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True Love Never Dies – Rianshbir (Episode 2)

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Episode 2

Ridhimaa comes out from VR Company and calls Sejal , Sejal Guess What I got the job and tomorrow is my joining I’m so so Excited sejal say I know you will really get the job there , she says how do you so sure that I will get job there , sejal says I just guessed it yar , Ridhimaa say ok cut the call I want to share this news to kabir , sejal says No (in loud tone) you’re not sharing this news with kabir Ridhimaa ask why, should I don’t share this news with kabir , sejal says you only said right he will be mad at you and he is in his business tour if he will get know about this he will come back soon ridhu, actually you’re right I will not share this with kabir when he comes back I will tell him about my job in VR Industry.Sejal ask ridhu did you meet anyone like anupriya mam and Vansh Raisinghania ridhimaa ask how do you know about them Why are you asking like this sejal says I’m very curious so I asked yes I know them because of siya, my junior, ridhimaa say oh how could I forget about this she was the one who told me to attend the interview OK bye Seju I will go to Mandir & I will come, sejal cuts her talk and say you should give us treat don’t forget it. Ridhimaa say I know I know I will give ok bye .(She cuts the call) sejal on the other side thinks hope you get your all answers when you reach VR mansion.

VR Mansion

All family members are sitting in garden are having some talk about upcoming party when angre come there with full of smile and say anupriya mam we got our legal adviser anupriya says that good why are you smiling like this angre.


Ridhimaa arrive there and bring some bhog & go to get some flowers and coconut to puja just then a big car arrive at the temple some guards get down and make the place and Mrs Dsouza says dadi you can get down now the lady get down and starts going to upstairs on the other side ridhimaa see some beggars asking food from priest but he say that this bhog is for God not for you guys and he push the mother in other side dadi is also saw this and feel pity for them , Ridhimaa comes there and give the bhog which she have brought to the God and says please have it , priest ask what are you doing , how are giving bhog to this people which You’ve brought for God she says my God having the bhog which I have brought for him and says if god is everywhere in everyone so why are you illtreating them like this nobody has right to make decisions of someone’s life like this dadi look on the scene but she didn’t see her face  and get impress by ridhimaa and wants to meet she says Mrs Dsouza I want to meet that girl make arrangements.

VR Mansion

What happened angre why are you so excited for getting a legal adviser from angre’s back a girl entered and say he is happy because the legal adviser is none other than ridhimaa everyone gets shocked and get ups form their seats from back a man with his attitude he enters the area and ask what happened angre  tell him about ridhimaa.

Precap : In temple dadi meet ridhimaa and get shocked, in VR Mansion Vansh Comes from his Business tour and siya tells him about Ridhimaa. & ridhimaa brings dadi to VR Mansion.

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