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I will die in this love – Episode 2

Hi guys, How are you all and so let’s start our FF

The episode starts with Riddhima saying to Ishani Sia and Aryan that come inside and when comes inside she  loses grip and slips but angre holds her Riddhima sees this all and says I got my bhabhi Ishani standing beside her that what are you saying Riddhima says what if sia becomes my bhabhi then Ishani says if you want then I can make them husband and wife is ok but Ishani says then what will I get , Riddhima says what do you want Ishani says I want you to convince my brother to let me go for a movie tomorrow at 12 a.m. Riddhima says what your brother, Seriously I don’t have guts to talk to your brother for this.Then Ishani says ok then just forgot sia and angre bhai’s 👰💍🤵💒wedding. Riddhima say ok I will talk to your brother. Riddhima thinks what to do now, ” suddenly she bumps into aryan and aryan ask her that why is she so nervous is someone teasing her but riddhima holds aryan’s hand and says no Aryan, but Ishani has asked me to ask his brother to let her go iut for movie at 12:00 am but I cannot gather confidence to talk with him. Aryan thinks, Riddhima also loves me that’s why she is holding my hand and asking for help and I will surely do it and otherside riddhima thinks that I am just holding Aryan’s hand and doing this drama because I don’t want to talk to that tall and angry man. Then Aryan Holds riddhima hands tightly and says to riddhima that I will surely Do that. And Riddhima gets happy and hugs aryan. Now aryan starts believing that Riddhima also loves him . Then Riddhima says to Ishani that you will get permission and now tell me what to do to bring #Siang together. Ishani says 1st step is to clear all the problem between then and we have to make sure that they should had one conversation at a day daily and second is your step ridhu after we will go you have to just get the review and tell me that what angre think of sia and what did he dislikes about sia.  Ok so let’s start. Ridhu, ishu and siya were walking in the garden when they see angre watering plants and Ishani says now wait and watch. Ishani says to riddhima that you just make sure that angre bhai drops the pipe and then see , Riddhima does the sane and ishani turns the pipe to Sia and Sia gets wet and Just then she starts feeling chilly and angre make her his coat 🧥 and keeps his hand on her shoulder. Sia doesn’t feel uncomfortable when angre touches her and looks her with innocent face and cute smile. 

Precap – Ishani and riddhima tell everything to vansh and vansh says ok so I am also with you both to get angre and siya married. Riddhima gets happy and hugs vansh

Ok So this was for today hope you liked it and give your feedback in comments section surely✔✔

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