken

” You…you…are…Jo..joking …right…you are angry on me?”

” Please mam, don’t cry , and iam not joking , this is my engagement today and One thing sorry to say this I don’t know who are you ?” Sanskar said

Kavitha was looking all these
” Common sanskar , come don’t waste time here ”
Saying this she holded sanskar one hand and started to move and the other hand is holded by Ragini and looking at him painfully and signing him not to leave her again.

Sanskar couldn’t able to do anything.

He slowly taken his hand from Ragini grip and moved with Kavitha looking at Ragini.

Ragini fell on floor crying
Just then laksh came there searching Ragini as ayaan is searching her for long time

” Raginiiii” laksh ran to her and holded her

” What happened?? Why are you crying??”

” He again left me…my lucky again left me ” she started crying again and ran from there.

Laksh was about to follow her but he remembered ayaan and went to pick him.

Precap – I Hate You Mr.sanskar Maheshwari

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