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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th November 2018 Written Episode Update Dadi insults Amaji.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Tiwari walks into bedroom and goes to sleep, Angoori says since dadi is here you hace no time for me wake up, Tiwari says I do love you,shall i prove you, Angoori says yes spend some romantic time, Tiwari says why not,dadi walks in and slaps tiwari and says what were you doing,tiwrai says spending romantic time,dadivsays im here from heaven and you avoiding me and here, Tiwari says you asleep so i thought of spending time with her, dadi says i will spend romantic time with her, i will sleep with her, Tiwari says you can but this body,dadi says but soul is mine.

Angoori says dadi im sleepy good night. Vibhu says bhabhiji i genuinely love you, Angoori says me too,vibhu and angoori sing spending romantic time,vibhu wakes up from dream,tiwari walks in and sleeps in between and says i

cant sleep down alone and sleep with you.

Dadi in garden,starts dancing,Anu sees it and says what is this man doing, Angoori walks to dadi says why work you are senior and you working I don’t like that, dadi says im very strong to even fight with 2-3 men, and narrates a old story, Anu hearing it too,Tiwari walks to dadi and hugs, dadi scolds him, Anu starts laughing, and says your dadi loves you a lot right but look at her, Tiwari says she has become a little strict after being off but loves me,anu says dadi release my husband i want some coffee,dadi says you make your husband work dont you have shame, Anu says really is that you saying or someone else and leaves.Angoori says dadi go shower i will make you breakfast.

Hapu hear boys talk, malkan says if this continues i will never leave this hospital,teeka says shhh if hapu gets to know he will kill us, tilu says let him we are in prifit anyways. Tiwari with dadi says have samosa, dadi says enough of it,tiwari comments on vibhu,dadi slaps him. Angoori says stop troubling her,heres water dadi, Angoori says dadi you love me so much, dadi says yes i do.

bhurilal comes, Angoori welcomes him,dadi comments on bhurilal,angoori introduce him to dadi and explains the situation, dadi says you have a beautiful daughter, amaji arrives too, amaji greets dadi, dadi starts insulting her, and starts commenting on pandit ramphal, amaji gets upset, bhurilal asks what all she has done, amaji says shutup she keeps pointing at me, dadi says okay tell me why doesn’t he look like pandit Rampal, tell me, amaji leaves.Bhurilal says so sad, you asked her a teadious question.

teeka wakes up feeling giddy and says why are we sleeping and wakes tilu and malkan, Gupta says it was because of injection it was anesthesia, hapu says because hospital bill was high,teeka says so,hapu says so what we did was we took out your kidneys, boys check sticthes on their tummy and start crying.

pre cap : Tiwari welcomes dadaji.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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