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Indiawaali Maa 29th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Cheenu and Rohan patch up

Indiawaali Maa 29th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Cheenu arguing with Rohan. She gets ache in her stomach. He asks are you okay. She says no, your baby is okay, but I m not, we were so happy, we had so much fun, so much love, I m not sure if we should bring this baby in this atmosphere. She goes upstairs. Rohan cries and recalls their moments. Roshni phir raat….plays… Cheenu also cries. Appa says a big dhamaka will happen. He talks to Sagar. Vasu asks what will happen. Appa says nothing, there is a business deal to finish. She says I told you about the designs, I was right. She shows the designer Venky. She says he is very famous, its illegal to copy his brand, I will tell Cheenu or Venky. He says no use to tell her, we have to give her the proof to open her eyes, at the right time and right place, yes.

Its morning, Kaku prepares the tiffin for Cheenu. She asks her to take care of baby. Cheenu sees Rohan sleeping on the couch. He wakes up and sees her. She leaves. Rohan gets Cheenu’s note about Akshay’s job. He cries reading the note. Akshay goes to have coffee. Cheenu sits in the car. Rohan calls Cheenu. He asks did you have food. She says I will have it now. He says take care of you, I will be waiting for you and baby, love you. She smiles. She goes to Akshay and stops him. She orders some food. He asks what happened. She says suddenly, I feel much hungry. Rohan gets company logos for the jackets. He gives it to Kaku. She says I have to show something. She shows a cute doll. She says her name is Naina, I have prepared her for my grandchild. She says think you will have your baby in your hands next year, I will adorn the baby like this, you have to take care of Cheenu, have a big heart, she is pregnant. Rohan understands. Sagar sees the tailor taking logos.

Sagar says I will see packing and delivery. Kaku thanks Lord. Rohan smiles. She says everything happened in time. Appa asks Vasu to call Venku. Vasu calls Venky and says I have a bad news for you, someone is misusing your brand. He asks what. She says someone is stealing your designs, they will sell it with your label, we can stop it, we have proof, you have to come. He says how dare can they do this, thanks aunty, call me whenever you want me to come. She says I will. Appa smiles.

Vasu meets Kaku and invites in Dusshera puja. She says Rohan started new business, we should celebrate like one big family. Kaku says we will come. Vasu says Meenu will look good if she wears this jacket. Kaku packs it for her. She says tell her, its from Cheenu and Rohan’s side. Vasu goes.

Rohan says Cheenu didn’t call me. Kaku asks him to call, if he is missing her. She says she will be here, wait. She makes a video call to Cheenu. Cheenu is busy in her presentation. She goes. Akshay asks how many companies are competing for this contract, we are the best, we should get it. The man says you have to convince me. Akshay says you will get your cut. The man says Cheenamma is going to handle this wedding, right. Akshay says yes. The man goes. Akshay nods to Cheenu. She says I was super nervous. Kaku says she will see missed call and call back. He says she would be busy with Akshay. She says Hasmukh and I are better than you both, you both just keep fighting. He says we are just the same, stubborn, egoistic, we met for the first time because of it. She says I don’t know your love story, tell me. He smiles.

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