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Are we destined for each other?????(Love-To-Be!!!)

The link to the previous part is: https://www.tellyupdate.co.in/are-we-destined-for-each-otheri-want-to-kill-him/

Shivaay carries Anika to their room. Jhanvi calls the doctor.


Doctor checks her and comes out of the room. The moment he gets out, Shivaay started bombarding questions on him.(Note: Doctor is a young man)

S: Doctor, how is Anika? Is she fine? Why did she faint? Did she forget her medicines?

D: How will she be fine? It’s all because of you. (He winks to other members, they understood what he meant)

S: What did I do?

D: Go ask her. She will tell you.

The doctor goes. Shivaay gets inside the room. Anika was still unconscious. The moment Shivaay entered, Pinky who was inside, went out.

S: Ma, what did I do?

P: I am not telling what you did, but I am going to tell you that someone is coming within few months.(I am sure my readers understood, what happened to her?)

Shivaay was in dilemma. He didn’t know what is happening. He sits near her and rubs her forehead, for some time. Then he was about to go, when he sees her getting conscious. He sat there.

A: Shiv..

S: Ani, what happened? Are you fine?

A: I am fine, Shiv.

S: Answer me. Did you forget your medicines? Did you take up stress? Did you eat food?

A: First thing, I had my medicines. Next, I didn’t take stress. Last, I ate my food.

S: Then, what was the reason that you fainted there? Doctor said….Ma said…They are saying the same thing. But how am I the cause?

A: Shiv, what are you murmuring there? Anyway, I am going down.

S: Take rest, Ani.

A: Every time, take rest! I am getting mad at you.

She goes. Shivaay gets tensed more. He goes back of her. They went down to get a shock. The hall is decorated well. They also see more decorations like mom-to-be and dad-to-be. They get shocked. Just then Gauri comes and pins a badge “mom-to-be” on her dress. She puts another badge which reads “dad-to-be” on his dress. That ‘s when it strikes them.

A&S: We are pregnant!!!!

Shivaay picks her up and twirls her around. She also joins the happiness, but suddenly she remembers about the surroundings.

A: Shiv, put me down. We…

S:(reality strikes him, he puts her down) Okay!

They both wanted to scream out their happiness, but was shy enough to do it. A smile was plastered in their face, the whole day!!!!!!!!!

Do you want some parts related to pregnancy or just epilogue?

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