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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Goenka family presents Ramleela

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira asking why did you put her on the floor. Kairav says she doesn’t know that baby is delicate, my sister isn’t from road. Krishna says she was wet, so I took her from the crib. Dadi scolds her. Krishna says sorry. Baby cries. Naira asks for baby. Dadi says you handle your adopted daughter, I will see the baby. She cries and goes. She says don’t know how badly she kept the baby. Manish consoles her. She says I will send away Krishna if she does any mistake or hurts any kid. Krish says wow, if Krishna does a mistake, then granny will make her out, yes. Kartik says I will take rest after this Ram leela ends.

Krishna asks Naira to check her hairstyle. Kids come to take help. Kairav comes and asks how do I look, I m Raavan, look at my sword, its stuck. Naira checks it. Dadi says money is given on this day, but I thought to give gifts to make the day memorable, I will decide who acts the best and give that gift. Manish and Akhilesh take care of baby. Manish says I wish our life was also such. Dadi says don’t cast bad sight to the baby. Manish says you won’t let outsiders see her. She asks who. Akhilesh says society members are coming. Manish says Khetan is coming, he said he will see Ram leela, if you forgot to tell Maa, then you would have forgot to tell others. Akhilesh says I think Surekha told Suwarna. Dadi says don’t worry, I will ask Bahus to handle everything. Manish says nothing should go wrong. Dadi says I understand, don’t worry. Kairav and kids talk. Krish says our fear will go when we perform on stage. Kairav says I m there for Vansh.

Naira stumbles. Kartik holds her. She says I was in hurry. He says take care of yourself now. He slips. She holds him and asks him to take care of himself also. He asks why were you in hurry. She asks him to tie the back string. He asks sure? She says tie it. He holds her close. Chukar gai…..plays….

Samarth asks where did Kartik and Naira disappear. Kartik says sorry, is everything fine. Samarth says yes, start the Ram leela now, kids are getting tired. Kirti says a lady has come from school’s cultural committee. Manish says good, Khetan is also coming. Akhilesh says reporters are also coming. Dadi says its good. Mr. Khetan comes and greets them. Kirti says Mrs. Sharma is from the school. Akhilesh says that’s reporter Vipul. Vipul says wow, you have kept Ram leela, you are an example for the society. Khetan asks Manish to introduce the kids. Kartik calls the kids. Dadi asks what will we tell about Krishna. Manish asks what can I do. Krishna asks will our skit come on tv. Vipul says no, I write for a newspaper. Khetan asks who is this girl. Mrs. Sharma says she is Krishna, Kartik and Naira adopted her and got her admission in our school. Khetan says great, you adopted her and got her school admission done, who does it in today’s times. Suwarna gets baby to Naira. Krishna says I will pacify the baby. Mrs. Sharma says Krishna you love your sister a lot right. Kairav says I also love my sister, I m the world’s best brother. Baby cries. Naira says Akshara can’t say anything now. Manish says I hope Kairav’s heart doesn’t get hurt. Kartik thanks Naira. Naira says we have to make sure that kids don’t have unhealthy competition. Kartik says Naksh should come, else our hardwork will go waste. She says he will come.

Naksh comes. Everyone sees him. Naksh asks kids to enjoy and perform well. Kirti asks them to have juice and milk, go to washroom and come. Krish says we will take selfie, come. Krish takes selfie with Naksh, Kirti and others. Kirti stops and turns to see Naksh. Naksh removes her saree cloth from his sleeve button. They wish all the best to Krish. Krish says granny said the winner will get best prize. Kirti says don’t get upset if you lose, winning isn’t necessary, participating is imp. Samarth says people just remember winners, remember I don’t like loser type people. Gayu looks on. Naira says we can take this L as loser or learning. Kartik says end result will be good, if you forget any line, move on, come on, give a hug. They hug Kairav and Krishna. Kairav laughs and goes.

Kairav says she didn’t take our selfie. Vansh says she should go back. Kairav says Dadi should send her away from my parents. Naira says thanks everyone for coming. Kartik says pressure is on us when kids are performing. Akhilesh takes the mic from Kartik. Kairav says I m thinking. Krish says we will do something that her mistake is seen. They get an idea. They go.

Naira says I can’t see baby around. Kartik says she would be here. They look for baby. She says Dadi made her sleep. They see Dadi with the baby. Naira says thank God. He says you were panicking for no use. She says you ask me to console baby, I feel I will faint down while making her sleep. Kartik says many times, I wake up. Suwarna asks them to stop fighting and come. Manish tells everyone about Shri Ram. He says the kids will present Ramayan in front of you, they have chosen it himself, if they make any mistake, then forgive them, Goenka family presents Ramayan. Everyone claps. The kids come on the stage. Kartik and Naira smile.

Kairav falls on the stage. He says I don’t like Krishna. Krish says we should so something to keep her away. Kairav says I have an idea, sorry Akshu.

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