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Mere Sai 29th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Kondiba accepts his crime

Mere Sai 29th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Hearing starts. Nanasaheb asks Sai that as per Kondiba, you gave him the stolen jewels that were recovered from him. If it’s true, then you become the thief here. I will ask a few questions and you must answer correctly. Are you ready? Sai nods. Nanasaheb asks Sai his name. Sai says people call me Sai Baba. Nanasaheb asks him what’s his father’s name is. Sai says Sai Baba. It puzzles everyone present. Sai tells him his Guru’s name upon askance. Nanasaheb asks Sai about his caste. Sai says God. Nanasaheb asks him his age. Sai says it is in lacs. Villagers look at each other in confusion. Kulkarni Sarkar is sure that these riddles will take Sai down today. Ganpat ji asks Chandorkar ji how court will believe all these things. Nanasaheb asks Sai to swear upon God’s name and admit that he is saying the truth. Sai accepts it. He also admits that he recognizes Kondiba. I know and recognize everyone. We all have met each other in some or other form before. Chandorkar ji says this is what I was worried about. Sai’s words will hold no value here. Baizama wonders why Sai isn’t telling the truth when he is innocent.

Nanasaheb says Kondiba calls himself your disciple. He says that he lives with you. Is it true? Sai says everyone lives with me and I live with everyone. Everyone is mine and I belong to everyone. Bheema wonders why Sai is talking like that. Nanasaheb says as per Kondiba, it is you who gave him those stolen jewels. Is it true? Sai nods. I gave them to him. Villagers are stunned. Sai says who gives anyone anyways. Nanasaheb asks him how he got them. Sai says everything belongs to me only. Nanasaheb reminds him that this is a serious charge. Sai cuts him mid sentence. I have answered all your questions. Kondiba cannot understand why Sai is accepting a charge he dint commit. Nanasaheb tells Chandorkar ji that Sai is accepting his crime. Chandorkar ji one must understand the real meaning behind his words. Nanasaheb reasons that this way they will have no option but to arrest Sai. Kulkarni insists upon the fact that Sai gave jewellery to Kondiba. He is the actual thief then. Kondiba is in tears. Sai will be blamed because of me? He looks at Sai.

Chandorkar ji reminds Nanasaheb that he came here to do justice. It wont be right if you don’t try to find the real meaning behind Sai’s words. I believe that you must speak to him personally. Nanasaheb asks Sai to come to him so he can speak to him personally. Sai sits down inside Dwarkamai. I have answered all your questions already. You must come to me if you want to talk to me personally now. Everyone is taken aback by Sai’s response. Nanasaheb agrees. He stops Ganpat ji from helping him. I can walk on my own. He uses his stick to walk up to Sai. He uses all his strength to climb the two steps. Sai and everyone are watching him keenly. Sai raises his hand as a way to bless him. Nanasaheb notices him do it. Energy transmits from Sai to Nanasaheb who is finally able to feel sensation in his stiff leg. It has always been numb. He is able to see Sai’s godly avatar and drops the stick in awe. He folds his hands in reverence as soon as he is able to move his leg. Villagers are pleased to see him thus. Nanasaheb bows down in front of Sai. Kulkarni Sarkar is disappointed yet again.

Sai asks Nanasaheb what he is doing. You are representing law here. Law cannot bend here. Nanasaheb says you have cured my pain. A great man had told me that I will be fine when I will visit Char Dham. I couldn’t do it due to one or other reason. I have finally realised that my Char Dham is right here. I saw God today. I am blessed! Why did you fix my leg? I summoned you in court and I have come to arrest you! Sai says your physical deformity dint stop you from doing your duty. You dint care about your pain and have always helped people get justice. God had to pay you for that. Vasundhara tells Kunda that even a man like Nana Joshi believed in Sai the moment he met him and considered him his God. What can be a better proof than this that he is our God? Truth will be out in the open now. Kondiba feels bad for lying in the name of God and blaming Him. I have committed a sin!

Kulkarni Sarkar questions Nanasaheb on his words earlier. You are making a mockery of law. He has accepted his crime. Why delay the sentence then? Remember that I will complaint against you if you take his side today! Nanasaheb looks him in the eye. Forgive me but I cannot continue this court any further. Everyone is relieved. I cannot give an order against Sai. Sai tells him against it. You must do your duty. Nanasaheb is positive about Sai’s innocence. You aren’t denying anything either. Why don’t you tell us the truth? I cannot do injustice with my duty by giving a decision without evidence. Sai once again tells him to do his duty.

Nanasaheb sits down. There must be a reason behind Sai accepting someone else’s crime as his own. Kulkarni Sarkar asks Nanasaheb to punish Sai. He has admitted his crime in front of everyone. He pretends to help someone yet he is doing all this. I wont let a man like him remain in Shirdi. He has been the reason of Shirdi’s downfall. Santa and Banta second him. Villagers are tensed. Nanasaheb asks Sai if there is something that he would like to share with the court. Sai denies. I have told the truth already.

Nanasaheb starts announcing a decision against Sai when Kondiba admits that he is the actual culprit. I was the one who stole those jewels! He folds his hands and apologizes to Sai. I never wanted to blame you. I needed money to get my son treated. I couldn’t see a way out and Veenu’s condition was worsening day by say hence I stole the jewels. I got caught and got scared. I thought I will escape by taking your name. I had only one hope that you will understand my helplessness and save me somehow. How can I let you be blamed for stealing? He apologizes to his wife. He also apologizes to Nanasaheb. Please punish me. Sai is innocent. Kulkarni Sarkar glares at Sai while everyone else heaves a sigh of relief. Sai tells Kondiba that stealing is no alternative to any deed, be it good or bad. Vasundhara asks Sai why he took the blame when he was innocent. Sai says there was a question about a father-son duo as well. I had to answer Veenu for his innocent plea too. He would have lost the hope of his father’s return if Kondiba was proved wrong. I dint want it to happen. Nanasaheb says I feel bad but I am helpless. I must punish him. It has been proved that Sai Baba is innocent. Villagers jump in joy and hug each other. Kulkarni Sarkar, Santa and Banta leave from there.

Sai gestures everyone to remain calm. Thank you for coming here to support me. You all can go back to your home and resume your duties. Kids hug Sai. Veenu joins in. Everyone leaves except Baizama’s family, Keshav, Nanasaheb, Vasundhara’s family and Chandorkar ji. Sai looks back at the yarn. It is time.

Precap: Sai makes Veenu sit in his place and unties the last knot. Veenu experiences something strange and shakes up for a split second.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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