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Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Bad Time For Preesha

Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Ahana tells family that this earring her hers, then blames Preesha that she brought her earring and is blaming us seeing us throwing choc wrapper. She continues yelling at Preesha and walks to her room with Mishka. Mishka says thank god she saved her, else Preesha. Ahana slaps her and asks why did she kill Kirti Jain. Mishka says she didn’t kill Kirti and lost her earring when she went to meet Kirti. Preesha with Rudra and Balraj walks in and says they came here to hide truth; this earring is Mishka’s and shows Mishka’s pic wearing same earring. Ahana stands tensed. Preesha says people lie to hide truth, but she wanted to save family as they are part of family. Mishka apologizes Preesha and Rudra for hiding truth, but she swears she didn’t kill Kirti; she went to terrace to meet Kirti and even fought with her, reminiscing the incident, but when she left Kirti was alive and her earring fell there while fighting with Kirti and to hide proof she threw her another earring out of car. Rudra says to save herself, she hid the fact and let police consider him as murderer. Mishka swears that she was afraid, so she didn’t, but she didn’t kill Kirti; one who must have killed Kirti must have deleted CCTV footage. Rudra says if she had informed beforehand, they would have checked CCTV footage. Mishka continues pleading that she is innocent. Balraj says fine and says he will contact his lawyer and ask to get earring out of Delhi police’s possession. He confronts Ahana for lying and trying to prove Preesha wrong. Ahana says she got nervous seeing Mishka’s condition. She thinks she wanted to get Preesha out of this house, but looks like Preesha will get her out of this house.

Preesha thinks Yuvraj hid the fact and trying to save himself deleted CCTV footage. She calls him and scolds him for deleting CCTV footage to shave himself as Mishka also had gone on terrace and someone else must have also gone there. Yuvraj tries to defend himself. Rudra walks in hearing their conversation shouts that she was saving her boyfriend instead. He she tries to explain him that he is thinking wrong again, but as usual he blindly continues yelling and blaming her and walks away.

Preesha then gets Vasu’s call who asks if everything is fine there and after proving Rudra innocent, if things got normal between them. She says whenever she tries to set things right, things get out of order. Vasu suggests her to get her edited video from Rahul and show it to Rudra to clear the confusion. Preesha goes to Neerja’s hospital room and seeing her in coma feels guilty that Neerja’s condition is because of her, etc. Neerja’s condition worsens and vital signs monitor beeps. Nurse rushes in followed by Rahul and sends them out. Rahul blames Preesha for Neerja’s condition and warns her to stay away from her.

Precap: Rudra walks to Preesha’s room and seeing her missing gets inebriated and calling Yuvraj asks to give phone to Preesha. Yuvraj acts as informing Preesha and disconnects call thinking Nalla Khurana will get jealous.

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