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Episode 81

Let’s have a look at today’s episode..


Abhi comes home.. He is hungry.. He calls Ritika.. But she did not come.. He goes near her.. She has a book in her hand and is lost in thoughts.. He shakes her.. She comes to senses..

Abhi : Hey Ritu.. What happened to u??

Ritika : I was just thinking..

Abhi : I am hungry.. Please give me some food..

Ritika : Won’t u ask what I was thinking??

Abhi : Please give me something yaar.. I will listen to whatever u say after that..

She gives him food..

Abhi : So what were u thinking about??

Ritika : It has been two days since Shruti di got married.. Seems like she has not opened Sid bhai’s gift..

Abhi : No.. She would have opened.. And that could be a common gift like alarm clock or something like that. She would have thrown it away.. Ur plan is not good Ritu..

Ritika : He is not a stupid like u to get some silly gifts.. He might have given something special..

Abhi was shocked to see her call him stupid..

Abhi : (pouts and says her in a pleasing way) Ritu.. I am ur husband.. U should not talk to me like this.. U are talking like this for the last one week. Seems like u learnt it from Swadhu and Shruti.. Don’t follow them.. Please be that old,kind,silent Ritika.

Ritika did not listen to him.. She calls Swadhu..

Ritika : Swadhu di.. Seems like our plan did not work out..

Swadhu : We have to confirm whether she has opened it or not..

Ritika : Let’s go to her home..

Abhi : That’s a good idea..

Ritika : Abhi.. U dont give any idea.. But u will comment if we give any idea.. How mean??

Swadhu : Ritu.. That Abhi idiot is always like that.. Leave it..we shall go..I  will try to bring Sid too..

Abhi,Ritu : Ok..


Abhi,Ritu,Sid and Swadhu reach Arnav-Shruti’s house.. Arnav and Shruti welcome them..Arnav’s parents too welcome them.. They have a talk for sometime..

Ritika : (to Swadhu in husky voice) Di.. How can we find where the gifts are??

Swadhu : Wait Ritu..

Shruti gets up telling that she will get something for them to drink.. By then some other guests come to their house..Sid,Swadhu,Abhi and Ritu get up.. 

Swadhu : Darlo.. Take us to ur room.. We will sit there..

Shruti : Oh ok..

They go to Arnav and Shruti’s room.. Swadhu signs Abhi and Ritu to check where the gifts are.. They see it.. Swadhu distracts Sid by saying something while Abhi and Ritu search for the gift which Sid gave.. It was lying under all the gifts.. Ritu takes it and keep it at first.. They come and sit..

Shruti comes inside with juice.. All of them have juice..

Abhi : Shruti.. How is marriage life??

Shruti : The same as urs..

Abhi : Am I married?? I don’t think so..

Ritika pinches him..They laugh.. 

Swadhu : Darlo.. Won’t u ask ur friend why did he not come and see u once in these two days??Fight with him..

Sid : (thinks) Stupid Swadhu.. We have already fought u Duffer..

Shruti : Actually,he talked to me in phone.. That’s why he did not think to come I think..

Sid : Ya.. We spoke in phone..

Swadhu signs Abhi and Ritu to see their award winning acting..

The four of them were about to leave..

Swadhu : ( to Shruti) Darlo.. We have only a few days for our marriage..

Sid : Ya Shruti.. My parents are planning to held my marriage in my village.. So,u have to come with Arnav bhai..

Shruti : Of course.. How can I not come to ur marriage??

Sid feels happy..

Swadhu : So,u(Shruti) and Abhi have ur honeymoon in Sid’s village..

Abhi:  Honeymoon in village?? That’s weird..

Sid : Why not?? It will be so much fun..

Abhi : I thought of going to Switzerland for honeymoon.. Ur village?? That’s OK.. I will adjust..

Sid : If u want,u can go to Switzerland.. We won’t stop u..

Swadhu : Abhi..Take us too please..

Abhi : No.. I don’t have money.. Ur village is OK..

Sid : Then why are u talking like u are Bill gates’ son??

Abhi makes pout….
By then Arnav comes to the room..

