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Santoshi Maa 30th October 2020 Written Episode Update – Nidhi getting punishment from devi polomi.

Santoshi Maa 30th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with indresh’s mother telling lovely to do pooja as you are also daughter in law of this house but instead indresh tells her not to worry as I’ll do it but then nidhi gets up saying I’ll do it as I have kept fast which I can’t disobey while ushma feeling happy about her.
Nidhi is performing pooja rituals on children’s putting cloth of mata & then all helping her for serving prasad bhog to children’s as they finish & indresh distributes gifts to them along with bubli also giving them separate gifts of study materials giving them blessings to build powers for lot of learning knowledge & become very big persons in life. Singhasan also completes praying children’s feet as per rituals & ushma tells him to also think about all woman as devi’s & just not your wife but he replies I will be the way I am & this I am doing which is very big thing.
One of child tells ushma to leave her to her house & ushma goes while nidhi tells everybody that I’ll make tea for everybody & all are shocked as indresh’s mother tells singhasan to see how nidhi has changed after this pooja being performed.
Mata santoshi giving flowers to mata siddhatri who blesses her along with dev rishi.
Devi polomi gets bugged on her devotee nidhi who performed pooja while her bird asks her what you’ll do now & she says I’ll punish her & goes near nidhi saying today you have acted wrongly for which you will get punishment & this won’t be liked by devi santoshi for which she might react & as nidhi is preparing tea devi polomi uses her powers to make the utensil fall & nidhi gets shocked how this happened but again nidhi preparing freshly trying to put powder but polomi slaps her which she does not understand who did it so she shouts calling indresh for help while santoshi mata asking dev rishi what this polomi is doing & he says because she knows you are devi of santosh who won’t like woman getting affected unnecessarily which is wrong by devi doing this & indresh along everybody trying to calm her but she is telling somebody is here who is hitting her while polomi again hits her in stomach by which she falls & everybody are shocked thinking what is this happening while indresh calming her & mata santoshi intimating ushma to help nidhi from polomi immediately & ushma goes & brings polomi out of the house while nidhi is taken care by indresh.
Polomi is cursing ushma saying how could you touch me & you do not have to come in between me & my devotee but ushma explains her of not to use god given powers on human which can’t you understand but polomi is telling that you are also using your powers to be in human form fooling everybody which isn’t wrong & saying that she is my devotee who will always be in my powers but you see about your devi santoshi’s powers which you have misused killing a human but ushma tells her he was an asoor whom I killed not harming the human & will also kill rest of the asoors too. Polomi warns her I’ll see to it that my devotee finally marries indresh & you won’t find the truth also.
Indresh comes talking on phone to somebody telling that today is the day where good will win on evil.
Ushma also warns polomi telling that see what he said that today is the day of winning good on evil which will definitely happen by finding the asoors & take out the truth from them of swati’s killing or it seems in this you must be having your personal interest is it & polomi keeps mum leaving from there.
Indresh telling ushma that I have known the whereabouts of those goons so will be going to police asking for search but ushma tells him you concentrate on pooja as today being navmi & tomorrow dashmi meantime I’ll go & handover the address of them but ushma sees thinking how can I tell indresh that they are asoors who can’t be located so easily.
Bubli asks ushma can I come along but ushma tells her not today as I wish to go alone & you help indresh here.

Precap : Other Children’s are going towards their house having prasad bhog in their hands while another asoor sees this & squeezes the plate from their hands to eat everything. Ushma asking children’s what happened as they were crying while polomi shouts the asoor what you did this & they are complaining ushma that person squeezed our food & ate all as mata santoshi also watching this.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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