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Is it really love?? (RIANSH) Episode 7: Vansh confronts Kabir.

Hello everyone!!

I am really sorry for the delay of the previous episode. I expected it to be published on 28/10.I had posted the episode on time but the site published it late.

Replies to the comments on the previous update:

Hello Maitree, I really liked your FF. Keep it up.

Hello Riya Vaghani, It took time to get published but atlast it did. I too know about the quote.

Hello TSA, I had to clear the confusion because otherwise it would have got more complicated for me and for all.

Hello Kaivalya, I agree with you. The episodes are going to be interesting. But now my autocorrect also knows you. All I need to do is to type ‘KAI’ and then your spelling comes up❤️😂.

Hello Riansh_fan, I am glad you liked the episode and your wait is over dear🙈

Hello Asen, I am happy you enjoyed. I must Thank you you for reading my updates and showing love. So THANK YOU💞.

Hello S, I am glad you liked it.

Hello Chhavi, Dear, I must be thankful to you. I am happy you enjoyed.

Hello M, I am glad you liked it and yes the confusion had to get cleared. Your wait is over 😁.

Hello Riansh Lover, Riddhima had to know who VR is, otherwise with whom should I continue her love story 😜. But I am happy you liked it.

Hello Riya, I am glad you liked it. Please keep supporting and showing love and interest 💯

Hello Riaa, I am happy you liked it. Please keep supporting.

Hello Ravi, Well, I feel they will get along quick but pairing them will take time.

Hello Mrunal, I am happy you liked it. Please keep supporting😁

The episode starts as……

Sia says, “Aryan, Riddhima and Sejal are best friends. But after Aryan and Riddhima saved me, I too joined their group. I didn’t know that y’all are planning my Mom’s birthday or else I would have accompanied y’all.” Riddhima says, “Well Sia, Aryan and I saved you whereas your brother saved me two weeks back.” Sia says, “This is Karma. When you help someone in need then somebody else will also help you when you need them. That night after Bhai came home he was injured yet he was smiling so much. I can’t describe it in words.” Vansh feels awkward and leaves from there whereas Ishani forcefully takes Sia with her to a corner and asks, “Is something going on between Riddhima and Aryan? I mean do they like each other or something.” Sia questions her as why she wants to know but Ishani forces her to answer to which Sia says, “No. Not at all. Aryan and Riddhima are just best friends. They have a pure friendship. Stop thinking rubbish.” Sia leaves but Ishani just can’t control her smile. Ishani goes towards Aryan and offers him to dance with her. Aryan agrees. Riddhima neither finds Sia nor Sejal and so she’s standing alone. Vansh comes next to her and offers her to dance as well. Riddhima agrees. Riddhima and Vansh reach the dance floor. (Tum hi ho song is played in the background.) As they are dancing Vansh holds Riddhima closer and asks her, “What made you think that Kabir is actually Vansh and I the real Vansh is actually is manager.” Riddhima narrates the story to Vansh about her first meet with Kabir and the restaurant incident.

Vansh is surprised as how can Kabir treat a lady like this. Vansh holds Riddhima’s hand and takes her to Kabir and asks him, “Do you remember her?” Kabir is shocked and doesn’t answer. Vansh says, “I understood with your expressions and silence that you know her. But just tell me one thing how could you treat her so badly?” Kabir replies, “I am really Sorry Vansh. I just wanted to have fun with her and irritate her. I had no evil intentions.” Vansh is about to speak but Riddhima stops him and says, “Its okay Vansh. Let bygones be bygones. I forgive him. Now let’s go.” Riddhima and Vansh leave as Kabir stares at them but later continues his work. All the messages are now written on the balloons. Sejal tells Uma to blow the balloons as she feels the messages written by her loved ones would cross seven seas.

The day ends.Riddhima and Vansh bid farewell to each other. Everybody go to their house.

Next morning,

Sejal and Riddhima are sitting at the dining table when Sejal tells her, “Riddhu, I need to go to Gujarat for some personal work. I would return in a week. I am leaving now.” Riddhima asks her, “Why didn’t you tell me this last night?” Sejal answers, “I myself came to know it today morning.” Riddhima says, “Alright. Go safe.” Sejal nods and leaves the house. After five minutes Aryan comes to Riddhima’s house and says, “Ishani and I exchanged numbers. Can I invite her today at your house for a night out? Please.” Riddhima says, “Ofcourse. Do you think I would say No? You should have invited her and then just informed me. Why don’t we invite Sia as well?” Aryan says, “Sorry Riddhu. But I don’t think. I don’t know that how would she react after knowing that I like her sister. So can we take some more time to inform her?” Riddhima nods. Aryan messages Ishani about the plan. Ishani hopes Aryan didn’t invite Sia and she herself doesn’t tell the plan to Sia, as she doesn’t know how would she react after knowing that she(Ishani) likes her friend and thinks of taking some time. Riddhima and Aryan start planning everything for the eve.

It’s 08:00pm,

Ishani sneaks out of the house but unfortunately Vansh notices her. She leaves in her car not knowing that Vansh is following her. She gets down the car, outside Riddhima’s house and gets in. Vansh comes out of the car, stands in front of the house entrance and wonders as who’s house did Ishani come at this hour without informing anyone. Riddhima notices that Ishani kept the door open, so she goes to close it. She finds Vansh standing out and thinks Ishani must have brought him and he went to park the car. Vansh notices Riddhima and understands that Ishani sneaked out to meet Aryan. Riddhima calls Vansh inside. Vansh walks in. Ishani is shocked she says, “Bhai!” Vansh breaks her sentence and says, “Ishu, you should have told me that you are going out. There was no need to sneak out like this. Next time don’t do this. I will go now. You guys enjoy.” Vansh walks towards the exit but Riddhima holds his hand and says, “You came till here. Why don’t you too join us for the stay?” Ishani starts laughing and says, “Vansh Bhai, he is a very serious person. He hardly comes for such parties. Vansh bhai and parties like these, are opposites.” Riddhima says, “But Ishani, your brother will not just stay here tonight but also will he enjoy with us, as we know opposites attract.” Aryan adds up, “Just like you and Vansh.” Vansh and Riddhima smile. Ishani pats Aryan on back. Vansh first tries to resist but at the end he agrees to stay. Aryan asks, “Anyone up for drinks?” Ishani says, “Well, I am in.” Riddhima and Vansh together say, “No sorry. I hardly drink at night.” They stare at each other and then smile. But later Ishani convinces both of them to drink.They watch a movie and then get really tired so all go to sleep.Riddhima goes to her room. Ishani occupies Sejal’s room. Vansh and Aryan occupy the other guest rooms.

After half an hour,

Vansh gets up and goes to kitchen to have water. He’s not sober yet and forgets the way to his room and ends up in Riddhima’s room. He locks the room from inside.

Precap: Vansh takes a look at the room and says, “Wonderfully decorated!”Just then they recall that when all four were sitting outside and watching movie they had kept their phones in the corner so that none of them is distracted and finds another task.

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