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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 29th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Kanak, Hema On A Mission

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 29th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Hema doing exercise says she wants to slim out soon and look like drum girl. Chetan jokes with her size, drum girl suits her. Kanak walks in and scolds Hema for tagging her dinner table pic to her social media friends and deletes app. She continues scolding her and asks if she found out Bapuji’s retirement corpus cheque amount. Hema says not yet. In living room, Gehna serves tea to elders. Kokila says only Gehna works in this house. Praful says Kanak works online and grooms beauty contestants and Hema works as a teacher. He says Navratri is starting and reminds her of visiting Lal Krishna mandir years ago with whole family. Kokila remembers. Praful says why don’t we visit that temple again for their elder’s peace of soul. Kokila says its a good idea and let us take prasad also. Jamna asks Praful to check with Panditji if there is any suitable girl for Anant. Kokila says very good. Praful says even Kokila must be thinking same when she met Ananth first. Gopi with Gehna walks in and greets them. Kokila says they are visiting Lal Krishna mandir. Gopi says they prepare bhog prasad. Kokila says they prepare Gopal pak and describes its ingredients. Jamna says she will get all the ingredients in kitchen. Kokila asks Gopi to prepare bhog prasad as Kanak may not prepare it with her costly sari and makeup, making prasad is an auspicious task. Kanak angrily walks away. Gopi nervously looks at time. Gehna thinks Gopi needs to visit wrestling ground to meet Gopi kaka, so she tells Kokila that she will prepare prasad. Kokila asks her to be careful as last time she lost earring, though she found them again.

In Hema’s room, she prepares egg bhurji in her room and tries to post pic in social media. Kanak deletes pic and scolds her saying egg is not allowed in this house. Anant walks in to call them for breakfast. Hema and Kanak nervously hide the dish. Chetan signs for Hema to divert Anant’s attention. Anant calls them for breakfast and walks towards door when he smells egg and says he smells something weird. They nervously say they don’t, and he walks away. Gehna carrying flowers collide with Anant. Anant greets her Jai Sri Krishna and talks about sudarshan chakra surprising her. Once he leaves, Sagar walks to her and tries to touch her inappropriately. She runs from there to Jamna and hugs her emotionally. Jamna asks what happened. Gehna says she is remembering her father. Jamna says Praful is her father and she is her mother now, she has her whole family here. Praful says let her lighten her heart remembering her parents.

Back in Hema’s room, while enjoying egg bhurji Kanak says don’t know when will Kokila and Gopi get out of this house. Chetan says Gopi, Kokila, Hetal, and Urmila should go as they are creating trouble for them. Kanak says Kokila trusts Gehna so much, she will break her trust by mixing egg in prasad. They both walk into kitchen and seeing Gehna preparing prasad send her away saying Gopi is calling her and mix egg in prasad. Gopi in her room thinks already its 10:45 a.m. and she needs to visit wrestling ground by 11 a.m. Gehna walks in and asks if she called her. Gopi says no. Gehna says Hema must have overheard and walks away. Gopi thinks everyone are sitting in living room, she needs to visit wrestling ground somehow and find out if Gopi kaka is Ahem ji. She hopes he doesn’t come in front of Kokila. Gehna returns to kitchen and thinks bhog must have cooked by now. Kanak thinks not bhog, she will get lashes. She gives egg shell bag to Gehna and asks her to drop it in dustbin. Gehna agrees and drops it in dustbin outside. Sagar walks to her and flirts again.

Precap: Kokila shouts at Gopi who prepared prasad. Gehna says she prepared it. Kokila asks why did she mix egg in prasad. Gehna says she didn’t. Kokila asks when she left kitchen, who was there.

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