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#Riansh – A bond made by God – Quiz time for Riansh and IMMJ2 Lovers

So guys this is a quiz type before writing my ff I will give you some ques and you have to answer it in comments 💬. For ex –

1- ________


So let’s start this quiz

Q1 – Who is D’souza 

Q2 – why did ishani married amgra

Q3 – Name the real name of ragini? 

Q4 – Who is kabir’s assistant

Q5 – How was my 1st part of ff? 

Q6- Name the name of both moms of vansh

Q7 – Who is the director of IMMJ 2 

Q8 – Where and how did Sia first met Riddhima

Answers will be shared today in next update at 9:45 pm.  The winner🏆🎉🏆would be given a surprise and it would be also told in the next update. Just put a 😃 in the comments section BELOW YOUR ANSWERS if you want me to reveal the surprise . If more people will put 😃 BELOW THEIR ANSWERS then I will reveal the 🎁surprise

And when I will write the episodes of my FanFiction then at the last I’ll give to questions of my every post and you all have to answer these questions and will get the amazing surprise

Ok bye guys and take care of yourself and your family stay happy and may God bless you all

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