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Lockdown Ki Love Story 29th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Sonam gets Sheetal’s vote

Lockdown Ki Love Story 29th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Nutan saying one more person is there to cast the vote. Sheetal asks who, will you call the ancestors. Nutan calls Batasa to come. Shashi asks what does he want. Batasa says Nutan did a good deed to bring me home from the road, knowing that Nutan is wrong today, I can’t go against her to help Sonam, so I give my vote against Sonam. Nutan smiles. She rings a plate and says I have won, my son and this house got saved from the pandemic. She scolds Sonam and asks her to go now. Shashi says Sonam will respect our decision and go. Dhruv feels bad.

Nutan asks Sonam for what is she waiting. She says I will never bless you. Sonam starts leaving. Nutan says I know Sheetal’s vote, but Shashi should know that they won by majority of votes. Sheetal says everyone has seen that Sneha supported Shashi. Nutan says yes, so what. Sheetal stops Sonam. She says my vote goes to Sonam, I want Sonam to stay here. Nutan asks what did you say, say it again. Sheetal says I m on Shashi’s side, I m giving my vote to him. Shashi hugs Sheetal and smiles. Sneha hugs Sonam. Nutan catches Sheetal’s neck and suffocates her. She scolds her. Dhruv asks Nutan to leave Sheetal. Nutan says Sheetal has backstabbed me.

Sonam says I m also feeling much bad, I know the pain when someone backstabs you. Nutan says I know you are happy. Sheetal says this happened because of Sonam. Ankita takes Sheetal to the room. Shashi asks Nutan to do anything she wants, but Sonam will stay in their house now. He asks Sneha to take Sonam. Nutan says Sonam won’t get any place here. Dheeraj says Sonam will stay here, what’s wrong now, Sonam got the votes, let her shift to Sneha’s room. Nutan says no, she can’t occupy any room. Dheeraj shouts you are doing wrong. Nutan cries and says you do one thing, get voting done again, this time for me, if I will stay here or not, you want me to leave, I have given you birth, I regret seeing Dheeraj, Batasa is better than you, I just raised him, you didn’t support me. She scolds him. Dhruv looks on sadly.

Milky’s mum says I will go now, take care. Shashi shouts on her and asks her to leave. He asks Sonam to forgive him, she has to stay just like before. He says Nutan is really mad. Sonam thanks him. Hulchul says I will leave. Dhruv says don’t show your face in this house again. Hulchul asks him to close his eyes. Dhruv asks why will you come, you backstabbed me. Hulchul says the people here don’t understand backstabbing, I will come for Shashi and Sonam, you can close your eyes. Dhruv says whatever you did is over, don’t talk between my family matters. Sonam says I don’t want to say anything, I want to ask, on whose side are you, Nutan or Milky, lie or truth. Dhruv gets angry. He shouts and goes.

Sonam goes to the home temple. She thanks Devi maa. She says I think I will win, just bless me to win the battle. She cries. Nutan cries a lot. Sheetal comes. Nutan takes vase to hit her. Sheetal stops her and says you vented anger on me already. Nutan asks why did you come here. Sheetal says I didn’t cheat you, I was saving your dreams, if Sonam left the house, then Dhruv would have ousted Milky as well, then we would have failed to help Milky. Milky looks on. Sheetal says Dhruv and Milky can stay away inside the room, but others won’t know it, Sonam won’t leave this city if she leaves the house, she will ruin our family respect, think, if the enemy stays away and can make big attack, we should bring enemy close and make him weak. Milky says yes, she is right, what if we lost this time, we have to step back to take a big leap, we will take revenge on Sonam. Nutan thinks.

Nutan says you have won, we will gamble now about Dhruv. Sonam asks Nutan to toss the coin. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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