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Ishq Mein Marjawan FF # Ishq Nahi Aasan (Chapter 51)

Hey guys , Sorry for being late to post . I was little busy for last few weeks and there was some network issues. Hope you all enjoy this episode!!!

Episode 51:-

Sameeksha and Dev’s new turn!

Dev- “ My childhood wasn’t so happy.., In every family , youngest child gets all attention, pampering and love . My case was different. Dad use to get angry on me always , even for a silly thing . He use to punish me even for small mistakes and mom use to save me . During my school time,  I wasn’t a bright student . Dad use to compare me with Dhruv bhai who was topper in the class. Sometimes, Dad use to punish me very much . He use to beat me up so much and Mom use begs infront of him not to do so . Then it became my need to complete every task on time that too with perfection, so that I could escape from Dad’s punishment. Dhruv Bhai and Daksh use to put hurdles in my way . At first I use to solve it and move ahead . But they didn’t stopped then I started to make them taste their own medicine. Thus my journey from victim to a good player began. I learnt that if you want to be best we should be smart and viligilant.  I just want to be best and top at everything. Then ‘Need’ became my ‘Fun’ and then it became my ‘obsession’. It was during my school times, I met Trisha . She use to get bullied by her classmates due to her reserved and short tempered nature. It was that loneliness and pain which became the reason for our friendship. I could understand her pain and loneliness… she was alone as she lost her parents in her young age and I was alone even though I had a family. We became friends and I use to save her from all her problems. She was my only friend.

When she proposed me I couldn’t reject her and I thought she is the best partner I can have in my life . I don’t want to lose her friendship at any cost . But everything changed after you came to my life. I use to take care of everything myself but it was first time , someone taking care of me .. my dreams.. “.

Dev looks her with a smile and Sameeksha looks him with wonder .

Dev – “ The project which I eyed came to me only … it was you who did that for me.. even after you knew that Iam trying to impress and you knew that I was doing tricks … but still you did everything for me . You came for me when you felt that Iam in danger. I finally met someone who is equal to me .. someone who I can relay upon whenever I fall weak.. someone I can   trust… someone who make me feel that Iam a human … someone who made me understand what is love … “.

Sameeksha /Samika (thinks ) – “ Dev Raichand, I won’t fall into your trap so easily. Samika made a mistake by believing your sugar coated words . But Sameeksha will trap you and will punish you … “.

Dev sits on his knees and looks her . Sameeksha . Sameeksha looks him.

Dev -“Sameeksha Chowdhary , Mei aap se pyaar Karne laga hoon.. kya aap mere zindagi ka hissa banoge ? (I have started to love you .. will you be part of my life ?) I love you , Sameeksha “.

Sameeksha smiles and moves away from him and stands looking the mountains. Dev gets shocked by her reaction. He gets up to get his answer.

Sameeksha – “ Suna hain ishq mein log mar mitne ki kasamein khathe hain…. aur aisa bhi hain.. apni ishq ke khathir jaan dena aur lene par bhi aa jate hain ! Ishq mein woh Junoon hona zaruri hain ..,

Kya tumare andhaar woh Junoon hain ? ( It’s heard that people who is in love promises to die for each other and some people get ready to die for each other and to kill anyone for their loved one! Love should have that obsession… Do you have that obsession inside you?” )

Dev – “ Yes… I do everything with perfection and with my whole heart. I love you from my heart and I can do anything for you “.

Sameeksha – “ Kehte toh sab hain .. pyaar   mein kuch bhi kar saktha hoon ! Par nibhate kam hain.. ( Everyone say so .. they can do anything! But very few implement it ) “.

Sameeksha/Samika rememberers Dev’s deceits. But she gets determined to go with her plan.

Sameeksha turns to him and looks him.

Dev and Sameeksha/Samika is looking eachother.

Sameeksha – “ Life isn’t so simple… sometimes words can fall less infront of the action. I believe in deeds than words”.

Dev – “ What to do you mean?”

Sameeksha – “ I mean what I said “.

Sameeksha smirks. Dev stands clueless. Sameeksha walks towards Dev.

Sameeksha – “ Can you kill someone for my love ?”

Dev gets shocked.

Sameeksha smirks.

Dev – “ Who?”

Sameeksha – “ Trisha!!”

Dev – “What?”

Dev gets shocked. Sameeksha looks him sternly. Dev stands silent for a moment.

Dev – “ My love for you is true but that doesn’t mean that I will kill my best friend to prove that … “.

