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RadhaKrishn 29th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Radha Visits Sam’s Gurukul

RadhaKrishn 29th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sam says Radha loves children, especially him, so Radha should accompany them to Gurukul. Jambavati says its an inappropriate demand and why will Radha go there. Balram says same. Sam insists that Radha can cook for them and be with them. Radha agrees. Balram asks why is she agreeing to Sam’s inappropriate demand. Radha says if Sam can get good education and change, she is ready to accompany him. Jambavati asks if her decision is final and thanks her. Krishna thinks how will he stay away from Radha. Sam seeks Krishna’s permission and thinks he separated Krishna and Radha and they both cannot meet until he meets his mother. Krishna then meets Radha and asks why did she agree to Sam’s demand, he already told her that he wants to spend quality time with her during their last days on earth. Radha says he has to bear this separation for his son. Their discussion continues, and she she calms down Krishna.

Radha takes Sam and other kids to Gurukul and introduces them to Guru. Anirudh and Balram’s kids touch Guru’s feet and he blesses them. When Sam tries to touch Guru’s feet, but Guru backs off saying his blessings are with Sam already. He explains ashram’s rules that students have to lead a simple life here, wear simple clothes, live in hut, and sleep on floor. Sam says he will not sleep on bed as he is a future yuvraj. Guru warns her to mind his tongue and he will not get any special treatment. Sam says he doesn’t need his permission and he can create anything via his mother’s given boon. He creates bed and resting on it asks guru if he also needs bed. Guru angrily disappears bed and says even Sri Krishna and Balram never misbehaved with him, a student cannot be powerful than guru. He sucks Sam’s all powers into a divine stone and creates a protective barrier around ashram saying Sam’s powers will not work in his ashram now. Sam says one day he will grow up big and more powerful than gurul. Guru Sam becomes more powerful than him and breaks this stone which has Narayan’s blessings, he will send Sam home. Radha apologizes Guru on Sam’s behalf. Guru says Sam has Mahadev’s qualities in him as Sri Krishna got Sam from Mahadev, so he didn’t let Sam touch his feet, but Sam is very arrogant and he needs to keep an eye on him; it is up to Radha whether to stay here or go home now as she cannot after she agrees until Sam’s education completes. Radha requests if she can meet Krishna one last time. Guru permits.

Radha meets Krishna who is still waiting at the spot she left her. She asks as he told why they have to bear separation before their maha milan. He says their maha milan will happen for sure. They chat emotionally. He requests to feed her butter before their separation. She prepares butter and feeds it, but it doesn’t finish. He says it is the same pot/akshaya patra which Draupadi got and he took it from Suryadev till they meet again. Their discussion continues..

Precap: Radha searches Sam. Krishna says Sam’s unusual powers may harm Radha. Sam orders his powers to emerge. Radha asks which are these powers. Sam asks her to return back.

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