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Chandragupta Maurya 29th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandragupta’s Justice

Chandragupta Maurya 29th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Chandragupta’s friends ask him to act as king and chant mahan samrat Chandragupta ki jai ho. His friend ask to do justice. Other friends act as bringing their problem to him, one says he bought water well from this man, but he is not letting him fetch water. Friend says he sold well and not water. Chandragupta says he has to empty well or pay rent for keeping his water in well, says from hereon there won’t be any injustice in his dynasty. Chanakya with Bhairav watches from a distance. Bhairav says they should go from here soon. Chanakya asks him to wait and walks to Chandragupta asking charity. Friends say they are acting as king and courtyard here, Chandragupta is not a real king. Chandragupta asks what he wants. Chanakya says for pooja, he needs 5 elements, milk, curd,

cow urine, dung, and ghee, so he needs a cow. Chandragupta orders to give him 2 cows standing nearby. Chanakya asks asks why he wants to give cow. Chandragupta says if he prays, gods will be happy and there won’t be any disaster in his dynasty, so it is better he gives him charity. Chanakya gets impressed and chants samrat Chandragupta ki jai, reminiscing Dhananand insulting him, he unbraiding his hair challenging to braid it once he destroys Dhananand and finds his replacement. He shows Chandragupta’s mother’s bangle band and says he has Chandragupta’s previous thing. Chandragupta runs and takes it. His friend informs that Lubdak is found. Chandragupta runs away to catch Lubdak. Bhairav says Chandragupta arrogantly walked away without thanking him. Chanakya says Chandragupta is their future king who is clever and brave and knows to do justice.

In palace’s washing area, Mura washes clothes with other maids. Maids discuss about Chandragupta’s bravery. Mura reminisces Chandragupta praising Dhananand and says he is also greedy like others. Maids say she is Peeplivan’s ex-queen, so it is common for her. Another maid finds kid’s clothes in Mura’s bundle and asks whose clothes are these, they don’t seem of palace. Mura takes back clothes and walks away nervously. Maid informs Dayima about it who rewards her and makes her head maid.

Chandragupta reaches Lubdak’s house and sees Dhananand’s aide chatting with him. Aide asks about Chandragupta and says king has invited him to become 1 day prince. Stulbhadra enters and says Chandragupta ran away. Lubdak says Chandragupta is very stubborn, he does not listen to anyone. Aide walks away saying if Chandragupta returns, he will be punished by Dhananand for disobeying him. Chandragupta walks in next and pointing knife on Lubdak’s neck asks to tell where is his mother. Lubdak hesitates. Chandragupta throws oil on his house and warns to burn him alive. Lubdak lies that his mother became Dhananand’s concubine to enjoy lavish life and is somewhere in palace. Chandragupta warns not to lie. Lubdak asks why he is punishing him for his mother’s mistake. Chandragupta walks away warning if he does not find his mother in palace, he will kill Lubdak. Lubdak thinks Chandragupta will not find his mother in palace and will return back to him as slave permanently.

Precap: Dhananand tells Mura that her son is alive, where is Peeplivan’s rajkumar. Chandragupta walks into palace wearing prince’s clothes. Mura says Dhananand that her son will burn him into ashes.

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