Sameeksha – “ Great! Impressive… I like it ,Dev . If you had said that you will do that for your prove your love , then I would have suspected you. But this quality of yours attracts me .. you are transparent and you care your relationships. This makes you different from everyone… but Iam not convinced yet.. “.

Dev – “ You tell me .. what should I do ?”

Sameeksha – “ Can you die for me?”

Dev looks her in shock but at the next moment he smiles. Dev walks backwards looking her. He stops at the edge and he opens his arms and stands. Sameeksha gets surprised. Sameeksha walks towards him.

Dev – “ I can sacrifice my life to prove my love for you … I love you Sameeksha !!!”

He tries to fall off from the mountain. Sameeksha gets shocked. But she holds his hand on the right time and pull him back. Dev gets saved from the fall . Dev hugs her as she pulls him back . Sameeksha’s eyes is filled vengeance. Dev smirks.

Dev (thinks)- “ I know that you will save me , if you wanted to kill me you would have done it earlier “.

Sameeksha (thinks)- “ I won’t let you die … but I will turn your life into a hell!”

(Ishq Mein Marjawan intense tune played)

They steps back from each other and eye each other. Dev stands expressionless. Sameeksha looks him sternly.

Sameeksha acts as if she concerned.

Sameeksha – “ Are you out of your mind ? What if I didn’t pull you back?”

Dev – “ You asked me to prove my love .. I was just doing that . My love for you can cross all the limits!”

Sameeksha smiles. Dev becomes happy seeing her smiling.

Sameeksha – “ I believe you , Dev Raichand! You proved that you love me more than yourself. I wanted a person who can match with my nature”.

Dev smiles.

Sameeksha – “ But I want to make myself clear to you… My love is crazy .. doesn’t know any limits .. Thus I won’t tolerate betrayals … In my rule book , there is only one punishment for cheater it’s death. My love can be fatal if I get deceit inturn of my  love .  Dev, if you get into a relationship with me it should be forever.. no cheating.. no exit !  So think well before you give me a promise to me. Take your own time”.

Dev – “ I don’t want time for that .. Iam ready to promise you”.

Sameeksha – “ Okay , Promise me that you will remain loyal to me for the whole life of yours… you will be only mine “.

Dev – “ I promise you , from this moment Dev Raichand is only yours and I will be loyal to you till the end of my life. I will love you forever “.

Sameeksha – “ Great ! Dev you are locked … you will have to spend your whole life with me now “.

Dev – “ Iam Okay with it.. Infact I feel lucky to be with you”.

Sameeksha and Dev smiles . Dev takes some snow in his hand and throws over her. Sameeksha closes her eyes as the snow falls over her and opens her eyes. She looks him angrily and Dev gets tensed. Sameeksha walks towards him. She takes snow in her and throws it over him.

Dev gets surprised. They play with snow . Sameeksha slips and falls into his arms. They have an eyelock.

(Ishq Mein Marjawan romantic version song played)

She stands own her feet. They look each other. Sameeksha throws snow over him and runs away. Dev runs behind her.

For a moment, he feels like she is Samika.

He gets surprised. He walks towards her but as his phone rings he comes out of his trans.

It’s Trisha’s call. He looks at her name and looks towards Sameeksha . Sameeksha looks him. He goes aside to pick the call. He turns to other side. Sameeksha/Samika looks him with anger.

Sameeksha (think) – “ I know you are doing a drama infront of me , But I will make sure that you will fall in love with me.

You cheated me , you killed my family, you destroyed my life , now it’s time for pay back… “.

Dev talking to Trisha over phone call.

Trisha – “ Are you sure that she has fallen into our trap ?”.

Dev – “ She has fallen into my trap. Sameeksha Chowdhary doesn’t know what I have planned for her … she is pretending to be fallen for me but she doesn’t know Iam not setting love trap for her”.

He smirks. On other side , Sameeksha is standing with full of anger.

Sameeksha (thinks)- “ You can plan your own games but here I will win by hook or crook. I don’t have anything to lose.. but you have many things to lose Mr.Dev Raichand !! “.

Dev comes back after hanging up the phone. Sameeksha changes her expression. They look each other smiles.

At Sameeksha’s house at Mumbai,

Mr.Chowdhary is sitting being worried. Mrs.Chowdhary sits beside him sensing his tension.

Mrs.Chowdhary – “ What happened?”

Mr.Chowdhary – “ Iam worried about Sam!! “.

