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Bigg Boss 12 29th November 2018 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 12 29th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Day 74
Inmates wake up to song tumhi ho bandhu.. They all dance and enjoy.
Romil says to Somi that this song played because of friends defending and not defending in task. Somi says if you want to allege me then do.

Sree says to Romil that Rohit irritates me too much. Romil says he is irritating you so you take action, you find these people in world too, they are just side line people left to poke you.

Jasleen says to Romil that I cant be silent and listen to others, I cant be artist like this, I will tell you few things outside of house. Rohit says tell me too. Jasleen says he does this to poke others. Jasleen says you find anything wrong with you? Rohit says I work on my mistakes, I am confident and I feel safe. Megha says he is too confident. Rohit

says Jasleen and Megha might both go. Romil says to Jasleen that you pick fights with him.

Romil says to Somi that you were supporting Deepak against me, I wish you are not playing mind games with me, I am worst enemy. Somi says I am not scared of your threats.
KV says to Deepak that Romil is clever and uses people, its his nature here and outside. Deepak says he is my friend.

Somi says to Romil that you think I was defending Deepak? Romil says yes, Somi says I just did what was fair. Romil says you made up your mind to save Deepak. Somi says I didnt want to just follow Jasleen, I didnt defend him, just pointed out on his right deeds, he was wrong for insulting women, dont allege me, care for my emotions. Romil says you had emotions for someone. Somi says you know that I dont feel that way for him, I cant keep explaining it.

Romil sings and asks Somi to not show attitude to him. He says dont talk to me, talk to my manage, is Deepak your crush too? Somi says dont talk to me, I am miffed. Romil says only I understand you in this house well.

Bigg Boss says to inmates that its time to choose contender for captaincy, you all have to mutually choose four inmates who played well in task, Somi and Jasleen couldnt reach a decision in last round and had to be rejected so as punishment they cant become captains or cant give input to choose contenders for captaincy. Jasleen and Somi smile and leave. Sree says Deepak, Dipika and Surbhi for me. Romil says to Dipika that I was standing in whole task, Dipika says Romil was more active than Megha. Sree agrees.
KV says to Surbhi and his team that I was totally involved in task. Sree says I want to vote for Romil and Dipika. Megha says I will take my name, I fought and got point from Deepak. Deepak says to KV that you didnt have any case, you didnt fight. KV says that should give me point that they didnt have any case for me. Rohit says you didnt have involvement then. KV says I give point to Surbhi. Rohit says I want to become contender.
Megha says to inmates that listen to me. Sree laughs and cuts fruit in kitchn. Megha stands on table and asks inmates to listen to them. KV says you cant stand on table. Megha says I dont find Romil fit for this because he couldnt prove himself innocent when his profession is saving people by talking. Sree says dont bring profession. He goes to Somi and Jasleen and jokes with them.
All inmates talk and decide to choose Deepak, Surbhi, Romil and Dipika, Surbhi says Megha doesnt agree with it. Bigg boss says these four will have a task soon.

Jasleen taunts Rohit that someone wanted to become contender. Rohit says I gave my contendership to Surbhi, you eat watermelon and remain silent. Jasleen says he keeps misbehaving.

Megha says to Jasleen that my team doesnt perform. Jasleen says its understood that Romil and Dipika’s name will come up. Megha says I am here to cut grass? Somi says dont lose temper. Megha says people are fake here, if you react then you are aggressive and if you dont then you are fake. Jasleen says you had less involvement in task. Megha says I was sleeping? Romil says I was involved in task all the time. Megha says why didnt you prove yourself innocent then? Jasleen says it was mutually decided to choose Romil. Megha says to hell with them.

Captaincy task is announced, Dipika reads that four contenders will not play in task but they will choose representative. There are four swords dug in stone, representative have to protect sword for their contenders, if sword is out then contender will be out of task.. inmates can talk to representatives and ask them to move away from sword to eliminate their contender, if representative wants to leave protection then they can leave, nobody can forcefully bring out swords from stone. Deepak chooses KV. Surbhi chooses Megha but Megha says let me think. Dipika asks Sree if he is going for her? Sree says I am not playing, she says you are my only option. Sree says I am not doing. Dipika asks Megha, Megha agrees to do it for Dipika. Surbhi says you gave your word to me first, its okay. Romil says to Jasleen that you have to fully do this task for me, dont move, this is about your performance.
Surbhi asks Rohit to play for her but he is angry that she chose Megha first. Surbhi says I didnt choose you because of stopping urine, Rohit says I can pee there only, Surbhi says I trust you, I know you can do it for me, you will play for me now.

Bigg Boss asks to announce their representative. Dipika chooses Megha, Deepak chooses KV, Romil says I choose Somi.. Sree says she is ill, Jasleen says she will have to leave, Somi says yes I have health issue, Romil chooses Jasleen. Surbhi chooses Rohit. Bigg Boss says Somi will be referee.

Buzzer plays, all protectors stand with their swords. Somi says if you move a little away from stone and someone takes out sword then person will be eliminated. Romil says to Deepak that Rohit doesnt have focus on sword. Deepak says to Surbhi that lets irritate Megha.

