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Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 30th October 2020 Written Episode Update

Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 30th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
The wedding starts. Balwan sits in the mandap. Pandit ji reads mantras. Ram looks at Balwan and smirks. He sits on the other side. Pandit ji says call the bride. Irfan says there are two brides. Dulari is ready. She says please help me God. She sees a bottle. Dulari picks it. It’s poison. Dulari says I will cross any limit to make Ram mine.

The brides come downstairs. Dulari in modern and Koyal is typical attire. Koyal sits with Ram and Dulari sits with Balwan. Dulari says in heart I have trust in my Ram. Shaitan can never be as powerful as bhagwan. Balwan says wow you look so good. This chunri with white gown look so good. You’re the perfect combination of modern and desi. Come? He extends his hand. Ram looks at Dulari. Dulari gets on the stage herself without holding his hand. She sits on the couch. Balwan sits next to her. Irfan and Patang say can we wait? He picks his gun and says the wedding will happen right now. Right here. Balwan says if anyone says anything in between I will shoot you. Balwan says everyone put a finger on your lips. Everyone does that.

Balwan sits next to Dulari. He says pandit ji you start your mantra. Panditji starts the mantras. Ram says we have to fill the hairline first. Pandit ji says first? Koyal says the hairline has to be filled anyway. She says Ram ji fill my hairline. Ram says Ms. Koyal, let Balwan do this. Elders should do things first. Dulri says in heart how can Ram say that. The wedding would complete if he fills my hairline. Ram gives the sindor to Balwan. He picks sindur and takes his hand towards Dulari. Dulari recalls her moments with Ram. She shoves Balwan’s hand and slaps him. Everyone is shocked. Irfan says this will echo in his ears forever. ram says I knew Dulru.. Koyal says bhabhi ji you slapped bhaiya? Dulari says I should have slapped him earlier. She drags Balwan and says I am desi. Even if it was a modern girl, if you tried to take her sindur she would hit you. We go to the police if thugs tease us if police is like you who would we go to? You’re disgusting. Because of people like you clothes are misunderstood. No girl is defined by her clothes. Ram says correct Dulru. Your food and slap both are amazing. And Balwan, whatever it is, girl’s choice and consent are important.

Koyal says what are you doing? You slapped bhaiya. He will shoot in anger. Bawlan says you’re not modern? I was a one-woman man. I will avenge for this disrespect. He puts his gun on Dulari. Ram stands in front of her. She says why would you get shot for my mistake? They both fight. Patang says are you crazy? You’re fighting for the bullet? Balwan shoots in the air and says stop. I judged a girl from her clothes, I forced a married woman, I got insulted, I should be shot. He puts a bullet on his head. Irfan says hurr up. Balwan says keep my arti modern, please. Balwan shoots. Ram moved his hand. Balwan says I tried killing you, yet you saved me? Dulari says that’s how my Ram is. A woman says yes that’s how Ram ji is. He never thinks bad for anyone. Cherry says he’s a gentleman. All women praise him. Ram says never to ask for something that’s already someone else’. And miss Koyal only love can make someone yours. Ram says you don’t need a modern wife. You need someone who loves you and owns you. Every Ram has a Dulari. Balwan says Dulari, after your slap I respect you. I will love a woman because of her heart, not her clothes. Ram says well done. Balwan leave.

Dulari and Ram look at each other. The song agar tum saath ho plays. Dulari hugs him. Koyal looks at them in anger. Patang smiles looking at Cherry. He says they look so good. He cries and tries to hug her. Cherry leaves, he hugs Radha by mistake. Radha smiles. Patang gets back. Radha says what will we do with this Kanya? Koyal says I didn’t do anything. I was scared like Ram and Dulari. Dulari says you were scared of the gun right? There’s no gun on fear now. Take off this bridal dress and stop trying to make other people’s husbands your. She says whatever and leaves. Patang says let’s have food. Everyone enjoys the food. Ram looks at Dulari and winks. Dulari kisses his cheek. They dance together.

Episode ends.
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Update Credit to: Atiba

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