Mrs.Chowdhary – “ Sam can handle everything “.

Mr.Chowdhary – “ I know , but … her mind is full of hatred against Raichands.. her only mission is just destroy Raichands. She will go to any extent … I remember her  behavior after she remembered her past … “.


Samika realized that she Samika and remembered her past . She cried loudly and couldn’t stop .

Mr.Chowdhary and Mrs.Chowdhary tries to console her. She spend her few days crying..

then she became silent for few days. She locked herself in the room. She had suicidal thoughts but she didn’t . But that silence was just before a violent storm.

One day, she came out of her room. She came to Mr.and Mrs.Chowdhary.

Samika (determined) – “ I want to go to India, I want to kill those Raichands “.

Mr.Chowdhary – “ Will they let you do so ? Suppose you succeeds in killing them then what ? You will go to jail and you will live there forever!!! Great… “.

Samika stands silent .

Mrs.Chowdhary – “ You have got a new life … it wasn’t easy . There wasn’t You were in coma for 2 months . Its took almost 1 year for you to remember your past . When it comes to your health , you are still weak “.

Samika – “ They killed my whole family and how can I just forget it ? I can’t do that … I won’t let them live peacefully! “.

Mr.Chowdhary – “ I won’t say that you shouldn’t take your revenge but Iam just trying to say that this is not the right time .. Your enemies are strong and powerful, but now you are not in a condition to fight them. If you really want to destroy them be more  powerful than them. Revenge becomes perfect when your enemies lose everything but you remain safe “.

Samika – “ I don’t get you “.

Mrs.Chowdhary – “ He is trying to say that , first you should gain your health back , then you should turn wealthy , then make a deadly trap for your enemies so that it just destroy them and not you. From now on you won’t take any loss “.

Samika – “ But how will I ?”

Mr.Chowdhary – “ We will stand by you always but on one condition- You would start a new life once you complete your revenge . Promise ? “.

Samika thinks for a while . Mrs.Chowdhary gently keeps a hand over Samika’s shoulder. Samika finally agrees to their condition.

Samika – “ I can’t disobey you , since I owe my new life to you both Uncle -Aunty “.

Mrs.Chowdhary – “ I have a request , if you are okay call us Mom and Dad instead of uncle and aunty. So that we can feel that our Sameeksha is with us “.

Samika – “ Okay Mom.. “.

They hug each other emotionally.

Mr.Chowdhary – “ I think you should continue here with Sameeksha’s identity  , that will help you “.

Samika nods her head.

Samika burning of her old picture and pours water over her head. She opens Sameeksha’s wardrobe and takes out a dress . She see Sameeksha’s few pictures in album. She dresses exactly like Sameeksha. She comes out .

Mr. & Mrs. Chowdhary gets surprised.

Samika – “ From now on, Iam Sameeksha Chowdhary and Samika Kashyap is dead“.

Mr. & Mrs. Chowdhary smiles seeing her in Sameeksha’s look. )

Fb ends .

Mr.Chowdhary – “ My intentions were to divert her from revenge but she took my words so seriously that she started to plan from that day onwards “.

Mrs.Chowdhary – “ I knew it , but we can’t blame her . Afterall she lost her family, her dreams , her happiness.. Don’t worry, Sam won’t loose her control. I just hope , this ends very soon”.

Mr.Chowdhary – “I hope so “.

At Shimla,

Dev and Sameeksha is having lunch together. They are lost in each other’s gaze. They fed each other.

Dev – “ Sameeksha , I think we must talk to our parents very soon”.

Sameeksha – “ I think we should not hurry, let us get to know about each other first . Then we will speak to our parents “.

Dev – “ Okay . But can I ask you something?”

Sameeksha – “ Come on , Dev. Don’t be so formal . Ask “.

Dev – “ Do you trust me ?”

Sameeksha – “ Yeah .. But I need to make it double sure . It’s said that , sometimes you can know a person in a fraction of second but you may not understand someone even if you spend a century with them. And to be frank , you are little complicated!”.

Dev smiles.

Dev – “ I seems to be complicated but when you peep to my heart you can find a simple and humble person “.

Sameeksha – “ Maybe .. “.

They look each other intensely.

(Ishq Mein Marjawan intense tune played ).

Precap :-  Sameeksha comes to Raichand Mansion. She keeps her left leg first and thinks – “ Raichands, Your bad time begins “.

As she gets in glass slips from a servant’s hand and it breaks. Roma Raichand see this and gets worried.

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