Sree says to Rohit that come for a wrestling. Surbhi says why you are not standing for your sister? she keeps doing things for you but now she is alone, you are not protecting her sword. Sree says keep shouting. Surbhi says I like to irritate you. Sree says I am the weakest here. Rohit says you want to take me to washroom? Sree says I can throw you and take out sword, I will be disqualified, you family is watching the show so dont let me say things, I will meet you outside. Surbhi asks him to not start. Sree turns to leave, Rohit asks if Sree got scared? lets meet outside. Sree says you are done now. Rohit asks him to sleep. Sree says Surbhi sorry. Sree says you want me to show 2015? meet me outside. Rohit says you want me to start about outside? we will have to go to washroom. Surbhi says do it after task. Dipika says to KV that you wont help me? I stayed with you when you went to jail. KV says then you removed my name from your list.

Romil asks Megha to take off her boots, its making her too tall. Megha says its about my strength. Rohit says she won one show, you dont know much Romil. KV says may the best men or women win. Deepak says Jasleen is not even woman. Megha says someone told me that I am not going anywhere. Somi says Jasleen is doing it for herself. Deepak says to Romil you told Rohit that I dont have a mind. Romil says I just said that I wont talk to you. Deepak says then take stand, I went to you when you were crying, it was my humanity. Romil says you always come to me, I dont come to you. Deepak says I came to you as a friend but you are egoistic. Romil says you have small pea size mind. Deepak says I dont want to talk now, you will get your footage. Romil follows him.

Sree says to Rohit and KV that you are a celebrity, they will show peeing on HD. Rohit says get lost. Jasleen says Rohit control your tongue. Surbhi asks Jasleen to not take footage. Jasleen says look at his words. Dipika says Surbhi doesnt do anything just keep shouting and irritating others, Surbhi says you have no identity, your brother didnt even consider you. Dipika says bring some new words. Sree says to Rohit that you do gym, your will get cramps, you know a lot of things happen in sets. Surbhi stands infront of Sree and asks him to take her on. Sree moves closer to her. Surbhi says he pushed me.
KV says to Deepak that Jasleen is little distracted, try her sword.
Rohit says to Sree that you are *******. Sree says keep talking like that. Surbhi says you cant threaten him, whom are you fearing? who do you think of yourself? Sree says you just talk, you cant do anything. Surbhi says get lost. She makes weird noises infront of him. Deepak says Surbhi is wasting her energy.
Sree says to KV that I will make them angry, it was my work in cricket, I made Lara angry so who are these?

Surbhi says to KV that you could have asked Sree to move back from me. KV says I sent Deepak a lot.
Jasleen says to Rohit that do this for yourself but dont torture yourself, this Surbhi is weird character. Sree says to Rohit that I just wanted to make you feel what it feels like to be irritated, Surbhi is like a sister, tell her that. Rohit says you talked about your son, Sree says it was nothing. Rohit says I was joking about beating too.

Megha says to Rohit that you are wasting time, I will stand here for 4 days too. Romil says there is a guy Nohit called Rohit, all laugh. Rohit is on urge of peeing. Megha says this will affect your career, its just a start, dont pee on camera. Romil says let me tell you a story, once a guy peed on camera, it was shown and he was named NoPee. All tease Rohit.

Megha asks Rohit to go, he will get cramp. Rohit says I dont have a cramp. Megha says you dont have blanket, Rohit says I took you on in snake task, you are nominated, not me. Megha says we will see outside, you are nothing. Surbhi says Megha dont make issues, you know what Salman said about you. Rohit says to Megha that you are cut too. Megha says say bad words from your face. Rohit says my face is very good. Rohit asks Surbhi to bring sipper, lets play fully. Surbhi says really? Rohit says yes, I will play fully. Surbhi brings her sipper. Dipika says I dont want to see this. Deepak says wait, Rohit asks to bring blanket. Somi says this is my blanket. Surbhi says this is my blanket. Surbhi and Deepak wraps blanket around Rohit, Deepak asks him to look inside. Rohit pees and says its wonderful. KV says brilliant.

Bigg Boss says to inmates that contenders are not playing but their representatives are so your job was to make other contenders leave swords and take them out of task but you all failed, you all are sitting and doing nothing so we are changing few things.. now buzzers will play after time to time and one representative have to leave task at that time, they have to decide who will leave.
Surbhi says to Deepak that we have to try till last. Deepak says to Rohit that if its KV and you till last then leave task, let KV win. Deepak says to Jasleen that you need support in game so show support. Jasleen says dont threaten me, I will not go before Megha, take out Surbhi first with mutual understanding.
KV says to Surbhi that first take out Megha, then we will go for Jasleen. Surbhi says okay. Surbhi tries to talk to Megha but Sree argues with her.
Romil asks Rohit to show humanity and show support, I took care of Surbhi, I never cursed her but she never supported me. Surbhi says to Sree that get lost, who are you? nothing. Sree shouts at her.

Buzzer plays, Surbhi asks Sree to get lost, you are cheap. Somi says we have to do voting. Somi votes for Surbhi, Rohit votes for Dipika, Megha votes for Surbhi, KV votes for Dipika. Somi says there is a tie now. Bigg boss says when two sarpanch couldnt reach a mutual decision so how will four representative reach mutual understanding? but as you know, at buzzer someone will have to leave.

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