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Shubharambh 29th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani rushes home to save Asha

Shubharambh 29th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rani getting Asha’s call. Asha says you are my daughter and not my bahu. She says you thought about your mother in law even in this time. she says I got my gift. Rani asks what gift? The call gets disconnected. Asha thinks to call her later after checking the gift. Mihir smiles and calls Rani. He asks her to call Asha Reshammiya and says I have kept bomb in your saas gift, just as it opens, everything is finished. Rani thinks who was he, who said that he has sent bomb? She recalls tying Gunvant and Kirtida in room. She prays to God to protect Asha and decides to go back home. Asha is about to open the box. Mihir starts the countdown and thinks why did Rani haven’t reached till now. Rani asks Shrinath ji to protect Asha. Asha is excited and thinks what Rani has sent for me. Rani reaches home and asks Asha not to open the box. Asha lifts the box lid and Mihir presses the remote. The bomb blasts. Asha falls down. Hitank and Darshana help her get up. Rani asks her to drink water. Asha asks her to break her fast seeing Raja and asks her to go. She says if you don’t break the fast then it will be abshagun. Mihir acts and checks her. He says she needs rest. Asha asks Rani to go and says 10 mins are remaining. Rani asks her to rest. Mihir thinks this lady is very stubborn and thinks to do something. Asha asks Rani to go. Rani says you need rest. Hitank says who is doing this with our family. Rani says only mota pappa and moti mummy can do this. Hitank says they are locked in room.

Rani says they must be having their phones. Hitank goes to confront them. Mihir asks Asha to have medicine. Asha refuses and asks Rani and Darshana to break their fast. Hitank takes his parents out angrily. Gunvant asks how dare you behave with your father like this. Hitank asks them to see. Rani confronts them for Asha’s condition. Kirtida says we were locked in room, so how can we do this? Gunvant says I never thought that you are such a big fool and says this black deed is done by someone else. He asks her to find that person who is doing this and tells that he has strength still and can kill them at once. Asha asks Rani to go. Rani takes Asha to room with Hitank. Mihir picks the burning cartoon piece and says boom..

Utsav’s parents confront him for his wrong doings. Utsav says I hurt you, I know. He says Kesha’s parents don’t want to get her back and she was pregnant. He says if I had not supported her then.. He says I am also responsible for her condition as the guy was my boss. He says I brought them closer and tells that he didn’t know that his boss will leave Kesha. He says I told you that this is my baby, but it is actually my boss’ child. Rani’s mother says we will forgive you if you leave this girl. She asks him to drop Kesha to her house. Kesha is shocked. Utsav goes to Kesha and holds her hand. He says I accept that the situation was wrong, but the sindoor was not a lie. He says Kesha is my wife and if you think that we shall leave then I will leave with Kesha. He asks her to atleast show sympathy on this baby’s father and says I will not upset you.

Rani and Darshana get ready to break their fast in the house itself. Rani gets emotional and looks at Raja’s pic. Raja gains consciousness and insists to meet Rani. Nurse says you can’t meet anyone now. She calls Rani and gives call to Raja. Raja calls her name. Rani gets surprised. Raja tells her that he is missing her. Rani asks about the number. Raja says it is nurse number and asks if she break her fast. Rani says she was about to come, but. She doesn’t tell him and asks him to return home fast. He asks if everyone is fine at home. Rani asks him to come home. She says I love you Raja. Raja says I love you too Rani. Hitank greets the guests. Asha feels drowsy due to the medicine effect. Rani says I am incomplete with you. Mihir thinks now you will celebrate karwachauth with me.

Precap will be added when available.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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