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Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th October 2020 Written Episode Update – Ballal while playing sees his father kalyan shouting him & faints.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with narayan & devi laxmi discussing about child ballal how he was treated by his father kalyan who forced studies on him instead playing & also how ballal unknowingly did devotionally his good deeds towards the pest.
Ballal use to go regularly for serving food to the pest which he had kept on the stone of mahaganadhipati to eat & regularly it was eaten but one day the pest wasn’t there then too he kept thinking it will come as food is always eaten but prabhu eats & blesses him.
Narayan tells devi laxmi that Kalyan use to advice him to devote for achieving knowledge instead to play like other children’s who are actually lazy bones & he then started putting more pressure on such a small child by taking him to his shop for learning business.
Kalyan is teaching him how to weight materials while a guru comes there & he introduces ballal to him telling him that this guru is mathematician & you will take lessons from him too from evenings daily & he accepts his father’s advice.
Devi laxmi says to narayan that this was very cruel from ballal’s father’s side that he forced his wishes on such a small child instead allowing him to play.
One day while studying children’s are playing outside & by mistake ball comes in house attracting him also to play seeing the colour of the ball but gets scared thinking father will shout & children’s forcing him to throw the ball as your father has stopped us to come to your house & he tries to throw but the ball comes back to him & children’s laugh on him saying you don’t know how to play also & they force him to come to play once & will learn how to play & he goes which he enjoys a lot as his mother sees him playing but feels scared for sometime then too she also feels happy seeing her son playing.
Villagers are expressing to kalyan about their children’s how they play & enjoy so like that your son also has to play but he refuses saying he does not like all that but he is interested in studies instead playing which i love him to do so that he’ll become very big trader in his early days itself before your sons learn all this & kalyan closes his shop early getting angry on villagers & sleeps for sometime day dreaming if his son plays then complains will come about his son misguiding other children’s for playing & gets bugged thinking to not to allow ballal to play.
Ballal keeps playing with them daily while one day a villager sees ballal playing & informs kalyan so he arrogantly goes to see but he sees his son in his house studying while ballal thinks has father known about him playing but kalyan sees he is sweating so he tells him I’ll give you fan while you study but ballal trying to tell him the truth while his mother intervenes to save ballal asking kalyan why you came so early & they keep discussing how to make ballal strong by giving him badam’s to eat as his brains will become strong.
Kalyan shouts the villager for giving him wrong information as he was studying in house itself & not playing.
Kalyan takes his son how to tackle in business & goes to show ballal how he recovers money from villagers beating & warning them while ballal getting scared about his father how he beats innocent people for money.
Devi laxmi telling narayan this is really wrong to teach a small child showing all these foolish things making his brains also to work accordingly but narayan tells her now going ahead big thing was going to happen in ballal’s life.
Ballal again playing is seen by the same villager so he goes to inform kalyan telling him to let’s go together & see how your son is playing & both go as kalyan gets shocked & shouts ballal while hearing this his mother also comes out to see what is happening & ballal watching his father while kalyan lifting stick to beat him but ballal immediately faints unconsciously seeing this & his mother starts crying for her son as kalyan feels blamed of himself what i did this to my son as villager checks his breath & declares of no use calling any vaidya as he has lost his breath & all children’s are also crying for him including kalyan & his mother.

Precap : Ballal asking forgiveness from his father but kalyan unable to hear him & ballal wonders why he can’t hear me & also trying to hug his mother but he can’t & he cries shouting why can’t they all hear me while mahaganadhipati from stone under the tree says i can hear you.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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