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#RiAnsh #FanFiction #Ishq Mein Marjawan Part-7 Girl In Pic Is…

Hello. 🙋

Thanks a lot everyone for appreciation. Here I am up with next update. (I was not able to submit article so have not updated earlier)

Recap: Vansh is trying to remember memories related with Riddhima but he can’t remember anything so ordered Angre to find information about her based on CCTV footage of hotel, while Anupriya have planned something to bring misery in Riddhima and Siya’s life.


Angre depart from Vansh’s cabin murmuring under his breath

“This mother-son duo want me to search or collect information of girl hope I find either of them so I can have at least some relief” 😏

He searched information of hotel which mentioned by Vansh and he started his journey to hotel and after drive of half hour he was standing outside the hotel and soon he met manager and told him

Angre: Mr. I need to check CCTV footage of your corridor area. 🧐🧐

Manager: Sorry Sir, but we can’t let anyone have access to it. 😶

Angre: It’s urgent plus it’s matter of someone’s life. ☹️

Manager: But sir try to understand we’re not allowed. 😒

Angre: (Without loosing temper) Sir listen me once please actually the thing is my boss’s wife have loose her memory and she started believing someone else to be her husband and she left home and later today we got to know that she was here with that boy so to look out for that boy only I want, I hope you understand and let me. 😔😟🥺😧😧😦😦

Manager: But sir, (With hesitation) Okay fine but I’ll give you half hour do as soon as possible. 😷

Angre: Thanks a lot for your understanding and co-operation. 😎

And manger bring him to a cabin and he was about to look after the footages but before that his phone ring and he looked at screen which indicating call from Uma 😆🤭

Angre murmurs

“Not again” 😔

And he answered call

Angre: Yes ma’am.

Uma: Is there any update regarding that girl? 🤔

Angre: Ma’am I am working on it and right now boss have told me to do a particular thing can I call you after completing it? (Trying to be as modest as possible)

Uma: Okay fine.

And she disconnected call and Angre started checking CCTV footage and soon he cupped his mouth seeing Vansh holding a girl and later they arguing.

And after seeing footage he thanked his star in his mind as well as hotel’s manager for co-operation and he came out and dialled Uma’s number, after few ring she answered

Angre: Mam I’ve one good news and one bad news which one you want to hear first. 😎

Uma: Go with good news. 🙃

Angre: Ma’am I found girl which you told me to find out.😎

Uma: Good so now give me all the information of her. 😍😇

Angre: Ma’am I don’t mean information here, I mean I found girl only yet nothing more I don’t even know her name. 😆😎

Uma: Then it’s not a good news. 😦😏

Angre:But Ma’am she live in same city I guess. 🥴

Uma: Still not a good news plus you’re jor even sure about it too. 😒 Anyway tell me the bad news now. 😑

Angre: Ma’am, boss is also looking for same girl. (So the girl in picture is Riddhima. 😍🥳🥳🥰)

Uma: And why he is looking for her?

Angre: Actually today boss went out for lunch and he had lil argument with that girl while he was saving her from falling and they argument was little heated and now boss want to teach lesson to her so he told me to check CCTV footage of that place and then find out information of her. (He spoke all in one breath)

Uma: I need to do something of his anger issue. Anyway it’s good news.

Angre was surprised rather to say shocked listening to her but before he can react Uma continues

Uma: It’s good news that you informed me this before. Now do one thing tell your boss that there was no CCTV footage.

Angre: But ma’am here it is.

Uma: I know it but you’ve to lie to your boss as I don’t want him to do anything recklessly and I don’t want them to hate each other because of this incident so do as I say.  And if nothing works throw the hefty amount of money to hotel management to delete and remove that camera or whatever. (Without giving any chance to Angre to speak even a word she continue) And later find each and everything about her special her weakness that’ll be helpful in future.

And even before Angre can say a word to her she disconnected call and Angre was looking at his own like he have seen something weird in it. And he murmurs

“Angre it’s time to deal manager first let’s go” 🥴

After thanking manager for co-operation Angre pretend like he is departing from there and then he acted like answering call and then hurriedly came back to manager and speak

Angre: Thanks a lot for your help but now it’s time that you need my help.

Manager: I don’t understand.

Angre: Actually I forgot one thing this whole matter is including business rivalry so if any one come after me then don’t say anything to them about footage. Actually tell them that camera was not working and don’t let them access footage else along with me your life to will be at stake. 😶 (And he scare the hell out of him with expression)

Manager: Sir you should have told me this earlier now…

Cutting him in between Angre spoke

Angre: I am telling you now because I got threat call just now hope you understand and here (he handed over few bundle of money) to help me. Hope this’ll help you to not spill the beans.

Accept the money manager nodded.

And soon Angre depart from there and started preparing a well script to cover everything as per Uma’s idea but before he talked with self

“Good that you’ve not throw bundles at him from starting as per Vansh’s order Smart Angre” (And he patted himself) (Okay I too do this when I do achieve in my way without following instructions provided earlier 😎😆)

Back to Singh’s bunglow

As soon as Ishani saw happy faces of Riddhima and Siya with Kabeer she felt uncomfortable and she gritted her teeth she left from spot and intentionally drop a vase from side table and Anupriya started worrying about her and followes her to calm down her.

And once she reach her room she found her crying and comforting her with hug Anupriya spoke

Anupriya: Don’t cry baby.

Ishani: Mom I can’t. Why it’s always happened with me all the happiness which I deserve it needed to be their only.

Anupriya: Let them enjoy for day or two.
And trust me you’ll have for lifetime over dead face of Siya and crying Ishani.

Ishani instead of replying looked at her with surprise. And looking her expressions Anupriya continue

Anupriya: Baby wait and watch it’s time to be sweet and stab them on their back.

And she once again hugged Ishani with evil smile on her face while Ishani’s mind too have started working on overtime to search idea to break RidBeer’s pair.

And from the same day Anupriya have started acting way to sweetly with both RiYa(Riddhima and Siya).

Even she is taking care of Dadi and Siya.

Meanwhile Riddhima is trying to get connected with Aryan to break the news of her being committed but his phone is unanswered every time she try.

Meanwhile Kabeer have told Riddhima to think of her career too. And she decided to move further in dance only so with the help of Kabeer she got enrolled in best dance academy.

Phew 🥵🥵 Finally done with this update now time for you all starts. So do leave comment and hit star. (One more thing is it rude to reply to comments? Cause someone dropped me message mentioning I am being rude and selfish replying to reader’s comment.)

Precap: Someone’s life in danger. (Make assumptions let’s see who assumes it right) 😎

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