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Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 29th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Devastating News For Roshni

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 29th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Roshni and Aman see a bright light appearing and signaling them to follow. They follow it to living room. It turns into screen. On the other side, Shayari with Rehaan goes to library to find Ilme Jinn’s copy. Their nok jhok starts. They then find a few mysterious books. Back at Aman’s house, Aman and Roshni on screen see Aman’s father Junaid and Tabeezi’s wedding, Tabeezi’s brother and SIL accepting their wedding, then Junaid killing them and putting their baby in water. Aman feels disheartened seeing his father killing Tabeezi’s whole family. Roshni sees her foster mother picking baby and cries realizing Tabeezi’s brother and SIL are her parents and she was that baby. Screen disappears. Roshni cries that she hated her parents whole life thinking they ransacked her after giving birth to her, but today she realized how much they loved her and experienced their love. She says that means Tabeezi is her aunt. Aman says he is her parent’s murderer’s son, Roshni became orphan because of his father and didn’t get her parent’s love; he thought his father did wrong to him, but he did more wrong to Roshni; he doesn’t know how to apologize for his father’s sins. Roshni says its not his fault and he shouldn’t blame him. Aman thinks he will not let anyone else trouble Roshni again.

Rehaan and Shayari get trapped into a dark room and their nok jhok starts. They see a mirror and walk near it. Shayari sees no image in mirror. Their nok jhok starts again. She says he is reacting as if if she orders Ilme jinn to emerge, it will. Ilme jinn book emerges in mirror. She gets it on her hand via magic and they both get back to library.

Roshni reaches Tabeezi’s house and tells her that she came alone without informing anyone. Tabeezi says whatever Roshni tries, on gold moon’s night she will snatch Roshni’s angel’s heart. Roshni says Tabeezi is the real contender of the heart and she will return it to her even if she dies. At home, Aman informs Daadi that Roshni wanted to spend sometime alone, he wants to protect Roshni from Tabeezi. Daadi says Tabeezi is very powerful and without sword he cannot fight with her. Aman says he has power of love and will create is own sword of love.

Precap: Tabeezi tells Roshni that except being Ayanas there is nothing common in them. Roshni says there is one thing common, same blood runs in between and she is her brother’s daughter.

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