Abhi : Hey Shruti.. Did u not open the gifts??

Shruti : No. I did not get time..

Swadhu : Darlo.. It’s taking so much space nah?? Open it and See..

Shruti : Ok dear..

They leave from their house..


Its 12 a.m at night.. Shruti did not get sleep.. Arnav was working in his laptop.. Shruti got up and takes the gifts.. She finds Sid’s name..

Shruti : (thinks) Why did he give me gift?? We don’t get gift from each other.. But how this??

She opens it.. She finds an album in it.. It had the pictures of Sid and Shruti which had been taken since their childhood.. Right from they are one year old.. Sid has written about those days too.. And when and where those pictures were taken.. He has written about their childhood memories..Shruti is very surprised to see it.. She had tears in her eyes.. After their 13 year old photos,she found some blank pages.. At the end,he had written,” these were the days when we were apart from each other.. My life was also blank without u like these pages.. No one to share my feelings with.. Though I got some friends,nobody could make me comfortable and fun to be with.. I missed u a lot those days.. And then came the day,we met again.. That was one of the best moments in my life”

After that she found a picture they took on the first day of their college.. Followed by their pics taken till her Sangeet..

At last,age found a message,” Shruti.. Hope u like it.. I am missing u badly these days.. Seems like those four years we were away has come again.. I have Swadhu,Abhi and Ritu.. But they will not  fill the emptiness which u have left behind.. U might still be angry at me.. But I have only one thing to tell u which I have told u a hundred times before.. Whatever I do to u,is for ur good.. Please understand that.. Please talk to me.. U once told me that we are the friends for life.. Then why this distance between us?? Let’s be like before Shruti.. Whatever happens,I will always be ur best friend.. Of course for life..”

Shruti had tears in her eyes.. She felt bad for hurting Sid.. She wanted to see him..

She opens the room’s door and goes to the front door and tries to open it.. Arnav sees her with confused expression.. He goes to her..

Arnav : What are u doing??

Shruti : I want to go out..

Arnav : Where?

Shruti : I don’t have to answer u..

Arnav stares at her angrily..

Shruti tries hard to open it.. He opens the door.. She wears her slippers and tries to go out..

Arnav : Are u mad or what?? Where are u going?? That too in midnight??

Shruti did not answer.. He holds her hand..

Arnav : I am asking u nah?

Shruti : I am going to meet Sid..

Arnav : What?? Are u out of ur mind? Evening only u saw him,isn’t it??

Shruti : Ya.. But I want to see him now..its urgent..

Arnav : He might have slept by now.. U can meet him tomorrow morning..

Shruti : No.. I want to meet him now..leave me..

Arnav : I don’t know how ur parents handle u.. I have to get training from them..

Shruti just stares at him..

Arnav : Won’t u listen to what I say??

Shruti : No..

Arnav : My biggest mistake is to have got married to u.. I should have stopped this marriage..

Shruti : Hello.. I was not dying to get married to u either.. I am also regretting it.. Ok don’t change the topic.. I am going to meet him..

Arnav : Wait.. I will come with u..

Shruti : Haan.. U are right.. U told me that I am ur responsibility nah?? And of course,all these happened because of u.. So,even if it’s midnight,u have to take me there..

Arnav : What happened because of me??

He gives a confused expression.. But she did not answer.. He takes his bike..

Shruti : Start it nah?? We can go soon..

Arnav : Wait.. If I start here,everyone will get up. We will walk for some distance and then go in bike..

Shruti : I can’t walk..

Arnav : Please listen to me at least now.. For mumma and papa..

Shruti nods finally. They walk for some distance and then go in bike.. He calls Sid in between and ask him to come outside his house.. So that nobody in his house would be disturbed..

They reach his place.. On getting down from his bike,Shruti ran and hugged Sid..

Shruti : I am extremely sorry Sid.. I hurt u a lot.. I should not have done so.. I have shown my anger towards someone else to u.. That was my mistake.. I am sorry Sid.. I was mad.. How can I talk to u so?? As I say ,we are friends for life.. I am extremely sorry for whatever I did to u.. I can now understand whatever u could have gone through these days.. Even I felt lonely.. But my anger closed my eyes.. I am sorry Sid..

