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Is it really love?? (RIANSH) Episode 6: Uma’s Birthday.

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Hello Ravi, I am really happy to know you liked the update. But the confusion I hope it’s settled🤭.

Hello Riansh Lover, I am glad you liked it and regarding the confusion……. well, let’s see💞.

Hello Kaivalya, I am happy you liked it but can’t say about how will they clear it. So to know keep reading ❤️.

Hello Krithi Poojary, I guess the truth will be revealed. No idea😁

Hello Greeshma_geeta, I am really happy you liked it. And yes the precap scene is in this episode. It’s stupid thou cute💛. (BTW I am waiting for your episode 21🙈).

Hello Riya Vaghani, I am glad you liked it🥰. But the quote which you used in the comment was actually Riddhima’s dialogue when Kabir had asked if she had found any evidence against Vansh. To which she lied saying No and used that quote😁🙈🤭.

Hello Riya, Don’t take tension. Maybe aaj sar jyada ghoomey🤭😜😂.

Hello Riansh_fan, I am glad you liked it. And the precap scene in out here in this Episode. Hope you would like it💚.

Hello M, There’s a love at first sight of Ishani and Aryan not Riddhima and Vansh. But I guess now there will be some cute scenes🤗.

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The episode starts as…….

Vansh goes to his room and recalls Riddhima again. He goes to sleep.

Next morning, 

Sejal wakes up and prepares breakfast for both of them. She suddenly gets a call and leaves the house leaving a note for Riddhima and Aryan that she’s going for some urgent work and will come back by eve and breakfast is ready. Aryan goes to Riddhima’s room and wakes her up. She gets up and instantly understands that Aryan could hardly sleep last night. She doesn’t ask him anything. They go to freshen up. They have breakfast but there’s no fun or talk. It’s all silent. Aryan again locks himself in the room. His phone is kept in the living room. Riddhima notices Aryan’s mom calling him. She picks the call and says, “Good Morning Aunty! Riddhima here.” Chanchal replies, “Good Morning Riddhima! How are you?”

“I am fine. And you?”

“Well, I am also fine. Where’s Aryan? He’s not answering up my call since last afternoon.”

Riddhima doesn’t want to tell the truth to Chanchal and says, “Aunty, we got a huge event coming up. And so Aryan decided to stay with us for few days and help us out so that we don’t stress much and everything goes smoothly. And that’s the reason he’s not using his phone much.(fake laughs) since we know he’s a phone addict.”

Chanchal says, “Good. Let him stay with y’all and help y’all because at home he doesn’t even bother to get up and take a glass of water for himself. I am glad y’all are his friends. You and Sejal should come to visit us. I need to go now, will talk to you later. Take care. Bye.”

“Bye Aunty. Take care. And yes, we would definitely come to visit you and Uncle.”

Riddhima keeps the phone down.

She remembers all the surprises Aryan had planned for her to cheer her up. So she decides it’s her turn. She decorates the house. And after sometime calls Aryan out. Aryan comes out. He’s surprised. He asks, “Riddhu, what’s this? Did you do all this for me?” She says, “Ofcourse Aryan. How could I not?” She offers him a seat. She gets some amazing gifts for Aryan which almost has all their memories captured. Aryan’s eyes gets filled with tears of joy. He decides to forget Ishani and move on. But deep down Riddhima and Aryan both know, that’s not possible.

In VR mansion, 

Ishani refuses to have breakfast since everytime she recalls Aryan with the girl and gets upset. She goes to her room. Vansh knocks at her door and gets a big gift box and asks her to open it. She opens it. There’s a huge blue colour teddy bear inside which holds a pillow and it reads ‘smile’. Ishani smiles and hugs Vansh.

Two weeks pass by,

It’s Uma’s birthday. She wakes up and goes to temple without informing anyone. She comes back home and doesn’t find anyone. She gets sad and says, “My kids don’t even remember my birthday.” Suddenly there’s knock at the door and she goes to open it. As soon as she opens the door some goons get inside and held her at gunpoint. They forcefully take her with them. She keeps screaming, “Vansh, save me. Angre! Kabir! Somebody save me.” Nobody comes to save her. They cover her eyes and take her to a lonely house where there’s no light. They leave her alone there. She removes the black ribbon tied to her eyes. As she’s standing, there’s a voice that says, “You are held captive by us. We will take ransom from your son. And if he disagrees he’ll be no more.” She says, “No! Please don’t do that. Don’t do anything to my son. Trouble me not him.” She starts crying. Suddenly the lights get on. And everybody scream, “Surprise! Happy Birthday!” She gets shocked and asks, “whose idea was it?” They point out towards Ishani. She goes to beat Ishani but then hugs her saying she was really scared and would have almost got an heart attack with this. Ishani holds her ears and says, “Sorry maa, I just wanted you to experience something adventurous. Since staying at home and doing so much for us for so many years, even you must have got bored. So wasn’t this a good thriller? Moreover, we planned a surprised birthday party for you.” Uma is surprised and says, “Birthday party? Seriously? I just want to spend the day with my family. And there was no need of a party.” Vansh comes near Uma and says, “You are going to spend the day with family since only closed ones are invited, no outsiders allowed and Mom, remember one more thing, nothing would happen to you nor this family till I am here.” Uma hugs him. Vansh gifts Uma a saree and asks her to wear it for the birthday. Vansh and Ishani leave the house to go and see the venue and the decorations. They reach the venue and find it beautifully decorated with red roses and white lilies which are Uma’s favourite. The area is also decorated with pictures of their Mom at various functions while a few were just candids. Vansh and Ishani get impressed by the idea of the event planners. Riddhima and Aryan walk towards them and ask them about the decoration. Vansh and Ishani are surprised to see them here but they later realise they are the event planners. Vansh and Ishani praise their hardwork and the duo smiles. Vansh leaves from there and Riddhima follows him leaving Aryan and Ishani alone. Riddhima stops Vansh and returns him his watch saying that it fell down that night and thanks him for saving her. Vansh smiles. Riddhima is about to speak but a waiter arrives, he tells Vansh, “Sir! That man is calling you.” he points out towards Kabir and leaves from there. Vansh takes Riddhima’s leave and exits. Riddhima thinks, ‘How much will Vansh make his manager work? Couldn’t he have sent that waiter after few minutes, I would have atleast asked my saviour his name.’ Just then she notices Aryan and Ishani together and decides to go the other way since she doesn’t want to be the third person. She goes towards Sejal. Ishani thinks, ‘I wish I could tell you about my feelings but I know you like that girl so I don’t want to be a third person. I will leave you. I will pray for your happiness.’ She smiles and leaves. Aryan is upset as he missed the golden chance to start a conversation.

