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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 29th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Guddan ruins AJ’s jacket

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 29th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Saru says Guddan has given me a good chance I am so happy. What should I wear? Laxmi says how do I look like? Saru says very good. Laxmi says I can’t find any earrings. She gives her earrings. Saru says don’t be scared. We are getting good chance. Durga says you got the chance because of Guddan. She is doing all this to trap you both. You are so stupid. Saru says Guddan was right about you, you have no dreams. Laxmi says you are saying all this because of the keys. You want to take her place. I think you should ask her for what you want.. She is generous. Durga is angry. Laxmi says in heart I can do so much with the keys. Saru says in heart I will play with Guddan and get the keys.

Guddan coems to the room and sees the Kathor excreted on AJ’s jacket.

She goes to washroom and cleans it. AJ says where is my jacket? He sees the pigeon. He sees Guddan washing jacket. He says you ruined my jacket. It will be ruined. It was supposed to be dry cleaned. She says there was as stain on your jacket. He says it was because of your kathor. She says no the stain.. Guddan and aJ fall in the tub. AJ picks her out.

Scene 2
Kaushaliya says to Perv your wife is a furniture now. Why dont you go and divorce her? He shows her signed divorce papers. Revati says I dont’ want to marry him. Siddhi isn’t well. Kaushaliya says he loves you and you love him. Siddhi fells because of herself. You can’t let this relationship go.
Perv says for humanity I can’t leave Siddhi right now until she is better. Kaushaliya says great.

Guddan says I will have to shower again now. You ruin things for me. Guddan says to kathor it all happened because of you. Humans here only get angry. AJ looks at her. Guddan says if jacket is dirty so we are supposed to wash it right? Still they get mad Kathor. You see how happy Laxmi and Vardan are? You see how happy saru is. This all is happening first time Kathor. AJ says what are you trying to say? She says my work speaks. The smiles on their faces speaks. Guddan says now you see.. I run your house better than you and people are happier. He says okay you did all this? Good. Do what you think is right. She says you wont get complaints.

Perv brings gifts for Revati. Revati says you will rule like Guddan. Revati says what about papa.. Kaushliya says he has disease of forgetting. I will tell him he fixed this relationship. I will handle everything. I will get you married in that big house so you stay happy all your life.

AJ comes to room. all room is decorated. AJ says what are you doing.. She says you should thank me. I decorated the whole room. You are so boring. I decorated the room with colors. See how good it looks. AJ says I gave you right to be mother in law not my wife. Don’t try to decide for my life. Do what you are asked to. I want this room exactly how it was.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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