Sid : U don’t have to say sorry at all Shruti.. I know that u did not mean whatever u said.. Those words come from ur mouth only..I know about u very well..

Shruti : I was mad.. I opened ur gift and it was lovely.. And it brought me tears.. Thank u Sid..

Sid : U broke ur promises.. So u have to get me something tomorrow..

Shruti : Hey. What promise??

Sid : No thanks and sorry between us.. U broke both today..

Shruti : Oh God. I got senti and broke those..

Sid : Hahaha.. Hmm.. Ya.. U are right.. This TV serial wala senti crying face does not suit u..

Shruti : Is it??

She wipes her tears and smiles..

Shruti : Am I looking beautiful now??

Sid : (teases)To look beautiful,u have to be beautiful by nature.

Shruti beats him.. Arnav sees it all from a distance.. Sid sees him and goes to him..

Sid : Sorry bhai.. I did not talk to u..

Arnav : its ok Sid..

Sid : She might have compelled u to take her  at this midnight I think..She is a little crazy.. U will get used to it bhai..

Arnav : Ya.. She came out saying that she has to meet u.. That too in this midnight.. I could not stop her.. I thought she is out of her mind..

Shruti stares at him angrily..

Sid : Hahaha.. That madness is inborn.. We can’t change it..

She beats Sid.. Arnav yawns..

Sid : I think Arnav bhai is sleepy.. U go hilome.. We will talk tomorrow..

Shruti nods.. Arnav and Shruti leave..


Sid goes to his room.. He finds 10 messages from Swadhu..

Conversation through message..

Sid : Hey..

Swadhu : Where did u go?? Suddenly u went somewhere without reply..

Sid : Shruti came..

Swadhu : What?? She came to meet u now?? Anything important ??

Sid : Nothing..

Swadhu : Hmm.. She might have seen ur gift and wanted to patch up with u..

Sid : Wait.. How do u know that we had a fight??

Swadhu : (bites her tongue) I know it..

Sid : So.. U asked me to give Shruti a special gift.. Is it ur plan??

Swadhu : Haan.. Our plan..

Sid : Our??

Swadhu : Me,Abhi and Ritu..

Sid : Hmm.. But how did u know it!?

Swadhu : Is it such a secret not to be known?? Both of ur face tells everything.. We have been with u for years and if we don’t sense it,then we are useless..

Sid : Hmm.. U guys have done a great job.. Love u Sweetheart..

Swadhu : ok..

Sid : If I say I love u,u too have to say I love u.

Swadhu : I am sleepy.. Gud night..

Sid : (thinks) this girl is really sweet.. And she never interferes in my privacy.. Now too she did not ask why Shruti and I fought.. I am lucky to have her in my life.. But,If I ask something to her,like saying I love u,then she won’t say.. Then she would call me unromantic..

On the other Side,Swadhu feels happy and She sends a message,” Mission uniting Sid-Shruti successful “,to Abhi and Ritu..


Arnav and Shruti reach their street and they get down from their bike and start walking..

Arnav : So,u had a fight with Sid??

Shruti : Hmm..

Arnav : May I know what happened??

Shruti : I shouted at him for telling my parents to get us married..

Arnav : Oh..

Shruti : Ya.. The mistake was mine.. When u shouted at me that day,I was heartbroken and at the peak of anger.. I shouted at him.. I have never hurt him so.. But this time,I showed my anger on u to him.. I was deeply hurt and so I hurt him too.. All because of __

She realized what she has told him.. She looks at Arnav’s face.. He was looking at her without blinking.. She had tears and she did not say anything.. She walks off.. Arnav follows her.. He feels bad.. They reach their house.. Arnav holds her hand..

Arnav : I am extremely sorry..

She looks at him with eyes pooled with tears.. she turns and goes inside..

PRECAP : Arnav gets a message.. He has tears after seeing it..

Sorry for the same precap guys.. My next episode will be on Monday.. Happy weekend guys.. Take care.. Leave ur comments and likes..

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