Everyone except for Sia reach the venue. The music is played, everybody dance. Sejal goes to get the balloons while Aryan and Riddhima are standing together. Vansh is standing behind them but they do not notice him. Riddhima’s eyes go on Kabir and she again whispers to Aryan(in an angry but low tone), “Uff….. This Vansh Raisinghania, eveytime I see him I don’t know why but I get bad vibes. His presence just irritates me. I yet remember the first time we met and he misbehaved with me.” Aryan says, “Calm down Riddhu, it’s the last time you would see him. And I hope you never see him.” Meanwhile Vansh heard their conversation and thinks (in sarcasm), ‘I didn’t know saving a girl at night is considered as misbehaving. If I knew, I would have not done that.’

Vansh leaves from the venue in anger. Riddhima notices him going and follows him to only know his name. She holds his hand. He shroves her hand and leaves in anger. She thinks, ‘Maybe his boss gave him too much work. And he’s upset. I hope he comes soon.’ Sejal takes the mic and says, “Hello everyone! I would like to grab your attention. Here, I have 50 balloons with me. Each guest would get one balloon and y’all have to write a message for the birthday woman. And then she would blow the balloons away.” She turns towards Uma and asks, “Mam, Whom do you want to write the message first?” She says, “My eldest child, the apple of my eye, Vansh.” Riddhima wonders why Vansh isn’t going towards his Mom and is talking to Ishani. Then Uma says, “There he is. My Vansh.” Pointing towards (real)Vansh. Riddhima is completely shocked but there’s one person who’s even more shocked, it’s Aryan. Riddhima and Aryan stare at each other. Vansh writes the message and gives the balloon to Sejal and moves towards the bar. Riddhima keeps staring at Vansh as he is walking. Vansh reaches the bar and recalls Riddhima’s words with Aryan and thinks he needs to know when did he misbehave with her. He finds Riddhima already looking at him. He walks towards her. Riddhima wants to avoid it and goes far. Vansh follows her and holds her hand. He asks her, “Riddhima, I am sorry. I usually don’t eavesdrops others conversation but I heard you speaking to Aryan and I need to know when did I misbehave.” Riddhima answers, “I didn’t know that you are Vansh.” She points towards Kabir and says, “I thought he was Vansh and you were his manager.” Vansh is shocked, he has no words to express but then he starts laughing and says, “Vansh Raisinghania, the business tycoon you made him a manager. How stupid!” Vansh can’t control his laughter imaginings himself as a manager. Riddhima is stunned. He later adds(in a firm tone), “I am Vansh Raisinghania, the guy whom you thought is Vansh is actually Kabir, my friend and my manager is Angre. The man next to Kabir.” Riddhima just can’t believe to what Vansh said and continues staring at him. He snaps his fingers in front of her eyes and gets her to reality. Just after this they move towards the venue. Riddhima goes next to Aryan and clears his confusion as well. Aryan gives a bright smile to Riddhima and says, “ Riddhu, this means Ishani is not committed.” Riddhima smiles back. Sia comes down. She goes to Vansh and says, “Did I miss anything?” Just when Vansh is about to answer, her(Sia’s) eyes goes on Riddhima and Aryan and she jumps out of happiness and says, “Riddhu! Aryan! Y’all here? What a surprise!” They too get surprised seeing Sia. She hugs them. Ishani and Vansh look at Sia and ask her, “How do you know them?” Sia answers, “Bhai! One day as I walking alone on the street, some men were flirting with me and were using foul language. That time Riddhima and Aryan came to save me and helped me out. Riddhima got injured and Aryan got a hairline fracture. Since that day we became friends.” Ishani ignores all the sentences and exclaims(in shock), “What! Aryan you got a hairline fracture?How are you now? Is everything okay? Do you need some help?” Vansh coughs to remind Ishani that many people are around as Aryan blushes.

Precap: Ishani sneaks out of the house but unfortunately Vansh notices her. She leaves in her car not knowing that Vansh is following her. She gets down the car, outside Riddhima’s house and gets in. 

PS: For those who didn’t really understand it’s because some parts are related to episode 4/5. If you have read it you would understand this episode better but if not I feel it would create confusion.

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I am really happy that y’all are liking my updates and waiting for it. It’s all your love and support that is needed and I realised that y’all are just the best. Wishes to all those who read it❤️💯❤️💯❤️💯. 

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